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“Nice to meet you, Miss.

My name’s Lavis.” He offered a salute by folding his ring finger and pinky.

It was a religious greeting done by placing the thumb against the chest.

He was so polite I felt a little out of place.

I greeted him back but in an aristocratic fashion, just in case he wasn’t aware that I am the emperor’s doll.

He forced a smile at my greeting and addressed the emperor, “I think there’s something that you missed.”

“Do I have to tell her that” The emperor asked.

“There’s no need to be overly distrustful.

If you keep doing this, it will look like I’m just an outsider who the Majesty orders around.” Lavis said in a calm, assuring voice.

The emperor thought over Lavis’ words and nodded.

“You’re right.”

Lavis smiled.

“If it’s alright with you, I’ll go tell her myself.”

A few seconds passed before the emperor agreed.

“Do as you please.” He beckoned Lavis and sat on the sofa.

He sat there smugly like he was in the middle of a photoshoot and I found myself transfixed at the sight.

He grinned at my reaction, seeing that he had caught my attention.

“As you may already know, I am emperor Ridrian’s half brother.

You don’t have to be wary of me because I’m here to serve you.”

“Stop saying nonsense.” The emperor snapped irritably but Lavis didn’t seem to mind in the slightest, completely unfazed and unbothered at the emperor’s sharp tongue.

I am well aware of Lavis’ identity but obviously I can’t let them know that, so I tried to look surprised as best as I could.

Lavis seemed to be convinced and nodded.

“I know about you, so don’t worry too much.

You’re already going through a lot as it is.”

The emperor beckoned me to sit on the sofa where he was sitting.

I walked there and just when I was about to sit, Lavis spoke, “You have to sit here so I can take a good look at you.” He patted the chair right next to him.

What is he doing Was he really making me choose between sitting beside the emperor and him, the High Priest Why do I feel like my future was at stake here

The emperor stared at Lavis for a short moment before succumbing to his seat.

Lavis chuckled at the emperor’s reaction.

I let out a sigh and sat next to Lavis.

“If you don’t mind, can you open your mouth”

It was purely procedural, but I felt slightly uneasy since it would shed light on my injuries.

Seeing the worry on my face, the emperor assuaged, “You can show him, Iona.

He may look bad and distrustful, but I could assure you he’s here to help you.”

Lavis clucked his tongue at the unwarranted comment.

“Don’t you think that’s a harsh way to talk about a Priest”

I didn’t expect the emperor would side with Lavis, but I understand.

As a matter of fact, Lavis was originally a loyal aid to the emperor.

Although I was still a little bit reluctant despite the emperor’s assurance, I followed Lavis’ instructions and slowly opened my mouth.

“Can I…” He tilted my chin with his fingers and leaned closer. What is he seeing

Before this, I’ve also looked at it through the mirror but it was really hard, and I can’t really see anything that much.

Lavis’ forehead creased in concentration and I couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Then a troubled look was now displayed on his features, and I felt more anxious than I already am.

Could his divine power fix my throat

God’s power was sacred, so it should reign against any kind of trauma, but I’m guessing there were a few things sacred power can’t win against.

Lavis, to my surprise, brought up something entirely different from what I had expected.

“You must have suffered a lot, huh”

His words caught me off guard, making my heart hammer against my chest.

I pressed my palm over my chest to calm my racing heart.

It was beating so loudly I wondered if they could hear it.

I felt so vulnerable that tears began to pool my eyes.

They fell generously and I wasn’t able to put a stop to it. What’s happening

“Iona” The emperor rose from his seat, looking at me concernedly.

I panicked and tried to wipe my tears ungraciously with the back of my hands but to no avail.

The tears still kept flowing, streaming like a downpour.

What’s wrong with me Stop crying!

My emotions engulfed me as if it had a life of its own, overtaking my senses completely, making me cry even more.

A dark sensation slowly crept up my body and swallowed me from the inside out.

In an instant, the walls I surrounded myself with broke; the feelings I’ve kept hidden for nearly a decade tumbled out immediately after the kind words I didn’t expect anyone to say.


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