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The Crazy Kings Return Chapter 28 : Love At First Sight

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[Congratulations player Leon Heart, you have triggered and finished a hidden SSS quest.

Title : Help the young descendant of Nyx.

Deadline : 24 Hours.

Time completion : 30 minutes.

Rewards : A trial to become Nyxs Apostle.]

"What- her apostle. Thats insane-" Leo thought to himself rubbing his chin. He wondered why on earth would she choose him as her apostle.

Being an apostle had its flaws. Such as being forced to do quests of the Gods, since Gods are forbidden to enter mortal realms because of a guy who can keep it in his pants A.K.A Zeus. But if you do become an apostle of one God, if your God is in the high ranking you can become a God by yourself. Your God is practically training you to become a God.

"My name is Amelia, it is my pleasure to meet you." the little pale girl bowed her head." I also wish to thank you for your help. Had it not been for your help youngest son of Odin, I would have never walked again..." The little pale girl smirked at Leo.

"You are not a little girl, are you?" Leos senses were screaming in him that something was off about this girl. The way she behaved was different than that of girls her age.

"That is correct, my power will return slowly. I am the Queen of all Moon Elves." The little pale elf said in a slow and calm tone.

"And Emilia is your real sister?" Leo asked another question to the Queen Of Moon Elves. He didn know that the ill girl was a Queen, fortunately that meant he could get more profits for his help.

"Yes, but she is a half-elf just like you." The elf smiled widely at Leo, then she moved beside him. "I find it quite funny that the elven woman who put me in this situation is your Ancestor. The Sun Elf Queen Codaka." Amelia laughed a bit, not only was she healed by her rivals descendant but she caught feelings for him at first sight. How crazy has she become?

[You have received a hint about your Half Pure White Elven bloodline.]

"Codaka...She was revived back from the dead by Thanatos for some unknown reason. But to think that I got her blood by luck? Its not luck. I am sure that this was all the female deities actions. Interesting." Leo got lost in his thoughts just to be brought back into the conversation by the Moon Elven Queen.

"Hmm, don ignore me meanie!" Amelia said impatiently, even if she was a Queen that was old of thousands of years, she was still somewhat childish.

"Alright, Im sorry. I was thinking something." Leo apologized to her and started paying attention to their conversation just for Emilia to break the conversation.

"We will be hunted down now Sir Night, I am embarrassed to ask this of you. But can you find us a place to reside?" Emilia asked worried about their current predicament since her older sister has been healed, the vile dark elves will hunt them down again.

"I see. You would be safer if you were to reside in my Guild. Just shapeshift your bodies into human ones. So there wouldn be suspicion of who you are." Leo said, but he didn want to do anything with them. He can kill them and ignore them because of Nyx.

The two women smiled at each other for their saviors help once again. They then shapeshifted together into completely different women. Amelia turned into milf type with long purple hair, and black abyss-like eyes. On the other hand, Emilia had silver short hair, with blue ocean-like eyes and looked like a college queen in earth.

"I hope you like my new appearance little Leo~" Amelia purposely transformed into a woman Leo would like. She has a specific ability "Interest Seeker" that allowed her to see some interests of the person as long as she had a conversation with them close. She was happy that Leo preferred a body similar to her true body. That meant that they were soulmates, soulmates in her opinion.

"Do you both have a skill that could teleport us to my Guild Hall?" Leo asked annoyed, he was bothered that he had to walk to his guild again. He didn want to be bothered by idiots like the last time.

"I do, but Sir Night you will have to imagine your Guild Hall." Emilia said calmly holding her hand up, then she started to cast a spell, circles of red signs embarked on the green field. Leo closed his eyes and imagined his Guild Hall, when he opened his eyes they were right there.

The Guild Hall was empty, which meant that everyone was getting ready for the upcoming Guild Tournament. Their determination made Leo smile. "Amusing. Anyways I have a few questions for you while we eat, only if you wish to talk to me that is." Leo said sitting on a dining chair, ordering meals for them and him. The girls nodded to him, agreeing to talk.

"Can you tell me how Elven Kingdoms are divided between each other?" Leo cleaned his lips with a towel because he got messy. The food here was so good, whoever is the main chef deserves a raise for his hard work.

"Well. The Elven Kingdoms are divided into three Kingdoms. The Moon Elven Kingdom which I am the Queen of, The Sun Elven Kingdom which Codaka your ancestor is the Queen of, and lastly the evilest elves. The Dark Elven Kingdom. They are disgusting, they use dark magic to control and kill their race if they refuse to do what they are told to." Amelia explained everything she knew that Leo could grasp at the moment. Not too much information but not a small amount of information.

"So they are the ones who are after you?" Leo nodded, acting like he just learned how elven kingdoms worked. He just asked her to confirm his previous knowledge.

"You are quick dear, they are. After my battle with your ancestor, she lost control and died, on the other hand I managed to survive by sheer luck. I don know how my kingdom is hanging at the moment. Can I borrow Gold from you?" Amelia asked straightforwardly.

"Sister we are asking too much..." Emilia seemed uncomfortable asking for so much from their savior.

"How much do you need and what will you give back?" Leo asked staring into the abyssal eyes of Amelia.

"I need 15 million G, in return, the Moon Elven Kingdom will be there to support you in everything you desire. And we will give you double the money you give us once we are back in stable condition." Amelia concluded her offer, blushing as she stared back at Leos lion-like eyes.

"Fine take it." Leo smiled giving Amelia 15 G million as if he was giving her small amounts of money. Emilia was losing her consciousness, she couldn believe how someone had money to give out that could easily build an entire Kingdom. Amelia smiled, she had already fallen in love with Leo at first sight, but he supported and probably gave her his savings. "A man without failures." Amelia smiled thinking to herself.

[Triggered A Hidden SSS Rank Quest]

Title : Help the Moon Elven Queen to rebuild her Moon Kingdom.

Deadline : 1 month.

Upon Failure : Losing the 15 million G you gave to Moon Elven Queen.

Description : The Moon Elven Queen is in trouble, help her rebuild her kingdom by giving her 15 million G.

Difficulty : SSS

Remark : Uknown.

Rewards : Uknown.]

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