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It’s already a problem that a maid in an imperial maid’s uniform was caught calling me Lady, even if she had to call me that way, and it was also a much bigger problem that I got everyone’s attention by singing.

We have to go back!

With my heart pounding against my chest, I hastily rolled up the hem of my dress and spoke in a hurried manner, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll get going now.”

I left the podium in brisk steps, keeping in mind that I am still Eris as I tried to look as calm as possible.

 Lina tried to pull me back but I escaped from her clutch and ran.

I felt people’s gazes boring at the back of my head, especially the maestro’s.

“This way, Iona!” Lina dragged me out of the main hall and led me to a hidden corner void of people.

I followed her as she led me through the halls silently.

We stopped for a while, and Lina looked around before saying,

“Iona! What were you doing singing there”

The way she asked it made me feel like I’ve committed a crime.

My shoulders dropped, “I had to go to the bathroom, so I got out… but then I got lost.”

Lina’s face paled immediately, realization creeping into her face, “Oh my god.

I forgot! What about the knights”

“There was no one guarding the front door,” I replied.

“Oh my god…” Lina looked like she was about to lose it when I told her what happened.

Then, she grabbed my arm as we headed straight to the palace.

As we dashed through the halls, Lina didn’t say a word and I could feel her anxiety growing as her grip felt tighter and the fear was apparent on her face.

Seeing her in such a state made me extremely anxious.

When we got there, the anxiety we’ve been feeling shot up like fireworks.

Several knights and servants from the emperor’s palace stood nervously in front of the emperor’s bedroom.

The door was wide open, and I could feel something heavy in the atmosphere.

People began to exchange whispers with each other upon seeing me arrive, and Raven almost jumped in my direction.

When I walked near the doors, a strong smell of blood filled my nostrils, and I realized then that the situation was grave.

I peeked inside and my eyes grew wide at the terrible sight.

Oh my gosh…

All the furniture in the large bedroom was torn into two.

The carpet and beddings were slashed, and the sofa and table were smashed in a way it couldn’t be used anymore.

The books from the shelves were thrown messily to the floor, which was smeared red from the two knights’ bleeding skins.

They were the ones who were guarding the bedroom back at the Imperial Palace.

Their faces were blue as they held their stomachs, groaning and howling in pain.

Seeing the room upturned and in disarray felt like I was back to the first day I arrived at the palace, back when the emperor was running wild, sparing no one from his onslaught.

I froze seeing the room’s condition.

Raven stood in front of me, and a troubled look was across his face.

Then, he apprehensively called the emperor, who was half asleep in the middle of the room, “Your Majesty.”

The emperor flinched and he slowly raised his head.

His black hair was a mess, partly covering his half-lidded eyes.

When I peeked through his messy locks, I gasped, seeing his eyes red and seething.

He was angry, and the energy radiating off him caused goosebumps to line up all over my skin.

I bit my lip and bunched my skirt in my fists. What the hell happened here

I’ve been out of the room for only two hours.

Ever since we arrived here in the temple, the emperor would only return late at night because of his packed schedule.

Thoughts after thoughts filled my mind and when the emperor and I’s gazes met, all my thoughts vanished in an instant.

I felt like my breaths were knocked out of me.

The emperor opened his mouth, “Liliana…” He stared at me and called me by her name.

Then, he stood up and made his way towards me.

I’m really, really scared.

He looked so feral that I couldn’t help but take a step back, somehow forgetting how to breathe properly.

Lina, who was standing next to me, also stepped back but she stumbled on her feet and fell backwards,


The emperor paused.

He glanced down at Lina and her face lost all of its color.

The emperor raised his sword and paralyzing fear swept over me.


“Your Majesty!” Raven tried to stop him.

Without thinking, I ran in front of the emperor and opened my arms to block him from hurting Lina.

The servants and the knights gasped in unison.

I bit my lips and looked straight at the emperor.

His eyes darted to mine and he ordered in a cold voice, “Get out of my way.”


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