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2909 Did You Find the Treasure

Gano and Billy didnt realize that Gu Ning had prepared many tools until this moment.

She seemed to have everything they needed in her backpack!


Leng, youve prepared so many tools in your backpack.

I didnt expect you to be so well-prepared,” Gano said in surprise.

“I have rich experience, so I know whats needed to do what I want to achieve,” Gu Ning said.

Gano and Billy agreed with her on that, because they had witnessed her abilities.

It wasnt easy for Gano and Billy to get in here with empty hands earlier, and now it was even more difficult for them to carry the boxes out.

They relied on Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings help to do that.

When they were out, Gano and Billy were exhausted, so they didnt go back to the yacht until they had rested for about ten minutes.

During the rest, Gu Ning made up an excuse and went to the side alone.

She met the flood dragon and asked it how to get back to where they came from quickly.

Even if Gu Ning and the others went back on their own, they wouldnt get lost, but they would waste too much time on the road.

Since the flood dragon knew the right way, Gu Ning decided to ask it.

She wasnt an idiot after all.

The flood dragon told Gu Ning that the destination was about five hundred meters to the right of where they were now, but it was impossible to walk directly from the shore, because there were steep cliffs ahead.

After knowing the basic location and direction, Gu Ning and the others could successfully get there.

An hour later, they finally saw the yacht.

Gano and Billy were extremely relieved.

Although they said nothing, they had actually been worried that they might get lost.

boxn ovel.


They believed in Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings abilities, but it was unavoidable for them to worry.

After getting aboard the yacht, they left.

It had been almost six hours since they set off.

They set off at 8 pm, and now it was just 1 am.

However, halfway through the misty sea, they encountered a yacht, which was the one they saw in front of the thick fog.

Originally, Gu Ning and the others planned to go around, not wanting to meet those people, to avoid unnecessary trouble, but suddenly they heard a quarrel, and it was very serious.

The quarrel happened because they couldnt get out of here.

Among them, there were people from Country Hua.

Leng Shaoting was a soldier, so he had to do something to protect people from Country Hua.

Without delay, he drove towards the yacht.

When he got closer, the group of people heard the sound of the yacht moving over.

They stopped quarreling and turned to look in that direction.

Due to the thick fog, they heard the sound before seeing the yacht.

The yacht seemed to be very fast, so they were afraid that they might be hit, but they couldnt see where the yacht was, and it was impossible for them to avoid it.

They could only prepare to move away if the yacht was going to knock into them.

They werent surprised that there were other yachts on this sea.

Luckily, the yacht didnt hit them.

Anyway, many people had heard the rumor about the treasure, so they werent the only treasure hunters.

At the same time, they were curious to know whether other people had found the treasure.

Therefore, a man directly asked, “Hey, did you find the treasure”

“No.” Gu Ning replied.

She wouldnt be honest with them.

If Gu Ning said yes, they might not be convinced and would probably rather believe that nobody could find the treasure.

After all, it was so hard to find the treasure and they had been lost for hours in the mist.

They could not even find the small island.

Therefore, they believed that Gu Ning and the others were in the same situation.

“Are you going back” the man asked again.

“Its not easy to find the treasure.

And were not sure whether there is really treasure.

So yes, were going back.

If you want to return as well, you can follow us.

If not, well leave alone, but its very dangerous to stay on the sea.

You might easily encounter trouble,” Gu Ning said.

If they wanted to go back too, she was willing to lead them out.

“Do you even know the right way out Weve been lost for hours.

Who do you think you are” another man said disdainfully.

He didnt believe that Gu Ning and the others had the ability to leave this place, because they couldnt.

“Not everyone is like you.

We obviously know the right way out.

If you dont want to leave, then forget it,” Gu Ning retorted.

She was willing to do them a favor, but they werent grateful.

“You…” The man was mad and glared at Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting gave him a cold glance as well, which made him stiffen a little.

The next moment, he avoided Leng Shaotings gaze, because he was scared.

“Shut up!” The first man snapped at the second man.

“You can stay here if you dont want to leave.

Ill leave.”

“I…” The second man felt embarrassed, but didnt know what to say.

He wanted to go back too, but didnt trust Gu Ning.

“Do you really know the right way out” the first man asked.

He was also doubtful, but he was willing to try.

“Of course,” Gu Ning said, then she signaled Leng Shaoting to leave.

She didnt care whether they followed them or not.


Several people turned to look at their leader for his opinion.

“Follow them.” The leader ordered at once, then a man drove their yacht to catch up quickly.

Leng Shaoting didnt drive fast, but the speed wasnt slow, so the group of people was left behind since they didnt drive fast.

As a result, they were dissatisfied.

“Are they trying to get rid of us Didnt they say that theyre willing to lead us out I think they fooled us.”

“Right,” the man who was driving the yacht replied.

“Then drive faster!” their leader ordered.

He was also mad at Leng Shaoting, but it was their fault that they didnt dare to drive quickly.


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