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Memories hit me like a truck, memories not of my own but of Iona’s, the owner of this body I was transmigrated to.

When Iona was younger, she lived as a noblewoman.

She was stately known for being Lesprey’s eldest daughter.

She had such a status but the tides had changed when her family was falsely accused.

Everything was ripped away from them instantly and not long after, she soon found herself working as a slave.

Her father and his successor, my brother, were executed without mercy.

Her mother also became a slave but it didn’t take long until she fell ill.

The hardships that came with being a slave were too much for her to bear.

Having lived as a slave all those years wore her down, emptying her that her body felt like it was just a shell, one that was void of any life.

In that process she also lost the ability to sing, the thing she enjoyed the most was also stripped from her.

And from then on, she really felt that she wanted to die.

I don’t know what to do with the memories that suddenly surfaced.

Those dark, hidden feelings within me tried to devour me in its depths.

I was already on the brink of losing my mind, crying incessantly when the Emperor wrapped me in his arms.

His familiar scent that I grew used to invaded my senses and I found myself relaxing against him.

I was drawn back to reality slowly but surely as the Emperor whispered assurances in my ear.

“It’s okay, everything’s fine now.”

His husky voice sounded softer than usual and I found comfort in it.

Being wrapped in the Emperor’s embrace was more reassuring than I thought.

Is it because I sleep with him every night, that I somehow grew accustomed to his touch Or was it because I knew that he was making sure I was protected Either way, I didn’t push him away from me.

The gentle press of our bodies together suppressed the unpleasant emotions within me.

The darkness that surrounded me just a few moments earlier dwindled little by little.

I like this warmth. His warmth.

I leaned my head on his shoulder as he hugged me even tighter.

“If you don’t like it, you don’t have to see it.” He said in a soft voice.

I shook my head.

It’s not that I didn’t like what I saw, I was just caught off guard and I really wanted to see it.

They said the priest would be able to help me get my voice back.

There was no way I would miss this opportunity.

There’s nothing I want more and I can’t wait until I get to sing again.

Back when I was still a child, I used to sing in front of my family with a bright smile displayed on my face.

I sang to them joyfully, pouring my heart into the song and sporting the happiest face you could ever see.

I had such a cute, round face, and it was flushed red when I belted the lyrics out.

My blonde hair and the blue dress I was wearing then moved in synchronization with my pitch.

My sky-blue eyes were simply at its happiest.

‘Our Iona sings very well.’

‘I know.

I’m sure our precious Iona would be loved by many.’

How my father stroked my head with his affectionate touches.

How my mother hugged me so tightly with the brightest smile she ever wore.

And how my younger brother, who was still too young to understand the song I was singing, clapped his adorable little hands together in admiration.

I was really happy back then. I wish I could sing like that again.

The Emperor slowly let me go and asked, “Are you feeling better”

I felt a little bit embarrassed.

I bent my head and nodded slightly.

I am grateful that he didn’t say anything about my actions, especially when I didn’t act like a doll.

I tried to sit back on the chair so Lavis could check on me but my face was still damp from my tears.

I lifted my arm to wipe it with my sleeves when the Emperor handed me a handkerchief.

Looking at it closely, the cloth looked really familiar.

After a couple of seconds, I realized it was the same handkerchief I saw back then.

It was the white handkerchief the Emperor said he would wash himself and he would return it once he did.

That was during the afternoon stroll we had just last month.

The handkerchief looked clean without any stains, obviously washed well and I supposed the Emperor had been carrying it around all this time.

He wasn’t acting like the tyrant he was known for and thinking of this made me smile to myself.

I took the handkerchief from his hand and wiped my tear-stricken face and eyes, instantly soaking the fabric wet.

It seemed like I’ve shed quite a lot of tears.

I righted my posture and sat back down.

Lavis was looking at me worriedly.

“Are you okay”

I nodded and flashed him a small smile to let him know that I’m fine.

I felt sorry for myself for having cried so suddenly— in front of someone who was worried for me, too.

He must have been really shocked to see me in such a state.

He smiled back at me.

Even in this situation, his handsome smile was still evident as ever.

“Well, should we get started then”

I took a deep breath and nodded.

He slowly put his hand near my neck, about to use his divine power.

“Then I’ll heal you.”


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