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The act of being shown kindness and attention were unfamiliar to those who are only used to despair and tragedy.

But the thing was, the doll had always treated the emperor with such gentleness and warmth that it almost cost her her life.

It was clear that she was not fully aware of what was going on around her, especially when her inability to speak prevented her from asking anyone anything. 

Whenever the emperor was in the midst of his panic attacks, the doll would calmly pat his back in assurance, comforting him the way you would a crying child after waking up from an awful nightmare.

Although there were times when she would hesitate in comforting him from his traumas, she would still do it nonetheless, making sure to do it in careful strokes. 

How dare you touch the emperor The emperor would react violently if it were anyone else.

He won’t even let anyone that close to him before he would sharply cut off his head in one swift stroke.

But somehow, he found the doll’s bold actions rather comforting, and he was not at all affronted with her behavior. 

The emperor must admit, the doll really was able to calm him down in her own subtle way. 

Even though a small part of him wanted to shake her hands off him, he found himself succumbing to her touch willingly, letting her soft caress relieve him like a dry, parched desert accepting of the rain. 

She is different from Liliana. 

He relaxed further in their embrace.

He felt so consoled in her presence that he didn’t even realize the small grin making its way to his face.

Then, he felt the doll’s shoulder slump down like the mere act of standing up exhausted her.

The emperor embraced her even more tightly and asked, “Are you all right”

There seemed to be no energy left in the doll’s body.

The emperor saw cold sweat beading on her neck.

Her eyes were drooping half lidded behind the mask she wore and it was just then when the emperor remembered that she had just woken up from her three-day coma. Of course she was tired!

He swiftly swept her into his arms and hurried out of the library.

“I’m going to the bedroom!” He didn’t care that Marquis Vibrio was staring at him with his mouth wide open, running as fast as he could.  

They made their way from the library on the first floor to the bedroom on the second in just a few seconds when something warm grazed the emperor’s cheek. 

He gazed down to look at her and saw she was looking at him worriedly.

Her palm rested on his face.

The concern in her eyes stirred something within him, thinking that why was she even worried about him, when she was the one who was severely injured

He couldn’t tell if she was just being nice, or she just felt so sorry for him.

All he knew right now was that he was shaking slightly from her touch, especially when those clear eyes of hers were gazing at him intently, like he was the only one she could see. 

And at that very moment, a realization hit him like a tide. 


Iona’s POV:

As the day winded down, the emperor laid beside me and slept comfortably.

I didn’t wrap my arms around him like I normally do since I didn’t want to strain my existing injuries. 

I didn’t expect he would show any ounce of consideration for me.

However, something puzzling caught my attention earlier despite how tired I felt; The emperor was about to strike Marquis Vibrio just when I was about to enter the room. 

Confusion instantly took over at what was presented in front of me.

From what I’ve read in the original novel, I know for a fact that Marquis Vibrio was able to gain the emperor’s trust that he would soon be appointed as Lucretia’s Governor General. 

Then what was that earlier Did something go wrong because of me

No wonder I was sweating profusely. 

The following day, Raven gave me a hard time for being self-indulgent, and forcing my way to the emperor’s hall.

But in the end, I was praised for doing well, for having saved Marquis Vibrio’s life. 

Despite that, ever since the maid’s death, Raven barely speaks to me before turning around to leave the room.

His apparent disapproval regarding my involvement was plain as day.

It was three days of being in total darkness, and for three days, the emperor anxiously worried about the state I was in. The same happened to Lina, and the head maid gave her a week off. 

I, on the other hand, was also stuck in bed, but it wasn’t my physical condition that prevented me from getting up.

My body had recovered enough that it already allows me movement, but the emperor insisted I stay where I am with him right beside me.   

Frustration filled my insides when I was led to the bedroom once again, particularly the bed.

All I’ve been doing was eating meal after meal and sometimes, occasional paperwork was handed to keep me busy.  

Since this was the emperor’s bedroom, I don’t have the right to object and I had no choice but to obey his wishes.

On the bright side, at least I was entitled to having three delicious meals everyday.

When I woke up, I noticed a sudden change in the emperor’s demeanor as he hastily scooted closer to me and asked in a worried voice.

“How are you feeling Are you hurt anywhere” He then placed a palm on my forehead, a smile blooming on his face upon seeing me staring at him.

Why is he looking at me like that Ever since I went to the library which took him by surprise, I noticed there was a slight difference in the way the emperor looked at me; He was looking at me the way he looked at the female lead. 

His golden eyes that were otherwise fierce and intense were now subdued, surprising me at the warmth that lay within his orbs that I could only stare at him in wonder.   

And for a brief, fleeting moment, I almost thought that the male lead had changed.

Who the hell are you And where is the original tyrant


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