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He knew that sooner or later, Chen Menger would be someone elses lover.

He also thought about what would happen to him on that day.

He would be heartbroken and sad.

However, he would still gladly accept this reality.

However, when it really came to this day, he realized that he had thought too simply before.

This heart-wrenching heartache felt empty after a while.

Zhou Yunjie stared blankly at the tightly shut door.

For a very, very long time, his mind was blank.

He didnt dare think deeply about what had happened in the suite.

“If theres anything, well talk about it after the little miss comes out.

If Yuwen Jing really set this up, no one will let him off.

Not even the little miss,” Zhou Yunjie said expressionlessly.

“I agree with Yunjies way of doing things.

For this matter, well still wait for the little miss to come out, right”

If Zhou Yunjie didnt step out, Su Jin would also step out to stop Zhou Yunbo.

She wouldnt let Zhou Yunbo kick the door open.

Even though she also didnt want her little miss to become the mistress of the Buyano family.

She too, wanted Chen Menger to be together with Zhou Yunjie.

However, this matter of love wasnt something that could be decided by outsiders like them.

Moreover, things had already developed to this point.

Even if they kicked the door open, what could they do

Since Zhou Yunjie and Su Jin had already said so, no matter how unhappy Zhou Yunbo was, he could suppress his anger.

* * *

Chen Menger had been tired recently.

In addition to the acupuncture treatment on Yuwen Jing, she had used up a lot of energy.

She had slept soundly for a long time.

When she woke up and opened her eyes, she met Yuwen Jings loving gaze.

“Hey, youre already awake.” Chen Menger did not expect Yuwen Jing to wake up before her.

“Yes,” Yuwen Jing said as he reached out to brush Chen Mengers hair away from her face.

When Yuwen Jing woke up and saw Chen Menger sleeping soundly in his arms, he felt extremely satisfied.

“Ah, youre already awake.

How long have I been asleep” As she spoke, Chen Menger realized that she seemed to be in Yuwen Jings arms.

Chen Mengers face turned red.

She quickly sat up from the blanket and left Yuwen Jings arms.

The moment Chen Menger left his arms, Yuwen Jings heart felt empty.

“I just woke up not too long ago.” Yuwen Jing would not tell Chen Menger that he had actually been awake for a long time.

However, he was enjoying the feeling of Chen Menger nestling in his arms.

“Oh yeah, right, what time is it now” Chen Menger, who had just woken up, was a little confused.

She had even forgotten her watch.

“Eight in the morning.”

“Eight in the morning Oh my God, I didnt go back the whole night! Yunjie and the others are probably be worried to death.”

Chen Menger heard the time and jumped up immediately.

She quickly got off the bed, tidied up her hair, and prepared to leave.

When Yuwen Jing heard Zhou Yunjies name fall from Chen Mengers mouth, he was jealous.

“Do you care about Zhou Yunjie very much”

“Huh” Chen Menger didnt react in time.

She was thinking about how to explain to Zhou Yunjie and the others why she didnt come back the whole night.

She was worried that Zhuge Yu, who was on his way, would fret and worry Elder Liu.

“Menger, do you care about Zhou Yunjie very much” Yuwen Jing asked seriously again.

“Obviously,” Chen Menger answered casually.

“Menger, you…” Yuwen Jing did not expect to receive such a natural answer from Chen Menger.

He felt very uncomfortable.

“Between Zhou Yunjie and me, who is more important”

When Yuwen Jing asked this question, Chen Menger realized that Yuwen Jing was acting strangely.

She turned her head and sized him up before asking, “Yuwen Jing, are you jealous”

“Yes, I am jealous.”

Initially, Chen Menger thought that Yuwen Jing would deny it, but she did not expect him to admit it immediately.

He admitted that he was jealous.

“I know that Zhou Yunjie likes you.

For so many years, he has always been by your side and focused on taking care of everything for you.

I am very grateful to him.

I cannot take care of you like that because of the Buyano family.

However, I love you as much as he does.

Menger, you will not leave me, right”

“Yunjie is very important to me.

Very important.” Chen Menger looked at Yuwen Jing and said word by word.

When Yuwen Jing heard Chen Menger say that Zhou Yunjie was very important to her, the light in his eyes dimmed bit by bit.

Seeing Yuwen Jings expression, Chen Menger knew that Yuwen Jing had misunderstood the meaning in her words.

“I have always regarded Yunjie as my family.

He is my brother.

I have never had any romantic feelings for him.

Do you understand what Im saying” Chen Menger looked into Yuwen Jings eyes and asked.

When Yuwen Jing heard the second half of Chen Mengers words, the light in his eyes suddenly lit up again.


“So, dont think of silly things.” Chen Menger said helplessly, “Alright, I wont stay here anymore.

I have to rush back.

Otherwise, Yunjie and the others will report me as a missing person.”

“Your worries are a little unnecessary.

Zhou Yunjie and the others are already outside the door.” Yuwen Jing woke up earlier than Chen Menger.

He heard the voices of Zhou Yunjie and the others outside.

“What You said that Yunjie and the others are all outside the door” Chen Menger stared at Yuwen Jing with her eyes wide open.

When she saw Yuwen Jing nod, her eyes closed, and her brows furrowed.

“Ah, this time its really going to be fun.

They must have misunderstood.” As she said this, Chen Menger was about to rush out with her hair disheveled.

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