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Sometimes, too much pampering was also a burden.

Although there were some people who were jealous of Chen Menger, they did not envy her at all.

“Actually, I dont have any objections to the date that you guys arranged.

I was just bored and came out to say a few words to show my presence.

You guys carry on, carry on.” Chen Menger silently wiped the sweat off her forehead, she was really bored out of her mind just now, that was why she popped out.

If she had not said anything earlier, then nothing would have happened after that.

“I seem to have suddenly remembered that I forgot to do something very important.

Ill go do it now.” Chen Menger was very spineless as she ran away.

When Chen Mengers figure disappeared, everyone finally reacted.

The curtain fell with Chen Mengers departure.

The date of Chen Menger and Yuwen Jings engagement and marriage did not change.

It was still the same as before.

Although Chen Menger slipped away in the end, his engagement with Chen Menger made Yuwen Jings mood extremely good.

As for his engagement banquet with Chen Menger and their marriage, he was pressed for time.

He had to quickly go back and prepare.

He did not want to make Chen Menger feel bad.

He did not want Chen Menger to leave any regrets in life.

He wanted to marry Chen Menger in a grand manner.

He wanted to make everyone envious of her.

Chen Menger didnt know what Yuwen Jing was thinking.

It was rare for her to be so spaced out as she sat at her desk.

When Su Jin walked in, she saw her little miss in a daze.

“Little Miss,” Su Jin called out.

“Ah” Chen Menger didnt even notice Su Jin.

This time, Su Jins voice gave her a big fright.

“Su Jin, why are you here” Chen Menger knew that she had lost her composure.

She wanted to pretend that nothing had happened.

“I knocked on the door just now.

I saw that you didnt react, so I called for you, Little Miss,” Su Jin explained.

She didnt want her little miss to think that she was impolite.

If the matter wasnt a little urgent, she definitely wouldnt have rushed in so rashly.

“Oh, I know.” Chen Menger didnt know why, but whenever she thought about the fact that she was about to marry Yuwen Jing, she couldnt help but be distracted.

And this was something that hadnt happened before.

“Oh right, Su Jin, why are you looking for me”

“Oh, this is the list of betrothal gifts that Yuwen Jing sent earlier.

Sir asked me to give it to you.

And this is from Yuwen Jing to you.

He said its the procedure of the engagement party, and there are all kinds of details.

He said to please take a look.

If you feel that something is not right, you can tell him.

He will change it immediately.

Yuwen Jing asked me to send a message to you.

He said that the wedding of the two of you will be based on your preferences.

Little Miss, if you have any thoughts about the wedding, no matter what, you can tell him.

He will definitely give you a satisfactory wedding.” Su Jin dutifully helped Yuwen Jing say his piece.

“Where is he Why didnt he come and tell me himself” Chen Menger felt that it was very strange that Su Jin was the one who came to pass the message.

“Originally, Yuwen Jing wanted to come and look for the little miss personally, but unfortunately, he happened to run into Sir on the way and was stopped by Sir.

Sir said that according to the customs of their time, if they were to get engaged, it would be inappropriate for the two married people to meet.

Therefore, Sir asked Yuwen Jing to bear with it for now and not come to see the little miss.

He asked the two of you to pass on a message if anything happened.”

Chen Menger was speechless when she heard Su Jins words.

What customs Wasnt this just her grandfathers idea to stop Yuwen Jing from seeing her However, she could understand how unwilling her two grandfathers were to marry her so early.

She rolled her eyes.

It was too much effort to care about this.

It wasnt a bad thing for the two of them to go along with the old mens wishes.

“Okay, I got it.

Give it to me.

Ill take a look at it later,” Chen Menger said to Su Jin.

“Okay, Little Miss.” Su Jin passed the things that Elder Liu and Yuwen Jing asked her to give to her.

Chen Menger took the things that Su Jin handed over and flipped through a few pages.

She looked up and saw that Su Jin was still standing in the same spot, not leaving.

“Su Jin, is there anything else” Chen Menger asked.

“Little Miss, are you really not going to consider it Youre still so young, isnt it a bit of a pity to get married like this” Su Jin was trying to persuade Chen Menger in a roundabout way.

In the past two days, she had seen Zhou Yunjies depressed state.

Although Zhou Yunjie had always told them that he had long let go of his feelings for their little miss, they all understood that these were all words of comfort from Zhou Yunjie.

He was as depressed as ever.

This made her and Zhou Yunbo feel very uncomfortable looking at him.

If she hadnt stopped him, Zhou Yunbo would have run over to look for the little miss long ago.

How could Chen Menger not hear the hidden meaning in Su Jins words “Su Jin, you have stayed by my side for so many years.

I have long regarded you as my family.

If you have anything to say, just tell me.”

“Little Miss.” Su Jin was a little hesitant.

She did not know whether to say this or not.

“Is there really no possibility between you and Yunjie Cant you consider Yunjie He has set his heart on you.”

Chen Menger didnt think that Su Jin was doing it for Zhou Yunjie.

She sighed, “Su Jin, this isnt something that can be considered without consideration.

I treat Yunjie the same as I treat you guys.

Ive always treated you guys as my family, my dear siblings.

I can never see you guys romantically.”

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