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It was over.

Everything was over. Is this how my life ends

A debilitating headache greeted me the moment I opened my eyes.

I felt a sense of despair as the hangover washed over me in unending waves.

People said you won’t remember a thing when you’re drunk, but how come I could remember everything

I could even remember how I grabbed the emperor by the collar.

I clasped my throbbing head with my arms and buried it deep into the pillows.

Deep inside, I am screaming continuously, desperately wishing I could turn back time and prevent all these from happening.

Who did I think I was I am not on his level so it was embarrassingly forward of me to be that comfortable with him.

This was not just a bad mistake I could apologize for; there’s no doubt my head will roll like a piece of apple falling from the table.

I couldn’t remember everything well, but I could remember telling him my innermost feelings in a loud voice.

I even told him that he had no right to reprimand me when he himself doesn’t practice self-care.

Oh no.

Whining, I stared at the ceiling and wished the bed would swallow me whole.

Suddenly, the door opened and I froze at the sound of his voice,

“Iona Are you feeling ill”

Why does it have to be him bringing my morning breakfast Why couldn’t Lina do it instead I could not move an inch as I saw him approaching me while holding the tray in his hands, which was exactly like what you see in movies.

Is this my last meal My heart was pounding so hard I worried if the emperor could hear it.

He placed the tray down on the bedside table before placing his hand on my forehead.

“Do you feel unwell”

Hold up, what does he think he’s doing Why was he acting like a boyfriend pampering his girlfriend after a long night shift, with a matching concerned expression on his face at that, too Shakily, I gathered all the courage I could muster and cleared my throat,

“I-I’m okay.”

“Your forehead is still burning hot.

I should bring Ravis in… Iona”  He stopped in his tracks when I grabbed his clothes, preventing him from leaving the room.

“No, I’m really okay.

There’s no need to call Ravis.

Ugh.” My sudden movement provoked another round of headaches that I had no choice but to plop back down on the bed.

If I could hide under the sheets forever, that would be great.

The thought of being treated by the high priest because of a mere hangover was just humiliating.

I think I would die of embarrassment.

And also, I don’t think I could face Ravis with my current state, and I’d rather throw myself at the other side of the world than seeing the concern on his face.

Even being a doll was not as embarrassing.

“Are you really okay”

“Yes, I really am fine.” And not even a second after, I groaned agonizingly as I buried my head into the sheets once more.

He sensed I did not want him to summon Ravis, so he just sat down on the bed beside me.

“Waking up this early after drinking an entire bottle of Borestan must be a pain, huh It seems like you miscalculated your alcohol tolerance.”

He seemed amused at my current predicament.

Sitting up straight, I turned my face away to prevent him from seeing how embarrassed I was.

“Here, drink this.”

I obligingly took the cold drink the emperor pushed in my hands.

It had a bluish tint to it and it gave off an odd smell.

It does not look like a drink fitting for any human, I thought as I cleared my throat.

Surely he wouldn’t poison me

The way I acted last night was a crime in itself, so I couldn’t help but think of such things no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

Shakily, I brought the glass to my lips, which appeared like an act of surrender.

My lips were on the glass’ rim, and I pondered if I should come clean of my sins or not.

Would admitting that I’m guilty lead to a much bearable sentence I took a sip and my eyes went wide at the sweetness of the drink.

It reminded me of the taste of honey, and it actually tasted better than it looked.

The cold drink proved to be a great help as I felt my overwhelming headache ease.

The emperor only stared at me as I drank.

Afterwards, I cautiously looked at the emperor and began confessing, “Y-yesterday….

I believe I was quite disrespectful towards you, my lord.”

“Do you remember”

My shoulders sank at his response.

I hunched, making myself as small as possible.

That is exactly my problem; that I remember most of it a little too clearly. “Yes.”

“So, you remember, huh.” He drummed his fingers on his thighs in contemplation, a habit of his whenever he was deep in his thoughts.

I felt a chill running down my spine as I screwed my eyes shut.

It’s over.

What was I thinking Drinking the bottle of Borestan Why did it have to be so tasty! I can’t even tell the emperor to not drink it anymore!

As various thoughts formed in my head, I felt like I was about to face my death sentence brought about by my own recklessness.

Then, I heard the emperor suppress his laughter.

I looked up and saw his face reddening, with his fist covering his lips.

“Iona, you’re so entertaining.”

Sorry Am I supposed to laugh I’m not exactly sure.

It doesn’t feel like I was about to be beheaded from the way the emperor was chuckling.

I carefully glanced at him to make sure.

“You aren’t… angry But I crossed my boundaries and treated you so impolitely…”


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