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The deeper he went, the more the liquid no longer had the texture of water.

It was more like blood.

Lin Xuan guessed that it might be a powerful dragon that had his blood drained, but of course, this was all just a hypothesis.

However, Lin Xuan soon realized that his hypothesis was coming true.

After breaking through a layer of defensive barriers that did not have much defensive power, Lin Xuan walked into the deepest part of the Dragon Transformation Pool.

The scene before him completely shocked him.

There were nine gigantic dragons locked up by chains.

Dragon blood was dripping down the chains.

With the speed at which the blood was dripping, these nine terrifying dragons would not die at all.

With the powerful regenerative abilities of the dragon race, they could completely offset the corresponding damage.

It could be said that this was a dragon prison, a prison to lock up sinful dragons!

Below, there was a thick pool of dragon blood.

That was the most essential part of the dragon races blood.

It was their blood essence.

Even after countless years of accumulation, there was only a small amount.

Above the pool of dragon blood, a small ball of blood was burning.

It was very small, but one could feel the heat from it even from far away.

It was the dragon soul blood vortex, born from the blood essence of the powerful dragon race.

It was extremely precious.

As expected of the dragon race, this whole jail was a treasure!

Above, a divine dragon that was chained up opened his eyes slightly.

He sensed that a living being had barged into the jail.

Unfortunately, he was too weak, and the spiritual power in his dragon soul could not be recovered.

The more he fought, the weaker he would become.

He could only open his eyes and see who had come.

A human With dragon blood


Just as he slowly closed his eyes, he felt that something was wrong.

How did a human with dragon blood enter

It was impossible.

Not to mention humans, even sub-dragons and descendants of true dragons could not enter this place.

Only pure-blooded true dragons and above could cross the boundless Dragon Transformation pool and enter this jail!

When he thought of this, he began to lose his composure.

Lin Xuan was a human, he could not have been mistaken.

If that was the case, then a human who could enter the dragon jail either had the bloodline of the ancestral dragon or was a young Dragon King!

He suddenly opened his eyes and asked weakly, “Who are you”

He was already very weak, but even in his weakened state, the moment he spoke, the dragons roar reverberated through the entire space.

Lin Xuan could only cover his ears to ease the pain.

When they heard a dragon speak, the rest of the divine dragons and giant dragons that were resting started to become restless.

They then sensed Lin Xuans existence, and after that, dragon roars rose and fell continuously!

After a long while, it finally stopped, and Lin Xuan almost fainted from the shock.

These terrifying dragon powerhouses were just that powerful.

“I am the Dragon King.”

Of course, he could not reveal his real name at this point in time.

This was something that Lin Xuan had just thought of.

If there were any powerful dragon here who was proficient in the art of curses, they could kill Lin Xuan with just a single curse.

“The Dragon King You are a young Dragon King!”

One of the divine dragons suddenly became impatient.

“I dont believe it.

Wheres your Dragon Kings dignity”

In the next second, he activated his Dragons Might to press down on Lin Xuan.

In an instant, the Dragon Kings might on Lin Xuans body was activated.

Even if he could not withstand the terrifying Dragons Might, there was a huge difference in quality between the Dragon Kings might and an ordinary Dragons Might.

The Dragon Kings might, which could have wreaked havoc on the entire battlefield, was now being suppressed by the terrifying dragons might.

However, it was not entirely crushed.

It was like a small blade of grass, enduring the wind and rain, but it was still stubbornly surviving.

The terrifying dragons might slowly dissipated.

For a moment, the dragon jail was silent.

The nine Dragon powerhouses had never expected that a young Dragon King would actually come.

They might be saved!

“Dragon King, what are you here for”

The divine dragon that first discovered Lin Xuan asked.

“Bloodline baptism!”

Lin Xuans brows twitched as he recalled the divine dragon ladys words at the side of the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“There is a dragon soul blood armor here.

It is the best treasure for cleansing your bloodline.

You can use it.”

The divine dragons language was clear, but it was not difficult for Lin Xuan to hear his trembling.

Did he seem to be very excited

However, if he were to use the dragon soul blood armor to forge his Golden Body with intense fire, he could consider whether the effect would be extremely explosive.

Lin Xuan thought of something and took out a huge dragon egg from his personal space.

It was the Dark Abyss Azure Dragon.

He had forgotten about it since he kept it in his personal space.

He had wanted to ask the principal, but it seemed like it was more appropriate to ask the elders of the dragon race.

“My innate origin was damaged and accidentally fused with a treasure that is of a different attribute.

This dragon egg is useless.”

A giant dragon that had been locked down spoke slowly, mainly to make its presence known.

“Ah, this, I dont know how to save it.”

“Its simple.

Just put it in the dragon blood pool.

Dragon King, do you want to train it to become your general”

“I want it to assist me.

I dont lack in combat power and Im not afraid of battles.

However, its hard for me to guard against sinister tricks.”

After much consideration, he decided to keep it as a support battle pet!

The eight powerful dragons looked at the black and white divine dragon in unison.

He nodded slightly and accepted the request.

“Then lets begin!”

When the Dark Abyss Azure Dragon was placed in the pool, tiny red lines crawled all over the egg.

In just half a minute, it could no longer replenish its blood source.

In other words, it was full.

Now that the innate origin had been repaired, the next step was for the black and white divine dragon to shake its body and quickly drop a water tank-sized drop of dragon blood essence onto the egg.

The egg began to transform and welcome its rebirth.

The evolution of the egg was in progress, but Lin Xuans bloodline baptism had just begun.

He dipped his entire body into the dragon blood pool, then reached out and pulled off the boiling hot dragon soul blood armor.

There were two methods to forge the Golden Body with a raging fire.

One was from the outside in, which was extremely time-consuming and required a long time to complete the forging of the internal organs.

However, the advantage was that the pain was generally bearable.

The other method was to forge from the inside out, starting from the internal organs, step by step forging the Golden Body.

It did not take long, but the disadvantage was that the pain was extremely intense, and few people could endure it.

Lin Xuans thinking was simple — it was better to get the pain over with!

Not long after he stuffed it in, Lin Xuan immediately regretted it.

Every single fiber and cell in his body felt like they were on fire!

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