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Is it because I wore the prettiest clothes I felt like it was nice to see myself in the mirror.

Wouldn’t it look like I cared too much It’s just, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her, so it may not mean much.

While I was preparing, I was ordered to spend time with the little child over a cup of tea because she would arrive a little early.

“Father told me to spend some time together until dinner time.

Sit down.”

I explained that to the little child who greeted me.

Her face looks fine, is she okay Did everything go well I glanced at the little child to confirm.

“Is Commander Hertman okay at home”

“Everything is better now.”

I was concerned because Commander Hertman was injured because he was saving Father.

But the child looked at me blankly after hearing the question.

As if she didn’t know she was going to hear these kinds of questions.

“Yes, it’s alright.

He’s all better.

You don’t have to worry.”

“I’m worried.

I was a little worried because it happened after saving my father.”


You were a little concerned.”

“It’s really a little.

This much.”

I was already embarrassed, but I felt like the little child was making fun of me, so I deliberately spread my thumb and forefinger apart, emphasizing that I really only care about that much.

Then the little child stared at me and my face turned red for nothing.

“It’s real! Hey, why is the tea not coming!”

I was shy and yelled at the maid to bring the tea quickly.

“Why are you so late Can’t you do it fast”

The maid begged for forgiveness and her hands shook anxiously.

A guest has arrived, so kind of clumsy behavior is this I was annoyed.

If the maid looks like this, it’ll be misunderstood by the little child that the people who worked at the Grand Duke’s residence don’t do their jobs properly.

I don’t know why the new maid was so clumsy.

I fired the maid before because she couldn’t work, but this one seemed to be worse.

I’m worried that she might be making a big mistake like this.

Unsurprisingly, the maid poured tea into the teacup and, while trying to add the honey, touched the cup and spilled the tea.

I was startled by the heat on the back of my hand.

“WHAT, it’s hot! Are you crazy Can’t you work right”

A burning sensation spread from the back of my hand, and the maid rubbed the burn with a cloth.

When she touches a sore spot, it hurts that I teared up.

But when the person who made it this way made it even more painful, anger took over.

I couldn’t even hear the maid apologize.

“Don’t touch it!”

Pushing the maid out, I took out the handkerchief and wiped it carefully.

The heat remained, and the back of my hand was hot.

I’ve never felt so hurt, I felt like crying because it was a pain I never experienced.

But I couldn’t cry in front of the little child, so I clenched my teeth.

The little child was looking at me with a distraught look.

She seemed surprised by this situation.

See, the maid made me look bad in front of the little child.

The more frustrated I got, the more annoyed I became.

I was even more annoyed by the maid, who was clinging, begging for forgiveness with a crying face, as if she was not able to work anymore.

So I ordered Grandfather to get her out.


Please forgive me.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Please, just once!”

“Ah! Really, what’s wrong with you”

Just as I was about to remove the maid that was holding my pants and hanging on to me, suddenly the little child ran up to me.

I was surprised by that alone.

But after that, something even more surprising happened.

I must say that my eyes flashed, but I felt a sharp pain in my cheek and my neck swung.

I was momentarily stunned.

I didn’t understand what happened.

Why do my cheeks hurt Why can’t I think Why am I looking at the floor

“Young Master Kirsec!”

I came to my senses only after hearing Grandfather’s voice.

Did I just get slapped in the face now By that little child When I said she’s cute and was going to be nice to her!

“Did you dare hit me”

The little child looked at me proudly.

When I saw that, I felt angry and went crazy.

I was trying to be nice, but I was also trying to see why she was avoiding me!

“I can’t forgive you! Grandfather! What are you doing Get her right now and whip her ! Right now! in front of me!”

I don’t know, but from a certain moment, I whipped and punished wrongdoers.

It’s not strange to me.

When I got angry, Grandfather asked ‘should I whip them out’.

So it was natural for me, and I did it that way.

I never thought that it was wrong to punish people with a whip.

Of course, I figured it would be okay.

This was the first time I was surprised by the little child.

“Stop! If I should be punished, I will take it from the Grand Duke.”

The little child didn’t get discouraged in front of the adults at all.

And I was surprised that she went to find my Father proudly.

It was sad and even funny that the little child was looking for my father, whom I couldn’t even meet.

No matter how much Father is invited to dinner, does she think she can meet him right away just because she wanted to meet him Father is busy.

He’s not just busy, he’s very busy.

I couldn’t see him either when I fell from a tree and was seriously injured, or when I lay ill for several days with a terrible fever.

When I’m sick and sad, I can’t see him.

Even if I ask when he’ll come, Father only answers that he was always busy with his duties.

There’s no way she’d be able to meet a father like that.

“Can’t you hear me I must have said that you should kneel before me!”

“Today, the Grand Duke invited me to visit.

You know what would happen if I, the invited guest, returned without the Grand Duke’s knowledge, right”


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