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Chen Menger was pulled back by Yuwen Jing.

“No matter how anxious you are, you should tidy up before you go out.

If you go out like this, only then will they think that something really happened between us.”

Although Yuwen Jing did not care so much about what Zhou Yunjie and the others thought, his heart was a little sour.

Chen Menger lowered her head and looked at her body.

Needless to say, her clothes were wrinkled, and her hair was a little messy.

Her appearance really made it look like something had happened.

When Chen Menger saw her appearance, she recalled that she had really shared a bed with Yuwen Jing last night.

Her face, which had already returned to normal, suddenly turned red again.

“Ill go and tidy up.”

As Chen Menger said this, she ran into the bathroom.

With a bang, the bathroom door was closed.

Yuwen Jing looked at the bathroom door.

Thinking about how he had seen the blush on Chen Mengers face just now, he could not help but smile.

After Chen Menger entered the bathroom, she looked at her red face in the mirror.

She was a little annoyed.

“Ugh, its not your first time sleeping on the same bed as Yuwen Jing.

Why are you so shy” As she said that, Chen Menger pouted.

She said to herself in the mirror, “If I go out like this, it would be strange if Yunjie and the others believed that nothing happened between Yuwen Jing and me.”

As she said that, Chen Menger turned on the tap on the sink and washed her face with water.

She wanted to use the water to lower the temperature on her face.

Chen Menger waited for her face to return to normal before she slowly walked out of the bathroom.

When Yuwen Jing saw Chen Menger walk out of the bathroom, he teased her, “I thought you were going to sleep in there.”

“Yuwen Jing, you…!” Chen Menger grumbled.

Yuwen Jing did not actually want to make Chen Menger angry.

He immediately begged for mercy.

“I was wrong.

I said the wrong thing.

Menger, I think that if you dont go out now, Zhou Yunbo and the others might rush in.” Yuwen Jing changed the topic.

Just as Yuwen Jing finished speaking, Zhou Yunbos voice came from outside the door.

“Waaaah! What time is it already I cant wait any longer.

If you guys dont knock, I will.”

Zhou Yunbos patience was almost exhausted.

As he spoke, Zhou Yunbo was about to knock on the door.

However, before he could knock on the door, the door opened.

Zhou Yunbo looked at Chen Menger who was standing inside the door and did not react for a moment.

He looked at Chen Menger in a daze and said, “Little Miss.”


Yunbo, all of you are here.” When Chen Menger saw everyone, she revealed a rare embarrassed expression.

Although she had not done anything with Yuwen Jing, whenever she thought about how she had slept with Yuwen Jing last night, her face would burn.

When she faced Zhou Yunjie and the others, she couldnt help but show an awkward expression.

The more Chen Menger showed such an expression, the more Zhou Yunjie and the others believed that something they didnt want to happen between her and Yuwen Jing had happened.

Seeing the awkwardness on Chen Mengers face, Zhou Yunjies heart hurt so much that it made it difficult for him to breathe.

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