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Leo was skeptical about whether or not Sir Thompson had actually come up with something plausible, but he had no reason to doubt him so he let him finish.

"First, it's possible that this isn't the real Margrave, and that during your fight, he made you believe that this young man was him, so that you would think you had killed him. The real Margrave would have been hiding somewhere nearby while this was happening so that you would still believe the corpse looked like Margrave." Sir Thompson explained.

'That would be a great theory, but I doubt Margrave could use his power from more than 100 meters away, and so I would've sensed him with Aura.' Leo concluded that this theory was unlikely.

" Second" Sir Thompson continued, "This is the real Margrave and he was using his ability to make everyone around him think he looked like someone else. Since he used it so often and you were around him for years, it's possible that his ability still affected you, even after his death."

'This is more likely than the first theory. I don't know exactly how his ability worked but I don't think It would be impossible for that to happen.' Leo decided that the second theory was likely the correct one.

" I agree with your second theory. The nature of my ability would make what margrave would have needed to do in the first theory impossible. Since we have only one theory left and it seems reasonable, then it should be the one we believe until it's proven false. "Leo stated.

Sir Thompson seemed satisfied with Leo's answer," Alright, then it's settled. I'll report that the second theory is the most likely answer to our dilemma. Now then, please follow me, I'll be taking you to a room you can use tonight."

Sir Thompson walked out the room and Leo followed behind. They walked down several hallways and up multiple staircases before finally reaching the room Leo was to stay in.

Before Leo entered, Sir Thompson told Leo he would be back to pick him up in the morning, he then left Leo with the key to the room and walked away.

Leo unlocked the door and entered the room. There was a large bed in the middle of the room with red bedding and several pillows. Behind the bed was a bathtub, similar to the one he had found at the camp.

There was a desk on the left side of the room and several chairs and couches on the right. A safe was inside the wall next to the desk, a key hanging from its lock.

Leo walked up to the bathtub and pressed the button on its side, warm water came streaming out of the holes all over the tub.

'I didn't see one of these in the village. So it really is something that only the wealthy have. I still don't know how this thing works... I should do some research on it or maybe ask someone if they could tell me.

Leo took a warm bath for almost 2 hours, everytime the water would start getting cold, Leo would press the button again and more warm water would enter the bath, warming it up again.

After the bath Leo simply went to sleep. He had been sleeping most nights, and unless he had a reason to stay awake, he would sleep.

Morning came and Leo put on a fresh pair of clothes from his storage. He had multiple pairs of the same clothing stored away so for now he didn't wash the one he had been wearing since he didn't know how long he would be in the room and he didn't want the clothes to remain wet inside his storage.

A knock eventually came from Leo's door and he exited the room to see Sir Thompson standing there. "How did you sleep, Leofalor He asked.

Leo found the question odd. He had never been asked that before." Eh... Fine, I suppose" Sir Thompson noticed Leo's hesitation with the question but just assumed Leo was feeling awkward.

The two didn't say anything after that and just walked in silence to the room they would be meeting the king.

The room wasn't very large and the only thing within it was a throne on top of a 3 step staircase that extended onto a platform, taking up that entire section of the room.

After entering the room Sir Thompson spoke, "Please wait here for now. I will go and stay with the king until he and I come back here together. When that door opens, kneel facing the throne." He pointed at a door to the side of the throne.

Leo nodded and Sir Thompson left the room. Almost and hour went by before the door Leo was shown, opened. Leo did as he was told and knelt. Sir Thompson walked in first and stood next to the throne. Then the king walked in.

The king was wearing different clothes this time. He was still wearing a red and gold mantle, just this one was less grand. He had only 2 rings on his hand, one being on his wedding finger and the other his middle finger on the right hand. His crown was on his head and his cane was in his hand. Otherwise he looked the same.

Leo was now much closer to the king than when in the large hall on the previous day. Leo could now see that the king has deep orange coloured eyes.

The king sat in the throne and after adjusting himself, he spoke, "Leofalor, you have been proven innocent, and as such will be free to go under certain conditions. I will explain the conditions in a moment. For now, I would like to discuss what rewards shall be given to you."

Leo wasn't expecting any rewards, he was surprised and it showed on his face for a moment before he regained his composure and asked," Im afraid I don't know what I would be receiving a reward for, your majesty."

The king smiled," You destroyed a group of slavers and then only a few days later, a group of bandits as well. You also saved the people of a village while doing so. I think that deserves a reward. Now then, is there anything you would like to receive as a reward You may ask for anything within reason."


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