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Such silence made his imagination run wild.

All sorts of terrible scenarios flooded his mind from time to time.

In the stairwell on the top floor, there was a person who had been hiding there ever since Yuwen Jing was accompanied by Allen and Baro into the presidential suite.

She had been silently watching every move of theirs, looking for a suitable opportunity to make a move.

However, when Chen Menger appeared, all her plans, except for successfully giving Yuwen Jing the antidote she had prepared, all failed without exception.

In the end, she could only watch helplessly as Chen Menger walked into the presidential suite, while she could only crouch in the dark.

Her palm had long been pierced by her fingernails.

But she did not know it.

Chen Menger had been staring at the time.

The medicinal effect of this bath was too strong.

She had to be careful so that the poison would not go back to his blood stream.

Therefore, he couldnt stay in the water for even a second too long.

When the time was up, Chen Menger let Yuwen Jing come out.

“Times up.

Hurry up and come out.”

“Oh, okay.” Upon hearing Chen Mengers words, Yuwen Jing was about to stand up from the bathtub.

However, due to exhaustion and the damage caused by the drug from before, Yuwen Jings legs became weak as soon as he stood up.

If it wasnt for Chen Menger, he would have fallen back in.

“Come, Ill support you.

Lean on me.” At this moment, Chen Menger was only concerned about Yuwen Jing.

She couldnt let Yuwen Jing stay in there for too long.

She needed him to come out as soon as possible.

Other things, however, were temporarily ignored by Chen Menger.

“Okay.” Yuwen Jing really didnt have any strength.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have let himself be so weak in front of Chen Menger.

When Chen Menger helped Yuwen Jing out of the bathtub, her mutated brain had already begun to display all the data of Yuwen Jings current state.

Fortunately, Chen Menger arrived in time and started treatment for Yuwen Jing before the effects of the drug completely took effect.

Otherwise, Yuwen Jing would probably have to suffer again and take another medicinal bath.

Chen Menger helped Yuwen Jing out.

She even carefully helped Yuwen Jing put on a bathrobe.

Then, Yuwen Jing went to the bedroom.

“Youve exhausted too much energy today.

You need to rest well.” Chen Menger helped Yuwen Jing lie down on the bed.

She covered him with the blanket.

Just as she was about to get up, Yuwen Jing grabbed her hand.

“Menger, can you stay with me today” When his body was weak, he didnt want to be alone.

Yuwen Jing was currently in such a situation.

At this moment, Yuwen Jing was no longer as cold as before.

He was vulnerable now.

Chen Menger could not resist him when he was like this.

She had already stood up, but she sat down again.

“Okay, Im not leaving.

You can sleep in peace,” Chen Menger said.

“Can you sleep with me for a while, Menger” Yuwen Jing blinked and looked at Chen Menger.

This was the first time Chen Menger saw Yuwen Jing being so petulant.

Looking at Yuwen Jing like this, Chen Menger could not help but think of Yuwen Jing when he was young.

Her heart could not help but soften.

“Okay.” Facing Yuwen Jing like this, Chen Menger could only agree.

She could not say anything to reject him.

Yuwen Jing was really exhausted.

He was severely exhausted.

For Yuwen Jing, Chen Menger had used up a lot of her energy.

In addition, she was worried about Yuwen Jing.

Her nerves had been tense until just now, after confirming that there was no problem with Yuwen Jings body, her nerves, which had been tense all this time, finally relaxed.

Just like that, the two of them lay down.

Not long after, they fell asleep.

Chen Menger and Yuwen Jing slept soundly in the bedroom.

This made Allen and Baro, who were waiting outside the door, extremely worried.

Allen paced back and forth, swaying so much that Baro felt dizzy.

“Allen, can you stop loitering at the door all the time I feel dizzy,” Baro said as he frowned tiredly.

His already frustrated heart was even more frustrated after being tormented by Allen.

He was itching to give this brat a beating.

“I dont want to fidget either, but once I stop, I get anxious,” Allen said while pouting sadly.


Why dont we just kick the door open and go in.

If the effects of the drug were too strong and Master did not manage to control it properly and hurt Mistress, then something big would happen.

Not to mention the master, even we might be reprimanded.

Elder Liu and Elder Qu would kill us all.”

Baro knew that Allens worries were reasonable, but he did not agree with Allens suggestion.

If it were really as Allen said, they could just kick the door in.

However, if it were not the case, if they kicked the door in and ruined their masters peace, their lives would be in danger.

Seeing Baros hesitation, Allen was a little anxious and said, “Baro, what do you mean Tell me.”

“Lets wait a little longer.”

“Wait a little longer If we wait any longer, it might be too late.” Allen was so anxious that he was hopping around.

“Mistress is not an ordinary woman.

Her strength is not below that of Master.

If there is anything wrong, she will immediately subdue Master.

And if we rashly barge in, we might ruin Masters peace.

At that time, youll cry.”

Allen listened to Baros analysis and thought for a while.

It really made sense.

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