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Chapter 17

"Splat",Angela came back to reality with a shaken half-made wine soiled on her dress. Perhaps the images of Leo and his absence may have gone deeper than she would like to admit; and a direct pour of wine to wet her perfectly designed party top would jog her life back to reality. The gaze and the inner wolf she had not planned on awakening rose as a result of her anger. She wasn going to let who ever hit her away from fantasy land and thoughts of Leo get away with it. Stab, slash, claw, slap, death stare. A variety of options that would momentarily end or hurt the person came to mind as she turned and saw basically what looked like an angel from heaven above down to earth.

Beautiful round face with a set of blue eyes, well-ripped muscles with a little cleavage showing his upper chest, curly brown well-combed hair with sprinkles of facial hair, beard and moustache. Her anger subsided that second as she turned back to face her drink.

"Im so sorry. Forgive me. I was looking for a place to sit and accidentally bumped into you. Is there any way I can change things? Im Dmitri by the way". A divine sensation tricked down Angelas spine. Not only was he complete as a man with his physique, his clear Australian accent with a wolf but sweet smell of rose nearly wiped Angela off her feet. She imagined for a second what would happen if she wasn knee deep into Leo. The thought of sex never came to mind but she would definitely kiss and perhaps take this guy to bed if given a chance.

"Im Angela. Its okay", she replied still not averting her gaze from her drink. "Okay Angela, can I sit here or its taken", Dmitiri asked while admiring the beauty in front of him.

"No its not taken, you can sit", Angela said, this time turning her gaze slightly towards him. "Cool party huh. Americans sure know how to throw a party but I don really feel comfortable here", Dmitiri claimed.

"Tell me about it. I really hate parties and it wasn for my silly friends, I wouldn be here. I just wish I could leave and….", Angela said as she paused for a second. Talking about her friend in a different way to a total stranger even if its a cute boy she just met isn something she wanted to keep ongoing.

"Okay well I guess we both have silly friends. Are you also here for a mate or its a different story", he asked. "Don you think you

e moving too fast asking a girl if she has a mate first time seeing her?", she asked. Meaning of those words interpreted differently to her. According to her, a more "No I don have a mate and you

e mind blowingly cute. Can I kiss you" thought raced through her mind.

"No I don mean it that way. Its just that everyone here is looking for a mate to spend some time with and have fun doing it. Thats too much of a hassle right now so Im good", Dmitiri replied. Ever so humble and nice. A trait perfect for Angela, she thought if she wasn smitten with you know who.

"Well, good to know Im not, sorry we

e not one of those people. So what pack are you from? Suggesting its Australian with the accent", Angela said. It felt like an interrogation coming from her but she didn mind. If ever any thought unspoken thought came to mind of finding another mate, shed pick him in the first glance.

"Im from the moonlight pack. You guessed right. We came down here from Australia. We were told we would find mates here in America although thats not really my forte. Our leaders and alphas suggested we socialized and here we are at a club".

"Woow, thats amazing. But you mentioned its not really your forte. Then what is". "Thats going to be for another time Angela but all I can tell you is Im searching for another pack so if you have any open pack looking for an omega, you can notify me", Dmitiri said tapping her phone directly and sending his number to her.

"Maybe we would see some other time, yeah", Dmitiri asked again. "Yeah Id love to see you soon too", Angela said with her eyes lighting up. Just as hes about to get up, hes interrupted by Claire who dazed in between the two.

"Hello Handsome, Im a friend of Angela, you

e so handsome". "Uhmm thanks". "You wouldn mind if I borrowed her for a minute, would you?". Claire said as she dragged Angela away from her seat.

"Okay. It was nice to meet you Angela, call me", Dmitiri said as his tone increased a bit as Claire dragged her away.

"Who in the world was that hottie? Darling you have luck the size of Texas. I tell you now, if I had found him before I met my mate, Id have slept with him right away. Speaking of mates, Debbie and I would like to introduce you to someone. Angie, meet Matt and Scott. They are from the Night pack", Claire introduced two young guys to Angela. The two of them looked weird, wore strange boyish clothes but they had looks so she could understand why both Claire and Debbie picked them. But she could witness the giggles and laughs between her friends and the boys they found. Her genuine love for her friends wasn something to under look but at the same time felt genuinely lonely that she had no one.

If only her life could be better. If only Leo wasn such a jerk and a dick for leaving her like that. If only someone of her same vibe and character would love her and want to be with her. The thought raced through her mind as a drop of tear dropped from her eyes seeing her friends happy.

"Im going home, I think Ive had enough for one night. Im going to see you guys later". "Are you sure darling? The night is still young", Claire said knowing her friend fully well. She was going to cry her eyes out in one section of her room, fantasize about Dmitiri and think about Leo all night before falling asleep. "Yes Im sure, Id see you guys in school tomorrow", Angela said as she stepped out of the club pondering the idea that her time was just wasted. At least not in the presence of a very handsome boy though.

