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kinetic_energy Chapter 25 Trial (Part 1)

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Leo is being led through the dungeon, up a flight of stairs and then down an extremely long hallway. When entering the hallway Leo could immediately tell that they were out of the dungeon and had gone into the castle itself. There was a red carpet all along the floor, the walls were white with gold embroidery all over.

'This is ridiculous. I still don't even know why they've arrested me and now I must stand trial for it I could even be sentenced to death...' Leo's thoughts were filled with anger and fear. He was angry because of how he was being treated, and he was afraid because he had no power here... Both politically and literally.

The hallways were filled with what Leo could only discribe as junk. Paintings, ornaments, vases and more. 'There's no point in having all this useless junk, instead of wasting their Ven on this, they could've been helping their people...'

After a while of walking down different hallways, the guards escorting Leo forced him to stop in front of a set of large double doors. Officer Thorn walked up and held Leo on his shoulder from behind, "There's a podium in the center of the room, that's where you're going. Don't do anything stupid and stay quiet."

Leo turned his head to look over at Officer Thorn, "How can I fight for my freedom if I can't even speak" Officer Thorn didn't reply to Leo, she just opened the doors and pushed Leo through them.

The room looked like a large hall, the entire room was filled with seats on both sides. Only the area by the door, and where a large golden throne was placed, were void of seats.

There were hundreds of spectators already seated, all of them wearing fancy attire. All of them had scornful expressions when looking at Leo.

A wooden box about 1 meter tall was in the middle of the room. Officer Thorn opened the box and placed Leo inside, there was a metal bar inside that Leo's manacles were then attached to. Officer Thorn stepped down and stood next to the box and waited.

After a few minutes had passed, a 1.74 meter tall man wearing a blue suit and red tie walked out and stood behind and next to the throne. The man had long grey hair kept in a pony tale and a van dyke styled grey beard. He had a monocle on his left eye and wore white gloves. He cleared his throat and the room went quiet.

"His majesty, King Randall Krill!" His arm was extended to the same area he had just walked out from, as though gesturing to something.

From the side of the room, and through a door, walked a man wearing a large red and golden mantle with a large Phoenix embroided on the back. He had multiple rings on his hands and a golden crown on his head.

The king was a man in his early forties, he had short brown hair and a full beard of the same colour. He was 1.8 meters tall and walked with a cane in his left hand.

When the King entered, everyone stood to their feet. Only once the king sat down, did the audience do so as well.

The man with the monocle stepped forward, "My name is Sir Thompson, and I shall be in charge of this trial." He gave a small bow to the King after speaking.

Sir Thompson was standing in front and to the side of the king, his body facing towards the hall at an angle, so his back was never to the king.

"Now then." Sir Thompson continued " We are here because an ability user by the name of Leofalor was found recently, since he had not heeded his majesties call to appear within the nearest great city, he has been arrested for committing the capital crime of defying a royal decree."

"I will now begin the questioning. Lieutenant Briggs, please step forward." From the crowd of people in the seats, Lieutenant Briggs stood up and walked out into the center of the room, he stopped in front of the box Leo was standing in, and bowed his head to the king.

"Lieutenant Briggs, how did you come to know of the ability user" Sir Thompson asked.

"A report was made that a man using an ability had stopped a group of bandits from harassing a village. I immediately left for said village to investigate. Upon arriving, I was told that the man in question had been unconscious for two days after he had gone to the bandits camp and killed all their members while destroying their camp. When he awoke I questioned him about the accuracy of the situation, I then confirmed that the information was correct and arrested him."

Several gasps were heard from the audience and conversations could be heard through whispers.

"Did he really destroy a bandit group on his own"

"He saved a village, but I suppose that doesn't mean he didn't commit a crime."

"Who cares if he saved a village, it's just a bunch of peasants anyway."

Several conversations debating whether or not Leo's actions should influence the trial were heard. The king tapped his cane on the ground and a bang echoed through the room and it fell silent again.

Sir Thompson cleared his throat again, "Thank you Lieutenant, you may return to your seat." Lieutenant Briggs turned and walked back to his seat in the hall.

"Although these are impressive feats for someone so young, it changes nothing in regards to the crime he has been accused of." Sir Thompson looked at Leo.

"Leofalor, although it isn't in regards to the crime, many seem curious as to what your ability is. Please enlighten us."

Leo was quiet for a moment. 'Do I have to tell them Once they know my power it makes it a lot easier for anyone who wishes to fight me in the future...'

'But if I don't tell them I might lose my life... I have to do it, I'll choose difficulty over death.' Leo opened his mouth to speak when a man in the crowd stood up and shouted, "Sir Thompson! You know as well as any that it is not legal to ask of an ability holder to disclose what their ability is. Should the king decide that this boy is guilty and sentences him, then his ability may be disclosed for safety purposes. But, should the boy be innocent, and he was forced to state his ability, he will be placed back into society with a massive disadvantage! "

Sir Thompson looked at the man and begrudgingly replied, "Yes, you are correct. You have made your point, now sit down."

Leo looked over to the man and just as the man was about to sit down he gave Leo a nod. Leo felt happy that at least someone here seemed to care about whether Leo was actually guilty or not. 'From the moment I walked in it felt like they had already decided I was guilty.'

Sir Thompson looked at Leo once again, "Leofalor, it's time we hear your reasons for disobeying the Kings order. Now speak so that we may hear you."


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