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Chapter 2416: One Insanely Spicy Grilled Fish

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The few young and powerful servers lowered Ferdinands suspicion further.

Perhaps this young powerhouse simply liked to experience life, but at the same time, he wanted to maintain the class in his life.

Ferdinand chose to sit at a seat near to the kitchen.

He could see the kitchen through the window here.


A single piece of natural crystal was used just to let the customers see what was happening in the kitchen.

“Has the idea of an open kitchen begun to pop up in the Norland Continents other restaurants now” Ferdinand caressed his chin as he looked at all the utensils neatly displayed in the bright kitchen, like soldiers waiting to be inspected.

He couldnt help but nod.


His gaze swept across the knife rack.

There was only one thick cleaver on it.

However, it was that rectangular cleaver that made his gaze linger.

This knife looked normal, but it was a real gods weapon.

Be it the weaponsmiths technique or the knifes materials, they were all extraordinary.

From that knife, he could see who the kitchen belonged to.

“He even deliberately made such an extraordinary weapon just to cook.” Ferdinands smile grew wider.

The young people were really getting more and more interesting now.

Mag passed by Ferdinand and also sized him up quietly.

Due to the fact that this fellow was too powerful and had attained the level of god on the Norland Continent, it wasnt easy to judge his age.

Judging ones age with ones appearance was the most ridiculous method in the alternate world.

However, from his upright sitting posture, even though he was restraining himself, he still had a fearful and decisive aura.

Hence, he should belong to the military.

Ones temperament wouldnt lie.

Of course, this judgment was deduced from the fact that Xi also belonged to the Underground Citys military.

Mag had never expected that detaining a mech could make the big boss of the Underground Citys military come personally.

The other party came with the identity of a customer and even lined up for 30 minutes outside.

He didnt come straight to the door, which meant that there was room for negotiation.

It was great that there was room for negotiation.

The greatest worry that Mag had was that the other party didnt want to talk and would come to fight immediately.

Everyone in the restaurant couldnt defeat him even if they attacked him together.

“System, will you help me if the negotiation fails and he wants to kill me” Mag asked inwardly.

After a moment of silence, the system faintly said, “I can help you check out the environment of your tomb.”

“Get lost!” Mag frowned.

This system was hopeless and couldnt be used as a hidden trump card.

Just as Mag was thinking about how to handle the situation, Ferdinand had already picked up the menu with great interest and began reading it.

Ever since he could remember, physical menus no longer existed in the Underground Citys restaurants.

Instead, they were all using electronic menus.

Some restaurants even had the function of virtual tasting, which allowed you to choose the food you wanted better.

The menu was very simple.

It was separated into zones.

Every dish had a small picture.

“Photographs Color printing Or a drawing” Ferdinand stared at those pictures for a while and finally found the traces of a drawing.

Only then did he place his attention on the contents of the pictures.

The dishes looked rather complicated, so it was difficult to judge them by their pictures.

However, they looked rather appetizing.

Ferdinand flipped through the menu and found the few dishes that the customers were enthusiastically discussing when he was lining up earlier.

“Hello, may I share the table with you, please” A young voice spoke up.

Ferdinand nodded.

It was a pretty maiden about his granddaughters age.

After looking around him, he realized that sharing a table seemed to be an accepted norm here.

Even the elves and the demons who were fighting to their deaths one century ago, were sitting on the same table.

Naturally, he shouldnt break the rules, so he smiled and nodded.

Vivian sat across from Ferdinand, flicked a glance at the menu next to him and smilingly asked, “Is it your first time eating at Mamy Restaurant, Sir Looking at your attire, you are not a Chaos Citys resident, right”

“Yes, I came because of the fame.” Ferdinand nodded and sized up Vivian a little.

In Underground City, his young subordinates didnt dare to speak up and kept a respectful distance away from him, but this maiden not only shared a table with him and even took the initiative to talk to him.

She was rather bold.

“Then you have come to the right place.

Mamy Restaurant is the best restaurant in our Chaos City.

Oh, no! It should be the best restaurant on the Norland Continent!” Vivian said proudly.

“Oh Is it really that formidable” Ferdinand smiled and asked cooperatively.

“Of course.

After all, there are restaurants everywhere, but there is only one Boss Mag.” Vivian nodded with conviction before saying in a lower voice, “I dont mind telling you this.

There are no better chefs than Boss Mag in this world.”

“You know that too” Ferdinand was a little surprised.

According to the information provided by Xi, Mag should have concealed his identity.

“Of course.

Although he has always kept a low profile, I knew it long ago.” Vivian tilted her chin up.

“You dont know what he has done, otherwise, you will admire him too.”

Ferdinand pondered about the information that Xi sent to him.

Looking back at the life of Mag Alex, he couldnt help nodding in agreement.

“Its indeed admirable that he could achieve that at such a young age.”


Other than Boss Mag, who else could have made the grilled fish so delicious The hot pot is even more ridiculous.

The nine-squared pot method is really meant for singles.

And, theres…” Vivian began to introduce the dishes she liked to Ferdinand.

Ferdinand was stunned for a moment before realizing that they werent discussing the same topic.

However, this little maiden was rather interesting.

She reminded him of Little Vicki.

He would visit her after dinner.

“Sir, what would you like to order” Miya approached their table and smilingly asked.

“One helping of red braised pork, one helping of insanely spicy grilled fish, one helping of the eggplant with garlic sauce and one helping of savory tofu pudding,” Ferdinand said.

Xi had mentioned about the red braised pork in her report before.

The remark was: a delicious yet strange food.

The spicy grilled fish was recommended by Vivian.

The insanely spicy version was also recommended by her.

She said that a real man should eat the insanely spicy grilled fish.

As for the eggplant with garlic sauce and tofu pudding, he simply wanted to try something new.

“Sure, Please wait for a moment.” Miya nodded and moved onto the next table.

Mag, who was busy in the kitchen, looked up when he heard that conversation.

Although Vivians comments earlier made him rather happy, was she being serious when she recommended the insanely spicy grilled fish to the visitor from Underground City Even he didnt dare to recommend that to Xi and Vivian.

However, he ordered it himself, so naturally Mag wouldnt say anything.

Anyway, it wasnt going to be his butt that was going to hurt the next morning.

After Ferdinand placed his order, he looked at Mag, who was walking between the few stoves familiarly and elegantly, and curiously asked, “Is there only one chef in this restaurant”

This was different from the image of the top powerhouse on the Norland Continent that he had imagined.

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