Walking through the forest a little further outside the club, appreciate the beautiful night. The leaves dropping gradually from the trees, the sound of the cold night breeze, the half moon and the quiet surroundings. An amazing chill, Angela let out a smile and spun around and then laid quietly on a rock. A system to close her eyes and appreciate the nature even more. She had a lot going for her and nature always seemed to calm her down. It had done so in the past and it was going to do it now.

"The very concept of nature, the trees, the leaves, the wind, the smell, the calm that wonders a very man so, the the core of his being. A lot of men and women doesn understand or admire nature. Only a handful of specials can correlate and let tickle his fancy", Dmitiri said out of nowhere.

"What are you doing here? Are you stalking me? Did my friends send you because now it feels like Im being treated like a child which I don appreciate and…", Angela says, attacking Dmitiri, she loved her personal space and didn like having anyone around when she was having her moment. It made her feel weak and vulnerable. A feeling she didn want to have and choose not to show.

"Relax Angela, I believe I told you I wanted to leave the party as well. I was taking a stroll down the forest and noticed just how much you were engrossed in the forest and it made me curious", Dmitiri said defending himself.

"Oh, well okay. You can stay", Angela says. She enjoyed the company as well whether she liked it or not. Having Dmitiri, or someone else may do her good.

"So how long have you been out here", Dmitri said, picking a seat beside her on the rock. "I didnt ask you to sit here". "Oh, okay, Im sorry, I didnt mean to…", "Im kidding, and you apologize a lot for someone of your calibre and physique", Angela said, complimenting her and trying to sound flirtatious.

"Did you just compliment me?", Dmitri says, shocked but not too shocked. He was an amazing man and he got compliment often, but this sounded special. "I did, why, was it wrong for me to do?".

"No it wasn . It was actually nice and I appreciate it. Why are you always defensive?", he said, genuinely wanting to know her more. "Let me tell you what I think every time I look at you". "Oh yeah, whats that", Angela asked curiously. She didn like being evaluated or scanned.


e a very amazing person. Beautiful, lovely shape but you try to keep everyone away. Probably because youve been hurt before and you don want it to happen again. You are also caring and sometimes you try to impress people but it doesn go so well. Am I correct", Dmitiri said. Angela couldn say a word for some seconds. Is that truly how she was? And how did he know so much from one sitting. Also, how was he also so poetic. The words of the nature wasn something she read from any book she read.

"You knew so much from meeting me once, thats very suspicious Dmitri", Angela said, actually impressed with what she heard. Dmitiri is gradually becoming a man of her dreams with all these qualities he possessed. Was it too good to be true? Was she imagining things or was someone just meeting every single expectation she had searched for in a human being.

"I know so much because I know how it feel. I know how it feels to have someone like that and how it feels. Its hard finding someone like you. It feels like no one understands you and you feel truly alone". Now Dmitri was complete to her. A masterpiece and finally someone that understood her.

A second of gaze with an exhilarating aura from them with the intention of a kiss. Angela came to her senses after realizing that it felt too good to be true. "Wooow, would you look at the time. I gotta go back home. Its late and my mum is going to kill me". "This was nice, do you mind if I walked you back to your street?", Dmitri said. Now he was a gentleman. "Irresistible", she thought. She didn say anything as she walked back together with him.

Dmitiri couldn hold his happiness as they were walking. He felt the land at his feet and switched to running as he transformed into a wolf. He stood and looked back at Angela for a minute. Almost as if he was calling her to run with him. Angela couldn contain her excitement. A genuine bright smile came across her face as she transformed into a wolf herself.

Two werewolves, male and female, happily running through the forest with no one to stop them. A vision of a lovely couple, running together with love in their eyes. For the first time in a long time, Angela felt happy. No emotions to hold her down, no Leo coming back, no loneliness, and finally finding someone that was just like her. They ran and ran together. Leo was a brown werewolf with a thick and beautiful fur and Angelas was black. Wind thick running through their fur, one that sent tingles to each one of them spine. They kept running in excitement and howling together at the moon until they got to Angelas house and transformed back.

Angela couldn hold it in anymore and kissed him. Hormones she didn know how it came to be. Dmitiri kissed her back, loving every moment of the kiss.

"Thank you for today but I really gotta go". "Would I get to see you again?", Dmitri asked as he dragged her to himself to another kiss. "We may see and we may not. I really hope we do. Bye", Angela said as she entered her house and headed straight to her bedroom and fell flat down on her bed.

She had never felt like that before. She wished to see him again, to make her happy, to make her smile and forget all her worries as he did this night.

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