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352 Daoist Priest

The sound of a bell rang out.

The world became clear, no longer disturbed by the wind and rain.

At this moment, the Black Dragon King didnt dare to move at all.

Even Wang Wu, who was holding a sword in his hand, didnt dare to have any other thoughts, not to mention the three invincible earth-rank powerhouses in Taixia Country.

He was really regretful that he, as the Black Dragon King, had numerous fighters in his territory and was unrivaled among earth-rank fighters.

How could he be so st*pid as to go against Taixia Country

They had provoked too many powerful figures at once.

It seemed that they wouldnt stop until they destroyed the Black Dragon City.

He was finished!

Five Thunder Technique — Heavenly Thunder of the Heavenly Night!

A loud rumbling came from the sky.

It was Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man fighting against the God of Catastrophe, Io.

He had the upper hand the entire time.

Ios innate catastrophe was powerful, but under the attack of Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man, he could barely protect himself.

Seeing the three invincible earth-rank powerhouses looking at him, Io was shocked and fled in panic.

“D*mn, how could Taixia Country have so many invincible earth-rank powerhouses”

Last time, he was almost struck to death by Wang Wu.

If he had not blocked it with the authority of the innate catastrophe, he would have lost his powers and suffered a heavy loss.

This time, he came to support the Buddhist League as a deterrent force.

Unexpectedly, Taixia Country still had reinforcements to spare.

The Buddhist League and Io had always cooperated with each other.

One set off huge disasters, while the other promoted Buddhism in the disasters.

With this, Sansha and Dafei were easily taken over by them.

One reaped faith crazily, while the other reaped authority crazily.

Then, they went back and forth to harvest their planted seeds.

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Therefore, the people of Sansha and Dafei were basically crippled.

There was nothing left of their essence, energy, and spirit.

They had all been harvested!

“I will definitely return!”

Io cursed out loud.

Then, relying on his affinity with the Blue Planet, he instantly fled and disappeared without a trace.

Even Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man could not catch up with him, so he could only come back while cursing.

“He can surely run fast.

Next time, Ill definitely catch up!”

Then, he looked at the Dark Dragon King that had been captured, and a smile appeared on his face.

Dragon meat was a very delicious meal.

Right at this moment, the temperature of Heaven and earth rose rapidly, as if a sun was about to descend.

At this moment, even the Bright Phoenix looked to the side with a grave expression.

“Why is he here”

A golden light flashed, and a handsome man appeared from thin air.

The sunlight from the sky shone on his body.

He was wearing blue tights and a red cloak.

He amidst the rustling air calmly.

However, this calm and abrupt appearance caused the Taixia powerhouses to look solemn and the atmosphere to tense up.

“Superman, what are you doing here”

The large bell beneath the undying Bright Phoenixs feet instantly disappeared, and the spear in her hand instantly had an additional spearhead.

A sharp aura swept out in all directions as if one wrong word from him could cause a great battle.

Superman was a terrifying existence that ranked third on the earth-rank list.

In terms of strength, he was definitely one of the tops on the Blue Planet.

Even the immortal on Mount Wudang and Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man were not confident that they could kill him.

He was a terrifying figure that stood at the top.

“Im here to find Li Si!”

Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man narrowed his eyes and took a step forward.

“He isnt free right now, so why dont we have a spar Ive heard that your body of steel is invincible.

Id like to see how strong your body is, Man of Steel!”

Superman turned around and looked at him.

Youre strong, but Im here to challenge Li Si.

Bring him out!”

“You dont listen to me, do you Youre presumptuous in Taixia Country!”

Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man rolled up his sleeves and was about to launch a powerful attack.

However, at this moment somewhere further away, someone let out a faint sigh.

“Fine, Ill have a go at Superman!”

On Mount Wudang, Zhang San, who had just taken a big gulp of wine, raised his head.

“If you play any dirty tricks, Ill end you!”

Then, he waved the jade horsetail in his hand and disappeared from Mount Wudang.

On the shore of the East Sea, a Daoist in unkempt clothes walked out from the void.

He glanced at Superman and smiled helplessly.

Then, with a wave of his sleeve, Wang Wu and Li Si turned into a stream of clear air and merged with Zhang San.

An aura of affinity spread out, and the Daoists body changed.

He looked like a young man with white hair that reached his waist, there was a sword on his waist and a jade horsetail in his hand.

His temperament was out of this world, and he looked like an immortal.

“Im Li Si!”

Superman looked at the man who had been on the earth-rank list for 100 years.

The move he had just used was his famous skill, Qi Into Trinity.

Although most people who knew about it were dead, there were still some rumors about it.

Superman had a breakthrough recently, and he saw through Wang Wu and Li Sis transformation.

That was why he came to kill them.

Now, he was a little regretful.

The number one on the earth-rank list was really not for show.

Just by standing in front of him, there was a kind of unparalleled power that could not be fathomed.

This was the first time he had felt this way since he was given the title Superman.

“A battle”

Supermans voice was a little hoarse.

He was extremely confident that he could kill countless monsters with one punch.

However, this time, he hesitated.

The aura of the Daoist in front of him was sharp and boundless, heavy and unmoving like a mountain, and quiet and idle.

However, all the auras were like a stormy wave that attacked his soul countlessly.

“To decide who is stronger, shall we fight till life and death”

The Daoist chuckled and waved the jade horsetail in his hand.

The white clouds in the sky were like meteorites that fell straight down on Superman.

He suddenly raised his head, formed a fist seal with one hand, and swung it upwards.

The punch was earth-shattering.

The white clouds were shattered into pieces, and the white clouds that were floating in the sky were dispersed by this punch.

A large hole appeared in the clouds, leading to the outside world.

After the punch, Superman was silent for a moment.

In the end, he shook his head and took out a piece of wood to pass to Li Si.

“Im sorry.

I was being impetuous.

This is the price Im willing to pay.”

In the next second, Superman turned into a golden light and disappeared.

He flew back to Eagle Country.

The group of experts didnt give chase.

Although Superman couldnt beat Li Si, whether it was the Bright Phoenix or Weiguo, there was a high probability that they werent his match.

Moreover, if a Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man were to fight Superman, it would be difficult to determine the victor in a short time.

Even Li Si would need at least half an hour to take him down.

It wasnt as if he didnt have a trump card, so he knew that he wouldnt die.

Moreover, Superman only protected one side out of interest, not out of responsibility.

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