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Ji Qingying paused and subconsciously looked over.

And as soon as she did, other voices sounded all around them, “Why is the young master of the He family here”

“Didnt they say that he was in the hospital because of a car accident”

“He must have been discharged already.”

Ji Qingyings eyelashes trembled as she looked at this familiar yet also unfamiliar face.

She paused before expressionlessly saying, “Did you mistake me for someone, sir”

He Yuan lowered his gaze to look her in the eyes and then suddenly laughed, “Could I call you by name if I got the wrong person”

Ji Qingying didnt say a word.

Xu Bingying looked at the two before excusing herself after a bit of thinking, “You two can talk privately.”

And before Ji Qingying could stop her, she had already slipped away.

She took a deep breath and subconsciously tried to look for Fu Yanzhi.

But at that moment, he wasnt anywhere to be seen.

Ji Qingying thought for a while and came to the conclusion that he must have gone out to answer his phone.

He Yuan continued to stare at her, before putting his hands in his pockets and asked, “Are you really planning to never talk to me”

His voice was also low and deep, but it gave a completely different feeling from how Fu Yanzhis did.

Fu Yanzhis voice would make her heart beat faster with happiness and joy when she heard it, but He Yuans voice only made her feel annoyed and even disgusted.

She smoldered for a while before coldly asking, “Whats your business”

He Yuan simply smiled and looked at her with burning eyes, “I cant see you if I dont have any business”

Ji Qingying pursed her lips and coldly and directly stated, “Yes.”

She then raised her chin and added, “My time is precious and I dont want to waste it on unimportant people.”

He Yuan choked a bit and seriously looked at her.

He suddenly realized that Ji Qingying had changed a lot.

Although she was as beautiful as she was before, her words werent as biting and sharp.

Now, she exuded the personality of a calm and cold beauty.

It was only later did her true colors gradually appeared.

Unfortunately, dust had obscured her true beauty before she could truly blossom.

He paused for a bit before whispering, “You dont want to make a scene, here and now, right”

Ji Qingying didnt say a word.

If it was any other occasion, she would have splattered the glass of wine she was holding onto He Yuans face.

She had known He Yuan for three years, and although their relationship wasnt very close, he definitely got to know her.

She had always been reasonable and rarely did anything out of line, in fact, she was extremely rational.

Even if he had wronged her, she never lost her reason to try to get back at him.

He Yuan grew quiet again before whispering, “I went to see your competition.”

As if she didnt hear him, Ji Qingying simply took a sip of wine from her glass.

He Yuan ignored her frigid attitude, and faintly smiled while saying, “It was a great design.”

Hearing him say that, Ji Qingying sneered and sarcastically said, “Thank you for your praise, Mr He.

I really do have you to thank for all this.”

He Yuan heard the sarcasm in her words, but didnt grow angry.

He again silently stood there for a little while, before softly saying, “Im sorry.”

Ji Qingying smiled slightly, “I dont need late apologies.”

She looked at He Yuan and asked him something calmly, “Did you forget what I said when we graduated.”

He Yuan was stunned.

He never forgot how decisive Ji Qingying was when they graduated.

Ji Qingyings smile stayed on her face as he warned him, “If youve forgotten about it, I dont mind reminding you again.”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Her voice was cold as she said each and every word carefully, “I can forgive you and Lin Xiaoshuang.

But that was on the premise that you and her never show your faces to me ever again! Just seeing you makes me feel so disgusted!”

In the end, both of them had appeared before her again.

Ji Qingying had a sudden thought that she might never learn to forgive them for the rest of her life.

It doesnt matter who, but hurt is still hurt.

Even if the wounds heal, its impossible to not leave scars.

He Yuans mouth moved, as if he intended to explain something.

But Ji Qingying didnt give him a chance at all, as she turned around wanting to leave.

He subconsciously wanted to reach out and stop her, but Ji Qingying avoided his hand before he could get a hold on her.

Ji Qingying looked at him and said, “For the sake of you taking care of me back then, dont force me to reveal the disgusting things you and Lin Xiaoshuang did back then.”

She lowered her gaze to look at the outstretched hand that was hanging in the air.

She smiled and said, “Especially these dirty hands of yours that have touched Lin Xiaoshuang.”

Fu Yanzhi had received a call from the hospital, but when he finally reentered the hall after the call, he saw Ji Qingying walking towards him, heedless of everything.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

He subconsciously opened his arms just as Ji Qingying threw herself into his arms.

“What happened”

Fu Yanzhi embraced her with one hand and then looked around to see what was going on.

Almost instantly, his eyes met a stranger.

Ji Qingying simply shook her head and pulled on his clothes, “I want to leave.”


Fu Yanzhi didnt ask anything further as he walked her out of the venue.

Except for the people whove been paying attention to them, this little scene was remained mostly unseen by most guests.

He Yuan squinted his eyes as he looked at the man who was hugging Ji Qingying.

He took a wine glass from a waiter and began to take sips from it before turning to look at his personal assistant and ordering him, “Check who that person is.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After walking out of the hall, when Fu Yanzhi held her hand, he found them very cold, which was very strange as they were in the middle of summer.

He frowned.

“Are you feeling cold”


Ji Qingying began acting spoiled, “I wanna go home.”

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes to stare at her for a few moments, before agreeing wholeheartedly, “Okay! Lets go home.”

His voice was as gentle as a warm evening breeze blowing past her ear.

It made her feel like she had something to rely on and her heart started to calm down.

Ji Qingying nodded, willfully suppressing her still surging emotions.

“Lets go.”

Fu Yanzhi then called to inform Ye Qing.

She hadnt noticed the situation unfold, and just hung up after a few goodbyes.

Putting away his phone, Fu Yanzhi looked at the person in his arms and then asked, “Can you still walk”

Ji Qingying nodded.

But Fu Yanzhi paused before whispering, “Then Ill walk while holding you.”

And after those words, he proceeded to carry Ji Qingying princess-style.


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