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Yuwen Jing and Chen Menger had a good nights sleep.

They didnt know that Baro and Allen were the ones making sure they werent disturbed.

If it werent for Allen and Baro stopping them, the doors to the presidential suite of the Four Seasons Hotel would have been shattered.

Zhou Yunjie and the others, who had been waiting for Chen Menger to return, learned from the guards of the Green Gang that Chen Menger had left with Yuwen Jings subordinate, Allen.

Zhou Yunjie and the others used the power of the Green Gang to investigate.

They knew that Yuwen Jing was in the presidential suite of the Four Seasons Hotel and had been drugged with an aphrodisiac.

Zhou Yunjie and the others could not sit still after hearing this news.

They drove to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Moreover, as far as they knew, the drug that Yuwen Jing had been given was not an ordinary aphrodisiac.

Although Zhou Yunjie and the others believed in their little misss strength, they could not help but think of the worst.

If even she couldnt counter the drug in Yuwen Jing, given her current relationship with Yuwen Jing, Zhou Yunjie didnt dare think about what would happen later.

When Zhou Yunjie and the others rushed to the presidential suite on the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, they were blocked outside the door by Allen and Baro.

“Get out of my way.

If you continue to block my way, youre gonna get it!” Zhou Yunbo pointed at Allen and Baro and shouted emotionally.

“No, calm down first.

It has already happened.

No matter how much you argue or make a fuss, its useless.” As soon as Allen finished speaking, Baro knew that Allen was going to poke the lions cage again.

As soon as Allen finished speaking, Zhou Yunbos angry laughter could be heard.

“What did I say on the way here You guys still dont believe me.

I told you that the head of the Buyano family wouldnt be tricked just because he came out to discuss business.

Moreover, with his strength, its impossible for such a thing to happen.

Theres a good chance that this is a trap set by Yuwen Jing himself.

Hes just waiting for our little miss to jump in.”

“Yunbo, dont be anxious.

Things arent what you think.

Yes, my master has long wanted to marry your little miss, but he has always respected your little misss wishes.

You should have seen my masters previous actions.

You should know my masters character.

Moreover, that thing in my masters body is also very harmful to people.” What Baro meant was, no matter what, his master would never do such a terrible thing.

Zhou Yunbo was certain that this was a trap set up by Yuwen Jing just to deceive their little miss.

Therefore, no matter what they said, he felt that there was something behind it.

Zhou Yunbo wanted to say something else but was stopped by Zhou Yunjie.

“Yunbo, shut up.”

“Big bro.” Zhou Yunbo turned his head to look at his brother reluctantly.

It was not fair.

His brother had sacrificed so much for his little miss, but in the end, his little miss was still with someone else.

Ever since he found out that Yuwen Jing had been drugged, and that Chen Menger had been picked up by Yuwen Jings men, Zhou Yunjies expression remained the same.

He was still expressionless before, but if one looked carefully, they would see a difference.

Zhou Yunjies eyes flashed with a pain that others did not understand.

When Zhou Yunjie rushed to the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel and saw the tightly shut presidential suite and found out that Chen Menger and Yuwen Jing were inside, no one could know how much his heart hurt.

It hurt so much that he could hardly stand.

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