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kinetic_energy Chapter 23 Arrest

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'He wants to end the fight quickly because he's more injured than me. He knows that the longer this goes on, the less strength he will be able to use.' Leo thought.

"Well... What are you... Waiting for kid" Alonzo asks, his voice sounding even weaker than before.

Leo starts to walk forwards towards Alonzo, "Alright, if you want to die that badly, then Ill grant your wish." Leo runs full speed at Alonzo, placing around 40% of his total power into his right fist.

'I've been curious about what would happen if I struck a person with more power than I usually use, let's see what happens.' Leo thinks while running.

Leo arrives in front of Alonzo and throws a punch towards his chest. Alonzo tries to lift his halberd with his left hand, but is unable to do so. His strength has mostly faded and he is aware that he would die shortly, regardless of what anyone did.

Leo's fist struck Alonzo in the chest. His body went flying backwards at an incredible speed, slamming into the side of the hill. A cloud of dust erupted from the impact. After around a minute had gone by, the dust began to settle.

Alonzo's body could be seen against the jagged rocks, his body in multiple pieces. His right arm was lying on the ground just before the hill. His chest and stomach area was nothing but a large hole. The rest of his body was semi splattered against the rocks, like a bug.

'Wow, I was actually expecting more damage to his body from the punch. It's hard to tell, but it looks like most of what I'm seeing is because he hit a wall.'

'He was a lot stronger than I would've imagined, and he didn't even have an ability. If he did have one then I don't understand why didn't he use it to fight...' Leo's thought was interrupted by someone speaking.

"I-Is it all over now Can I come out" Jason asked from behind a group of rocks with his head peering out and over them so he could see Leo.

"Yes, it's over. We will rest here until sunrise, then we can return to the village." Leo said while walking towards Jason.

It was only when Leo got closer that Jason had been able to see him properly, "By the gods, you're seriously injured! We can't stay here, you need a doctor quickly!"

"Calm down. I'm fine..." Leo stopped for a second because he felt out of breath, "I heal a lot faster than a regular person does, so I should be perfectly fine with a little rest." Leo was feeling light headed and his breathing had become irregular, "Besides, it doesn't even hurt that mu..." Leo fell face first into the ground, unconscious.

Leo opened his eyes to find that he was inside his room at the tavern. His chest was covered in bandages, wrapped around the area where his rib had broke through the skin.

Leo was wearing the same pants he had on when fighting Alonzo, otherwise he was wearing nothing. His shoes were on the floor next to his bed, but the shirt he had on was nowhere to be seen.

'These pants are ruined. ~Sigh~ Am I ever going to finish a big fight without passing out afterwards I'm lucky that Jason had come with me, although I doubt I would've died from my wounds, something else could have attacked me while I was unconscious. ' Leo stood up, his body sore, but he could tell he had mostly healed already.

pan,da nv,el Leo took out a new set of clothes from his ring and put them on. They are the same as the clothes he was previously wearing. All the clothes Leo took were identical to each other.

Leo stops for a moment before putting his shirt on and looks at the bandages covering him, "There's no harm in leaving them on for now."

Leo walks out of his room and down the stairs to the tavern. While walking down the stairs Leo could hear several voices. They didn't sound like the voices coming from those who were drinking. They were more serious in tone.

Leo reached the bottom of the stairs and he could see 4 people standing and talking to each other. Leo could recognize Rosalia and the chief among the group, but the other two people were unknown to him.

Both of them wore the same outfit, a red uniform with a black aiguillette going from the left shoulder to the chest area. There was a symbol of a Phoenix engraved on the right side of the chest. One of the two was a woman and the other a man.

The group noticed Leo enter the room and Rosalia walked over to Leo immediately, she placed her hands on his shoulder and spoke in a concerned tone, "You're awake! Are you alright You should still be in bed resting...how are you walking around"

"Rosalia." Leo grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his shoulders, "I'm fine, I heal very fast so I'm almost completely healed already." Leo smiled at her to try and show her that he really felt alright.

She gave Leo a half-hearted smile and let go of him. The chief stood there silently, and the other two figures walked towards Leo as well.

The man spoke to Leo,"I'm Lieutenant Briggs, from the military. I've been sent here to investigate the reports that were made regarding an incident that occurred recently. The person accompanying me is officer Thorn." Lieutenant Briggs gestures to the the woman in uniform beside him when introducing her.

Lieutenant Briggs was about 1.7 meters tall, he has an average build and short black hair. Officer Thorn was a short woman, around 1.5 meters tall, she had long brown hair that went passed her shoulders.

"I'm Leofalor." The soldiers waited for a moment, expecting Leo to say more, but he didn't.

Lieutenant Briggs spoke," I'm told you managed to stop a group of bandits from harassing this village, you then subsequently went to their base and killed all of them while destroying their base. Is this all correct"

Leo had an unbothered look on his face when replying, "Yes." Lieutenant Briggs and Officer Thorn looked at each other for a moment before Thorn moved closer to Leo and grabbed his arm, Leo wasn't sure what was happening but he wasn't sure it was something good.

Leo tried to pull away but found that Thorn had more strength than he currently did. Leo tried to channel his power into his body to increase his strength but found that his power wasn't responding to him. 'What the **... I can feel my power, but I can't use it...'

"What's going on, what did you do to me!"

Lieutenant Briggs brought out a set of manacles and placed them on Leo's wrists. "Leofalor, you are under arrest for ignoring an order from his majesty the King. You are to attend a hearing before the King in the capital city Veneria, where your punishment shall be decided."


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