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"A detail that didn't match up I can't control what happened between the time I was there and now... So if only one thing was different then it should still be enough to release me, correct" Leo was curious about what detail was different but he was more concerned with his release.

Sir Thompson stepped away from the door and back into the hallway, "Of course, I've come here to tell you that you are free to go. However it will be under certain conditions."

Leo gazed suspiciously at Sir Thompson, "What conditions" Leo asked. Sir Thompson gestured for Leo to follow him as he began walking down the hallway.

,m Once him and Leo were next to each other, Sir Thompson spoke, "The king wishes to explain it to you himself. We are to appear before him in the morning. Until then, I was going to show you the discrepancy in the details you gave us regarding the slavers."

Leo's expression showed that he was confused, "How are you going to do that There's no way for us to travel there and back in time and still be able to meet the king tomorrow, so unless you've... Oh." Leo had a sudden realization.

"I see you've figured it out." A small smile appeared on Sir Thompsons face, "Yes we've brought back one of the bodies, I think you'll find it quite interesting."

There was a silence for a while and Leo realized that Sir Thompson didn't have anything more to say, so he asked a question he had had on his mind for a while now.

"How were you able to prevent me from using my ability all this time" Leo asked, a hint of annoyance in his tone.

Sir Thompson chuckled, "I see you're a little upset about it... Well it's nothing too grand. Officer Thorn is an ability user that can prevent others from using their abilities. She normally has to be very close to them to do it, but she can also make it so that abilities don't work within a specific area. Like your cell. You will find that your ability is working just fine now that you are out of your cell and Officer Thorn isn't around."

Leo tried to place some energy in his hand and could feel that it had worked. Sir Thompson could see Leo's hand get encased in a dim blue glow, "Are you a conjurer, manipulator or Enforcer" Sir Thompson asks.

"Am I a what" Leo asks, clearly confused.

Sir Thompson is very surprised by Leo's confusion, "Oh, I thought everybody knew about th... Oh that's right. My apologies, I forgot about your situation." Sir Thompson had briefly forgotten that Leo was a slave until recently, and so Leo couldn't have known about this.

"There are 3 ways to categorize the type of ability someone has. If the ability creates something from nothing, such as an ability where a user can create fire from their hands, then they are a Conjurer. If the ability allows the user to control something around them, such as an ability that can control plants, then they are a manipulator. If an ability is capable of empowering your body, beyond what a normal ability user is capable of, such as an ability that grants super speed, these are enforcers."

Leo was a huge fan of this system, 'Its a brilliant way of allowing you to place an ability user into the right group without them having to reveal exactly what their ability is.'

"Enforcers are the most common, then conjurers, and lastly manipulators. So then Which type are you Leofalor" Sir Thompson asked again.

'This is actually a tough question, currently I use my energy to empower my body, this would make me an enforcer, but since this energy is not something I can create, only obtain from somewhere else, then it would make me a manipulator Does the origin of your power matter more than how you use it I may use my power like an enforcer, but I'm still using an outside force to do it. '

"I believe I would fit into the manipulator category the best, although I could be an enforcer as well, it's tough to say. My ability is... complicated." Leo said, a contemplative expression on his face.

"I believe you would be the first who's ability would place them in more than one category." Sir Thompson said. 'If he can fit into more than one category, then he's going to cause an uproar when he gets sent 'there' . This young man could be a monster in the future... I should inform his majesty of this later.'

The two continued to walk for several minutes before finally Sir Thompson stopped and walked into a room. "This is where we are keeping the body." Sir Thompson said.

Leo walked into the room. On the table in the center of the room was the body of a young man, around Leo's age. The man's face was completely caved in, like something had smashed it with incredible force.

Leo didn't recognize the corpse, but something about it felt familiar. Sir Thompson spoke, "We have confirmed that this is the man named Margrave that you spoke of. The discrepancy is that he doesn't look like you described. The wounds, clothing and position of his body were all exactly how you stated, but his appearance is different. His face is hard to see but it is clearly different, as well as his body, which is much smaller than described. You never gave me the details about his ability, what could he do "

Leo was baffled, 'how could this be Margrave but look so different at the same time'

"Leofalor" Sir Thompson stepped in front of Leo, between him and the body. Leo had been deep in thought about the night he killed Margrave, but Sir Thompson had brought him out of it.

"Yes... I apologize, I was distracted. Margrave said that his power allowed him to influence people's minds, making them believe what he wanted them to. With enough time he could even... Alter someone's memories." Leo's mood suddenly dropped.

Sir Thompson noticed that Leo had become down while recalling the information, but he chose not to pry.

"Well, if that's the case then I can think of 2 possible reasons why the person in front of us doesn't look like the Margrave you discribed." Sir Thompson stated.


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