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2907 There Is Really Treasure

However, she could feel the two flood dragons.

Because the flood dragons directly swam over from the bottom of the ocean, they spent very little time getting there and they had already gotten rid of any other animals in the cave.

In isolated caves like this, there were many snakes, insects, and rats which might be poisonous.

Once ordinary people were bitten by these animals, they might die.

Because the cave was covered in dust, it was rather gloomy and cold.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt feel much, but Gano and Billy did.

They were both wet, so the cold wind robbed them of more warmth.

This cave was obviously artificially built, so it was highly likely that the treasure was hidden there.

“Was this cave built by people” Gano asked.

He wasnt sure, because it looked natural to some extent.

Because of the years, there werent many traces left by people.

“Youre right.

It was built by people, so I think there might really be hidden treasure,” Gu Ning said.

Gano didnt know whether there was really treasure, but he felt it was very likely after coming here.

Otherwise no one would build this cave!

There might be something else hidden inside, but they believed it was highly likely to be treasure.

boxn ovel.


Since they risked their lives to come here, they didnt want to return with empty hands.

After walking for about five minutes, Gu Ning saw a chamber ahead, but there was nothing inside.

She couldnt see any other passages either, this was the only way.

However, Gu Ning was experienced so she knew that this empty chamber was just a trick to fool them.

It was likely that the treasure was hidden next to this chamber and the stones blocked them.

She hoped that there really was treasure.

If not, it might not be a trick.

When they reached the chamber, because the flood dragons had already knocked it open, they directly walked in.

The ceiling of the chamber was very high with many rock pillars hanging from it.

There were some gaps too.

Even if people looked up, no one could see anything.

Only Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could see the flood dragons hidden in the gaps at the top of the chamber.

Because of Gano and Billys presence, the flood dragons wouldnt show up or talk to Gu Ning or Leng Shaoting.

There was no other entrance in the chamber, so Gano and Billy showed disappointment.

“There is no way forward.

I dont think there is treasure,” Gano said.

“Well, I was mentally-prepared before coming here, but its still disappointing,” Billy said.

“If its so easy to find the treasure, it would have been stolen long ago.

We wont have the chance at all.

Did you see the cigarette butts Obviously someone has been here before.

I also observed the walls.

I think this cave must have been built dozens of years ago.

Cigarettes like this didnt exist back then.

So this must have happened not too long ago,” Gu Ning said, pointing at the cigarette butts on the ground.

Hearing that, Gano and Billy were surprised.

How could anyone visit such a secret place

However, since they could find this cave, other people could do the same thing.

“Youre right.

I think the treasure might be hidden somewhere else,” Gano said.

“I encountered the same situation when I went to look for treasure.

Everyone thought there wasnt treasure, but we still found it in the end.

I found the treasure in a place where everyone thought there was nothing,” Gu Ning said.

Gano and Billy were shocked.

They understood what Gu Ning was implying.

“Is it buried under the ground” Gano asked

“Its possible,” Gu Ning said.

It wasnt a guess, but the answer.

Gu Ning had used her Jade Eyes to look around the chamber before coming inside.

She thought it was hidden behind the wall, but it turned out to be buried in the ground.

About 1.5 meters under the ground, eight boxes were buried.

Each box was about sixty centimeters long and about fifty meters wide and high.

Lots of pieces of treasure were stored inside.

Some were already rotten, while some were still in a good condition.

The good ones were still worth a fortune.

“Do we need to dig a hole” Billy asked excitedly.

Although they werent sure, it was possible! Anyway, they needed to dig a hole to see whether there was treasure.

“But we dont have any tools,” Gano said.

“Its necessary to carry tools when you go on adventures.

You need more experience,” Gu Ning said.

Then she took out a hammer, a small hoe, a small shovel, and a dagger from her backpack.

Actually, her backpack was just a cover.

Those tools were stored in her telepathic eye space, but her backpack wasnt small, so it didnt look strange when she took those tools out.

As a result, Gano and Billy were only surprised that Gu Ning took so many tools with her.

They didnt think it was strange.

“Theyre small, but they are better than nothing.

You can pick one, then we can start digging,” Gu Ning said as she put the tools down on the ground.

Although Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could directly remove the stones and soil with magical energy, they couldnt do it in front of Gano and Billy.

They could only do it with their hands, but they could use their magical energy at the same time, which would make it easier.


Gano and Billy didnt hesitate and immediately picked up the tools to dig holes.

They didnt think the tools were too small, because it was better than nothing!

Gano and Billy each took a hoe and a shovel, because they didnt know how to use the hammer and dagger.

They werent as strong as Leng Shaoting either, so they lacked the strength to remove the stones.

Because the chamber wasnt large, the boxes were laid in a line and occupied half of the space.

Therefore, Gano and Billy easily found the part where the boxes were hidden.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting began to remove stones too.

The ground was made of stone and soil.

The stones were big, so they needed to break them.

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