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Chapter 1 – The Cannon Fodder


The sound of saliva trying to go down my torrid throat filled the large silence room.

The room was filled with long ornate red carpets and luxurious pieces of furniture that had been gruesomely destroyed.

I stood as still as stone by the large wood entrance of the grand gorgeous but ruined room.

I felt the cold heavy stare of a predator upon my pale white skin.

From the silence of the void, I heard a deep dark voice fill the room.

“Who are you”

The hair on my whole body rose up in fright as goosebumps ran down through my neck to toes.

The voice came from the emperor, who was quietly emanating his brutal panther-like aura from the centre of the room.

His voice sounded as if he was growling like a hungry wild beast.

“I definitely said not to let anyone in!”

I could see from a distance his golden yellow eyes that seemed to be made out of the pure liquid honey that was hidden behind his scattered silk-like black hair.

I held my breath, out of fear, as I slowly made eye contact with him, all I saw in his eyes was sheer murderous intent.

I tightly squeezed the hem of my skirt with my trembling thin hands.

It was just eye contact, but it felt like I was  a piece of meat waiting to be eaten.

No, if it was a real beast I could at least pretend to be dead and hope that it didn’t want to feast on me.

His fierce golden eyes felt like he was telling me just try to move and see what happens.

His stare caused my body to freeze out of fear as if my feet were buried deep in the ground.

I didn’t have the courage to run away.

My brain desperately raced at 1000 miles an hour trying to figure out how the hell would I be able to survive in this situation.

No matter what solution I thought, it seemed like every option would end in failure even if I could magically grow wings and fly away.

‘What the hell am I supposed to do!’

As my mind ran to the moon and back, I tried to reflect on how hell I got myself into this kind of situation.


 A few days ago before my stare down with the emperor, I woke up inside a small metal cage, just big enough to fit me.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up other than the cage was the night sky.

When I looked up, I saw two moons, a big and a slightly smaller one about the same size as my hand shining brightly outside the window.

‘Two moons’

For a moment, I was confused by a strange and unfamiliar surrounding, but I soon came to realize that I had reincarnated into another world.

When the realization hit me, I tried to tear my hair out, hoping that this was just a dream and I would wake up any minute now.

But no….

‘Ruined! My life here is also messed up!’

The world I found myself in was from a romance fantasy novel with a strangely weird title, “The One Who Brings the End of the World”, it was famous for its tragic ending.

After realizing that I had reincarnated into the world of the book, I felt that it was so ridiculous that I couldn’t help but laugh for several minutes straight. 

Nevertheless, the reason I had no choice but to believe that this was reality and not a dream was, because of how vivid the memories of my past life were and the pain I felt in my neck was too excruciating to pass as an illusion. 

There was no time to grieve, I had to accept this ridiculous fate thrown at me.

This second chance at life could be a blessing if I use my cards right.

What was important was that I remembered the details and name of this novel world I woke up in. 

However, there was one thing I couldn’t accept easily.

Why the hell was I transmigrated as a cannon fodder that enters the Royal Palace as a ‘doll’ for the emperor A person who is bound to die when the female protagonist enters the picture!

‘Why did I have to be the emperor’s doll I’d rather be a poor village girl.’

In the original story, my role was to die by the sword of the male protagonist, the emperor.

The author described in great lengthy detail what my role was and how terrible and horrible my death was.

In ten exquisitely long lines of exposition.

My pulse rate rose rapidly just thinking about it again.

‘I messed up my previous life, why couldn’t I get a chance to live a peaceful, happy one this time’


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