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"Dad, Mom?"

"Goodbye child, well never be able to see you again, take care of your little brother." His father and mother turns around and starts going far away from Leo.

"Don go please. Mom! Dad!" Leo shouted loudly till his voice cracked.

Leo quickly wakes up consciously, it didn took him long enough to get back to his senses, as he woke up he could feel the heaviness in his breath.

"It was a dream?" Leo feels a bit relaxed and lies back to the bed.

"Where am I?" Leos face was covered in bandage. He could see his hands still shaking from the dream.

"You have been asleep for 2 whole days." A young boy spoke in a cold voice. It was Lucas.

"Didn I tell you our home was so much better. You didn listened to me, now look what has happened to you." Lucas started speaking a bit more aggressively, he couldn stand it. He didn liked this new place at all.

Lucas was acting a bit rude right now, but deep down he was really worried for Leo. As soon as he heard the news he came rushing to the hospital and has been watching over Leo ever since.

"Lucas, where is Uncle?" Leo ignored his rant and changed the topic.

"He has been working day and night to pay of the medical bills."

"I see. Can you call the doctor for me."

"Alright, but why."

"Just do it, you don have to worry about this things."


Few minutes later -

"Oh youve waken up, Im doctor Grin. So how are you feeling now."

"Thanks to you Im doing great, anyways when can I get discharged."

"Two weeks at the least."

"Two weeks?? The medical cost of a single day is too much, and two weeks but not one week??" Lucas looked really unhappy.

Leo slowly starts to stand up and lifts left his hands. It was still painful, and his fractured right hand was still wrapped around an arm sling pouch.

"Its alright doctor, I can discharged today. As you can see we can afford any more troubles."

Both Leo and Lucas hated being a burden to others, it was like an intuitive sense that connected them together.

"Brother Lucas bring me an elbow stick." Leos left leg and right hand were fractured."

"Alright if you

e that persistent about leaving then atleast leave by today evening, Ill be back once Ive checked my other patients, wait for me then."

Both the doctor and Lucas left the room, it was then a Window pops up.

[ Would you like to become a BULLY? ]


Leo had already been introduced to the system when he was asleep in his dreams. About how the system worked.

The System was called BULLY.


Player Level : 1

Strength : 7

Agility : 8

Stamina : 5

Defence : 5

Skills -



[ Congratulations you have now become a BULLY ]

A notification pops up.


[ A new sub quest has been created! ]

[ Would you like to accept the quest ]

[ Walk 100 Kilometres ]

[ Time limit : 2 Weeks ]


Two hours later -

The doctor brings a cream and starts massaging in Leos injured areas. "Lucas, apply this cream on your brother once a day." He shows Lucas how to do it step by step.

It had passed night time, Uncle Welfred came home tired, his clothes were drenched of sweat.

"Lucas? Where are you" There was no response.

"I guess he is still waiting in the hospital. I should also go and visit after I get some rest."

Few minutes later when Welfred was getting ready to go to the hospital, he heard some voices coming from the door.

It was Leo and Lucas. Lucas could be seeing scolding Leo continuously. "Why are you pushing yourself so much." However Leo didn paid much attention to him as he lies down in the sofa.

[ Sub Quest : ( 5 / 100 ) kilometres ]

5 done, 95 more to go. I have to speed up from tomorrow

Welfred rushed towards Leo. "Didn the doctor said itll take 2 weeks? Why are you here" He spoked with an extremely worried expression.

Leo turns towards Welfred and starts to explain him.

"Also Uncle I will be going back to the school after two days."

"But Im almost done with your transfer to another school. You sure you don wanna change."

Lucas got angry and pulled his brothers collar. "You idiot, you wanna die? that schools students were the reason why you are in this state." However Leo just starred at him in his eyes.

After seeing no response, Lucas just let go of his collar and left to the room. "Do whatever you want, I don care anymore."

The next morning -

Leo gets up in 5:00 am and heads out to walk.

I need to walk atleast 10 km today no matter how much effort it takes. Leo was having a hard time to walk in normal speed, it was very slow. He carried some food packed in his bag pack and a water bottle. Alright, everythings ready.

1:00 pm in the afternoon -

Leo was drenched in sweat, it was a sunny day. As he was walking with his injured legs, a girl could be seen watching him from the other side of the road. "Isn he the transferred student who recently got hospitalized, just what is he doing instead of taking rest?" It was Diana, the schools 5th most popular girl.

She was casually driving in the road when she sees Leo desperately walking. She quickly parks her car in the sideway and observes Leo.

The curious Diana decides to get out of the car and starts to follow him from behind.

What the hell is he doing?

After tailing for 5 minutes she gives up on following him and leaves.

"This is crazy, my injured leg feels a lot less painful, as if Im healing extremely fast."

[ Sub Quest : ( 9 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

After resting in a park having his lunch, he was able to slightly move his injured leg, although it felt a lot painful.

Leo was sitting in the park for sometime as he just completed having his food. "The air feels so fresh."

Bully System, I still have so many questions about this thing but all I can do is focus on my only goal right now.

Leo gets back to walking, however this time he was walking a bit more faster.

4:00 pm

[ Sub Quest : ( 12 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

5:00 pm

[ Sub Quest : ( 14 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

6:00 pm

[ Sub Quest : ( 17 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

7:00 pm

[ Sub Quest : ( 21 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

8:00 pm

[ Sub Quest : ( 26 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

Leo was in the state on pure focus, each second he could feel the intensity in his legs. His mind was completely focused on walking straight. After walking from the entire day, he could feel the pain in his legs, it was starting to worn out. It was then Diana was driving on the road and saw Leo still walking. But she didn paid much attention and just left with a slight glance at Leo.

Leo finally arrived at home. He could see his Uncle and Lucas extremely worried, even the Neighbors were there in the house. "Just what happened?" Leo asked with a confused face.

"Why were you not picking up the call, we were very worried about you." His Uncle spoke very worriedly.

Leo checked his phone. There was 100 miss calls, Leo looked nervous upon seeing the number of miss calls. He was completely in the zone when he was walking, he couldn hear anything as he was solely focused in completing the task.

[ Sub Quest : ( 30 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

"Wait where is your elbow stick? How did you even came here without it?" Welfred just noticed it and he was very confuse.

"I didn need it anymore so I kept it in near the door just a moment ago."

Everyone was shocked. Just Yesterday he could barely stand up and now he was walking without any help.

The neighbours just lightly tapped on Leos shoulder and left. "Take care of yourself young man."


Player Level : 1

Strength : 7

Agility : 9

Stamina : 7

Defence : 5

Skills -



Leos agility had gone up with 1 stat and his stamina had gone up with upto 2 stats.

However his defence and strength didn increased.

Leo smiled upon seeing his growth. Its just the start

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