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Substitute Marriage (1) - "If I want it, then it must be all of it." (2)

Lu Zhi Yao seemed to be unaware of the silence.

He was teasing the birds with a bunch of red fruits and listening to the chirping of the birds moving up and down to eat the fruits.

The atmosphere was so depressing that Li Ruo Shui put down her chopsticks and looked at Lu Fei Yue, "Sister Lu, what's wrong with you guys"

If she guessed correctly, it was probably because Lu Fei Yue's mission had been seen by Jiang Nian.

This time the mission was an undercover visit, requiring Lu Fei Yue to marry into Zheng Mansion, to delve into the enemy's situation and find out the truth.

Jiang Nian's face was expressionless, no longer playful like before, he looked up and asked Li Ruo Shui.

"Let me ask you, if your leader asked you to marry as an undercover visit, are you willing to do so"

Although the question seemed silly, Li Ruo Shui understood what he meant.

"It depends on the situation, but usually not."

Li Ruo Shui was not as straight as Lu Fei Yue, and with such a pitiful secret order, the odds were that she would find a way to skip it.

But the original setting was set up that way only because the plot was too slow and wanted to give the male and female leads some stimulation.

Hearing her reply, Jiang Nian seemed to have found reinforcements and immediately nodded his head in agreement.

"That's what a normal woman thinks."

Li Ruo Shui was silent, there was a reason why Jiang Nian hadn't been able to chase after Lu Fei Yue for so long.

Who would compare the person they liked to someone else to their face and say that you were inferior to her

Lu Fei Yue's face was cold, her lips tightly pursed, and the words she uttered were a few degrees colder.

"I'm a constable of the Case Patrol Division, it's my duty to follow orders.

Ruo Shui, do you think I'm not normal"

"Sister Lu is daring to take responsibility……Lu Zhi Yao don't know how to feed the birds, I will go and take a look."

When lovers quarrel, idle people better flash away.

Li Ruo Shui immediately put down the tablewares and went to the window, quietly sighed in relief.

Noticing that Li Ruo Shui had also come over, Lu Zhi Yao raised a smile and shook the red fruit in front of her.

"This is very sweet, want to try it"

Li Ruo Shui pressed his hand and moved towards the bird cage, "I'm full, you'd better feed the birds."

Lu Zhi Yao smiled, his dark hair blowing behind him by the breeze, revealing his jade-like face, no other embellishments were needed, just the curved lips were enough to make people fall into.

Li Ruo Shui propped up her jaw and looked at him, even though she knew his nature, she could not help but be enchanted by this face.

Sensing the gaze beside him, Lu Zhi Yao's smile, which was originally deepening, abruptly diminished at a certain moment, and the curved corners of his lips even flattened a little.

He reached out and plucked a red fruit, flipping his wrist and knocking the red fruit out.

What made Lu Zhi Yao show such a look, even the fake smile was withdrawn.

Her curiosity skyrocketed for a while, Li Ruo Shui stretched out half of her body to look, but found nothing.

"Ruo Shui, the Zheng family will have a martial art competition later as matchmaking, I'm going to participate.

Are you guys going to stay here or go together to check it out"

Lu Fei Yue's breathy voice could still be heard as she rose up clutching her sword and stopped looking at Jiang Nian.

Li Ruo Shui pondered for a moment and nodded.


Lu Zhi Yao was never interested in such things, but nodded too, while Jiang Nian, although angry, followed the others as they left.

The matchmaking arena for the Zheng Mansion was set up in front of the tavern, which had obviously been chartered.

On the second floor of the tavern sat two elegant and luxurious old men and a woman in a lake blue gown, who were staring at the arena in silence, their expressions solemn and serious.

A few pieces of red silk were hung casually on the arena, without any festive atmosphere.

It was not like matchmaking for a wedding, but like recruiting bodyguards.

In theory, few people would attend such a martial art matchmaking event, but because it was the affluent Zheng Mansion, there were more than a dozen people on the sidelines doing warm-up preparations.

In contrast to the taciturnity of the people in Zheng Mansion, the crowd around them was extremely lively, and even the nearby tavern was full of people.

There were those who were eating sunflower seeds and those who were eating melons and fruits, and they all gathered around the arena and discussed loudly.

Lu Fei Yue and Jiang Nian had gone to register, while Li Ruo Shui and Lu Zhi Yao were still struggling in the crowd.

Lu Zhi Yao couldn't see, so Li Ruo Shui pulled his wrist tightly and rushed forward, and later on, she had no choice but to hold him by his waist.

"Bear with it a little more, we'll rush to the front soon."

Lu Zhi Yao looked thin, she didn't expect his waist to be strong and lean, and it felt very good to hold.

"You seem to be afraid that I'll lose control"

Li Ruo Shui couldn't help but grab his waist and held his right wrist without knowing it, which was indeed restraining him to some extent.

"It's good that you know."

Lu Zhi Yao pursed a smile and didn't say anything back, letting her pull him forward.

Speaking of which, he hadn't even used a blind cane in a long time.

After Li Ruo Shui replied perfunctorily, she led him forward with all her might, and by the time they reached the front row, her hair was all messed up.

The Zheng Mansion's match was a one-on-one round battle, and the winner would be the one who would marry into Zheng Mansion three days later.

There were already women fighting in the arena, their moves were fierce, but they would not cause serious injury, it was more like a martial arts discussion.

"Knowing martial arts looks really cool."

Li Ruo Shui couldn't help but murmur, feeling how handsome her sister was.

"Do you want to learn martial arts"

Lu Zhi Yao seemed to have heard something interesting, and the smile on the corners of his lips all looked more sincere.

"I've thought about it."

"How about I teach you"

His mind turned completely to Li Ruo Shui, not knowing what he was thinking again, his smile became more and more gentle.

Although she wanted to refuse upon looking at his smile, she still nodded: "Okay, let's find another time."

Raiders were like that, even if you were reluctant, but if it would promote the relationship, you would have to nod even if you don't want to.

Not to mention she wasn't really that reluctant.

As the top notch martial power in the book, she could definitely learn a lot from practising with him, and maybe even become a master one day.

"Find the time"

Lu Zhi Yao inclined his head towards her, his dark hair slowly sliding down his body, streams of light flashed across his long lashes, and the smile on his lips became more genuine.

Without hesitation, he placed the sword in her hand.

"When you go to the arena tournament, you can learn it right away.

You can practise the fastest in actual combat."


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