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“Tell your fortune”

Jordan stared at Salvatore, who had been his subordinate for the past two years.

Was there anyone more familiar with Salvatore than Jordan


Jordan was filled with confidence and gladly accepted.

Even if Jordan didnt have the Deity ability to predict the future, it would be easy for him to read Salvatores fortune.

He could tell his fortune even with his eyes closed.

Salvatore never believed in fortune-telling.

In his opinion, a persons social status was a reflection of his abilities.

If a person read fortunes under a bridge and lived a poor life, how could he be a master If he really had the ability, wouldnt he have bought a house long ago Would he have come out to suffer like this

Salvatore wanted to take revenge on Jordan.

“Im warning you.

If you read my fortune wrongly, Ill teach you a lesson!”

Victoria knew that Salvatore was not joking.

She hurried forward and was about to say something to Jordan.

But Jordan just grabbed Victorias arm and shook his head at her.

It was childs play for him to tell Salvatores fortune.

Jordan said calmly, “Lets begin.

Do you want me to focus on your career or your love life”

When Salvatore saw how confident Jordan looked, he was worried that Jordan would divine correctly.

So Salvatore decided to make things difficult for him.

“Lets not talk about that.

Since youre the fortune-teller whom Ms.

Clarke trusts so much, you must be very powerful.

How about this Tell me who has the greatest influence on me in this life!”

Victoria immediately objected.


Salvatore, youre making things too difficult for the old man.

Its our first time meeting you.

How would we know what youve experienced in the past How would we know who has influenced you the most”

Salvatore gave a wicked smile, “Hey, isnt this old man quite awesome Its our first time meeting, but he called me a servant.

Indeed, Im a servant to a certain person.

But you have to guess who that person is!”

Jordan smiled.

It was too easy to guess.

Salvatores achievements today were all thanks to Pablo.

Without Pablo, there would be no Salvatore.

Therefore, the person who influenced Salvatore the most must be Pablo.

Although Jordan knew the answer, he couldnt immediately say it out loud.

He had to put on an act.

So he took out a coin and tossed it at Salvatore.

“I have a dime here.

Toss it into the air and see if its heads or tails after it lands.

If its heads, draw a circle on the paper.

It is a masculine symbol.

If its tails, draw a cross on the paper.

It is a feminine symbol.

Toss it six times in a row, and make a drawing for each toss.”

Salvatore held the coin and muttered softly, “You still want to play such tricks.

Ill play along with you for now.

Lets see how Ill deal with you later if you guess wrongly!”

Salvatore did as Jordan said and flipped the coin six times.

“Im done.


“Be careful!”

Salvatore tossed the coin back to Jordan.

Victoria, who was beside Jordan, was afraid that the coin would hit her “father”.

She reached out and caught it with her slender fingers.

Salvatore couldnt help exclaiming, “Ms.

Clarke, youre pretty skilled!”

Victoria glanced at Salvatore in disdain before returning the coin to Jordan.

Jordan asked, “Tell me the results.”

Salvatore glanced at the paper and said, “Circle, circle, cross, cross, cross, cross!”

Of course, Jordan witnessed the entire process and knew that Salvatore was reporting the truth.

But Jordan still cautiously turned toward Victoria.

“Is that so I cant see.

Dont lie to me!”

Victoria smiled.

“Yes, it is indeed as Mr.

Salvatore said.

He didnt lie.”

Salvatore said disdainfully, “What a joke.

Im a big boss in Orlando.

Would I lie to a blind old man like you Hurry up and divine! I want to see what you can do!”

Jordan pretended to be seriously divining as he slowly said, “Circle, circle, cross, cross, cross, cross.

This corresponds to the Wind Divination Rune.

I can see the image of a pond filled with lotus flowers.

When there is a drought, the water will dry up and the flowers will wither.

“Suddenly, there was torrential rain and the flowers flourished.

Salvatore, youre quite lucky to have gotten this divination.

This means that youll receive help from a benefactor!”

Salvatore was confused.

He could understand every single word spoken by Jordan, but somehow, he couldnt understand the overall meaning.

Salvatore said, “Cut the crap.

Of course I need the help of a benefactor.

Without that, would I have my current achievements What Im asking is, who is this benefactor What is their name If you have the ability, divine it!”

Jordan shook his head.

“No, I am talking about your future, not the past.”

Salvatore was surprised and he thought to himself:Oh Will I meet another benefactor after Mr.


Still, Salvatore didnt fully believe him.

He insisted, “Dont talk about the future.

I wouldnt know even if you just gave me a random name.

I want you to tell me about the person who had the deepest influence on me in the past!”

Jordan divined again and said, “According to my calculations, this person should be a man.


Salvatore frowned and interrupted, “Thats not right.

Didnt you say that the circle is masculine and the cross is feminine I drew two circles and four crosses.

So it should be a woman, right”

Jordan gave an awkward pause.

He didnt expect Salvatore to be so sharp.

Jordan coughed.

“Salvatore, you dont know anything about divination.

I just told you that this corresponds to the Wind Divination Rune.

This rune signifies a man.”

Salvatore didnt know anything about divination but he believed that Jordan was trying to fool him.

He continued to probe.

“Why does the Wind Divination Rune signify a man”

Jordan continued to lie.

“The wind can travel the world.

Isnt this what a man is like”

Salvatore thought for a moment and replied, “That makes sense! Alright, youre right.

Its a man.

Whats his name”

Victoria cut in again.

“It is too difficult to divine the actual name.


Salvatore, youre making things too difficult for him.”

Jordan reached out his hand, indicating that it was alright.

Jordan pointed at Salvatores lackey.

“Salvatore, I heard you calling him Dale just now”

Salvatore nodded.

“Yes, why”

Jordan said, “I divined that the closest subordinate to you is somehow linked to your benefactor.

If Im not wrong, your benefactors surname is Dalton, right”

Hearing this, Salvatore was stunned!


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