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The two looked at each other silently before Ji Qingying took a deep breath and tiptoed over.

Her breath brushed the tip of his ear as she whispered softly, “Its alright even if you didnt bring it, you can still help me…”

As soon as she stopped speaking, a rain of kisses fell.

Before she could even ready herself, he had pried open her mouth and got in forcefully.

Having been caught off guard, Ji Qingying was a bit out of breath.

Her legs grew inexplicably weak and her body seemed to be just about ready to fall.

As soon as she started to topple, Fu Yanzhi held her in his arms and changed their position.

He pinned her between the fire exit door and himself.

He put a hand behind her head to prevent her from bumping the door if she moved her head, while the other hand was wrapped around her waist.

All the while, the tip of his tongue snaked with hers, entangled deeply.

Ji Qingyings body was still tense so Fu Yanzhi, while still kissing her, gently coaxed her, “Relax.”

With what was happening right then, Ji Qingying couldnt relax at all.

She couldnt even fully immerse herself at all, which was regretful as from time to time voices of both men and women could be heard just outside the emergency exit door, that made her feel like she was having an affair.

She began to fear that the people outside were also the same as them.

What if they suddenly came here as well

Sensing her distraction, Fu Yanzhi bit her tongue a bit as punishment.

Ji Qingying felt the pain and glared at him.

Her eyes were long and narrow and were distinctly shaped, and the tips slightly curved upwards, making them bright and dazzling.

Those eyes didnt deter Fu Yanzhi, but instead made him lose even more control.

He had always liked her eyes.

Every time she glanced at him, he felt indescribable seduction.

Those pupils held everything he held charming and sexy.

At that moment, Fu Yanzhi remembered when she looked at him coquettishly.

While reminiscing, the movements of his lips became heavier, while his hands began to swim around her back.

Ji Qingyings tongue felt a little painful and numb as he sucked, but she had finally immersed herself in his kissing.

Every kiss Fu Yanzhi gave ignited flames in the bottom of her heart, which only grew larger and larger.

Not long after, all her focus was on his body as well.

She began to hook herself on his neck as a response, and began to take the initiative herself.

The two became inseparable, with their heartbeats and breathing both gradually increasing.

Oblivious to how long it has been, still intoxicated in the moment, Ji Qingying suddenly heard both familiar and unfamiliar voices coming from outside the door.

“Where did Qingying go Didnt she say she was only going to the restroom Why hasnt she shown up after so long”

“I dont know.

Youre sure you didnt bump into her in the restroom”

“Go back and call her phone then.

Mrs Zhou is already here and one of the organizers said that he would like to introduce them personally.


The voices were getting father and farther away, but every word fell clearly in their ears.

Ji Qingying got a bit nervous all of the sudden and accidentally bit Fu Yanzhis tongue in a panic.

But she didnt even notice and just pushed him on the shoulder, “…Stop.”

Fu Yanzhi hesitated for a bit before he stopped kissing her.

In a soft voice, he asked, “Too nervous”

Ji Qingying beat him on the shoulder, “Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi grinned and let her go.

He then reluctantly pecked her in the cheek before trying to comfort her, “Dont be.”

After another while, he finally let go of her lips.

The two were leaning against each other, gasping for breath.

The sound of the labored breathing was obvious.

A little light was able to come through a small gap in the emergency exit that allowed the two to see each others faces clearly.

Ji Qingying stared at Fu Yanzhis lipstick-stained lips, which was strangely sexy.

With her staring straight at him, Fu Yanzhi lowered his head and raised his eyebrow, “Hmm”

His voice was a little deep, which sounded firm and provocative.

Ji Qingying couldnt hold herself back, so she took the initiative to lean over and kiss his lips again.

Fu Yanzhi just let her make her move before asking with a chuckle, “Didnt you just ask me to stop a while ago”

Ji Qingying simply looked him in the eye and stated, “You have lipstick on your lips.”

Fu Yanzhi hummed, then pulled her into his arms before saying in a low voice, “Dont care.”

“Why” Ji Qingying asked before burying her head in his arms, but she dared not rub her face on it because she was afraid her makeup would get ruined.

But as soon as she finished asking, her mobile phone suddenly began ringing in her handbag.

She quickly cleared her throat before picking it up, doing it all without changing her expression.


When Xu Bingying heard her voice, she looked around the hall before asking, “Qingying, where are you They said we can say hello to Mrs Zhou, so come back quickly.”

“Okay, Ill be there right away.” Ji Qingying responded.

She paused for a bit, feeling Fu Yanzhi moving, before opening her mouth and slightly biting his fingers lingering on her lips.

“Im going back first.”


But her eyelashes lowered as she stared at his wandering hands.

Fu Yanzhi himself didnt know if he did it intentionally or not.

He just wanted to help Ji Qingying smoothen some smudged lipstick, but his fingertips inadvertently brushed her soft lips, causing a burst of bliss.

Ji Qingyings eyelashes trembled slightly, but she did nothing to stop him.

After a while, he finally finished brushing his fingers all over her delicate lips, so he lifted them up.

With the little light coming in, Ji Qingying was able to see the extremely visible lipstick stain on his thumb due to his hands skin color.

But it only made Ji Qingyings heart beat even faster.

She just wanted to heedlessly rush into this mans arms, to do anything with him.



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