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Chen Menger and Yuwen Jings wedding dare was finalized.

When Yuwen Jing heard Elder Liu grit his teeth and say the date, he finally felt at ease.

It was just like how he knew that Chen Menger would never betray him and fall in love with someone else.

However, he still felt that only by marrying Chen Menger would he feel at ease.

Chen Menger had an awkward look on her face.

She had thought of many situations, but she had never thought that her wedding date would be decided like this.

“Grandpas, shouldnt you ask for my opinion” Chen Menger raised her hand and asked weakly.

Hearing Chen Mengers voice, Elder Liu and Elder Qu realized that they seemed to have made a rash decision.

Moreover, when they saw Chen Menger, their eyes instantly lit up.

Actually, marrying off their granddaughter at such an early age made them quite unhappy.

In fact, when Elder Liu said those words, he regretted it.

However, due to his status, he couldnt say those words that he regretted.

Now, when he saw Chen Menger stand up and speak, he almost slapped his thigh and stood up.

“Look at me.

Im old and my memory is terrible.

Menger, Im sorry.

Grandpa forgot to ask for your opinion.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Come, Menger, you can decide on whatever date you want.

It doesnt matter if you dont want to marry that kid, Yuwen Jing.” Elder Qu spoke much more than Elder Liu.

However, when he said this, Yuwen Jings gaze towards Chen Menger tightened.

He had never expected this turn of events.

He looked at Chen Menger nervously.

He was afraid that he would hear something he did not want to hear from Chen Menger.

However, before Chen Menger could reply, Yuwen Jings grandfather, Yuwen Hou, could not sit still anymore.

If his wife had not warned him to keep his mouth shut today and not ruin their grandsons important life event, he would not have sat quietly.

“Hey, I say, Elder Liu, Elder Qu, what do you mean by this You actually want to destroy their marriage, arent you wicked” Marquis Yuwen was so agitated, spittle flew everywhere.

“Marquis Yuwen, what are you saying When did we destroy their marriage”

“Thats right, Marquis Yuwen, youre completely slandering me.”

Elder Liu, Elder Qu, and Marquis Yuwen were usually together, and they would quarrel after a few sentences.

Of course, they werent really falling out.

This was their dynamic.

Alas, this also always gave Chen Menger a headache.

Because every time the three of them argued, they would pull her to mediate.

However, how could she reason with them

Just as Chen Menger felt a headache coming on, she regretted making such a joke.

Elder Liu and the rest once again threw the olive branch to her.

“Let Menger decide.

Lets see who did something wrong.”

Everyone looked at Chen Menger again.

Other than the three old men, everyone else looked at Chen Menger with sympathy and satisfaction.

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