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The atmosphere feels tense even here.


This lodging is a refugee camp… Well, it’s just what I decided to call this place, not its official name.

This refugee camp is now filled with people doing the night patrol.

I’m sure that the news about Valeritz has also reached here.


I don’t think an hour has passed since Kittel left.

If I include the time I spent wearing my armor, it’s probably been around 30 minutes.

I can feel my senses sharpen to the point that I can clearly hear the sounds of faraway horse hooves coming closer.

This must be because I am extra alert now.


“It seems like there’s no need to wait.

Frenssen, go get Max and others.”




After that, I stepped outside the lodging.

Not long after, a horse stopped in front of me.

It was Kittel.


“Good work.

So, what are Father’s instructions”


“All members of Zeavert house’s army that are currently on the mission to protect the aqueduct construction site are to depart to Badea Village on the outskirts of the capital and join the knights there.”


“All members”


“That is correct.”


Does that mean the kingdom wants to throw away the safety of this aqueduct construction site Hmm… most probably another army will be stationed here tomorrow to protect the construction site.

However, we are ordered to depart immediately, not after the replacement has arrived.

That means this mission must be very urgent.


It’s true that the reaction speed of kingdom knights and noble knights which are in battle ready situations is much higher.

So, the kingdom wants to gather as many noble knights as it can in the fastest time possible.


However, will the chain of command be fine if everything is done in so much rush


Ah, Max and others have arrived.

Next, I just need to ask for the details from the leader of this operation after we join the kingdom knights.


“Got it.

Max, Augen, and Barkey, we will immediately depart.

We will travel throughout the night so that we can reach there in the morning.

Frenssen, I will leave the handover of construction site protection duty to you.”


Everyone immediately rushed to their teams and the orderlies lit up the torch.

We do have magic lamps but we’re saving them for later.

After all, if there’s rain, then we can only use magic lamps to light up the surroundings.


The orderlies place the saddle on my horse.

Maybe because we’ve been dispatched to the battlefield several times, the orderlies have become quite skilled at their job.


“Depart! Keep your eyes peeled open for a demon attack!”


The sound of the horse’s hooves pierced the night sky.

The sight of the armors reflecting the light of the torches was mesmerizing as if it were a scene of a fairytale.


Well, Badea Village isn’t that far.

It’s about a half-day walk from here.

Even if we are being extra vigilant while marching there, reaching there isn’t that hard.

Fortunately, we didn’t get attacked by demons en route.


“I am Welner von Zeavert.”


“Please, come in.”


When I reached the headquarters, I was immediately let in.

Usually, there will be an inspection or at least the guard will confirm with the people inside before letting me in.

So the situation is so urgent that they don’t have time to do that, huh


“Pardon my intrusion.”



Sir Welner.

You’ve arrived.”


Ah, it’s Duke Seyfarth and beside him is the Minister of War, Uve Freimut Schindler.

To think that the one and only Minister of War will be here.


“I apologize for being late.”


“No, you got here quite fast.

Sorry for saying this even though you have just arrived, but I need you and your army to immediately depart.”


Excuse me, Minister Schindler I just got here! Currently, I’m trying really hard to make sure that my dissatisfaction isn’t shown on my face.

I wanted to blurt out a complaint but the Duke’s frown toward me stopped the words in my throat.

I ended up throwing a question instead.


“Is it another stampede”


“I think it’s not a stampede, but we are still not sure.

The one thing we’re sure of is that we’re late in responding this time.

2 weeks ago, the demons successfully attacked Perlea Village.”


It took me a bit of time to recall Perlea Village that the Duke is talking about.

It’s a village located in the upper part of Detmold Mountain Range.

This village also didn’t appear in the game.


“I think the Perlea Village was annihilated, but we won’t know for sure until the messenger from Valeritz arrives.”


After hearing the minister’s words, I began to think about types of monsters that often appeared around the Detmold Mountain range in the game.

If I didn’t remember it wrong, the mountain range is where the Man-eating Lizard and mountain crocodiles often spawned, right


“It seems like the herd of demons went to Valeritz and after that, they went in the direction of Denghan”


I see the chronology of Valeritz’s fall.

But judging from the minister’s words it seems like the demon just destroyed Valeritz and left, they didn’t occupy it.


…Wait a minute.

Denghan didn’t appear in the game but I’ve heard that it was a village where pilgrims on their way to the Great Temple will take a rest, just like Alea Village.

That means…


“…The enemy’s goal is Finnoi”



As expected, Sir is sharp.”


The enemy’s goal is the Great Temple Finnoi.

That means we are currently on the prelude of the event where Beliulace, one of the three Demon Generals attacked the Great Temple Finnoi where Laura is staying.

The game only gave an explanation that the temple was suddenly attacked.

I see this is how the entire event actually went down.


Let’s make sure I’m right.


“Is Her Highness the Second Princess at the temple”


“Yes, she is currently staying in Finnoi.”



That confirms it.

The center of this kingdom’s faith and the kingdom’s second princess is about to be attacked by the enemies that just destroyed Valeritz.

No wonder the kingdom’s army is in a rush.


“I do not recall that there are any roads large enough for a large enemy to pass through near Denghan.”


“Yes, you’re right.”


In the game, the road leading to the Great Temple is a vast grassland and about halfway through the grassland until the temple, it’s a forest.

At most, there’s a small road used by the pilgrims.

Nothing close to the road usable by large armies existed there.

As I continued to dig through my memory, the minister spoke again.


“That’s why the army will be split and go through different routes to Valeritz.

We will take care of the required supply.

I want Count Zavert’s army to take a different route and head to Valeritz as fast as possible.”


“That means we will meet up with the rest of the army once we arrive at Valeritz.”


“That is correct.”


“Hmm… using another route means we will be taking a detour.

I shall do as you say, then.”


Since the kingdom knights will take the main road to Valeritz, there won’t be enough space for the noble knights on the main road so the army will be divided, eh


“Then, we of the Zeavert army will immediately depart to Valeritz using the westward route.”


“Yes, I’ll be counting on you.”


Oooh… to think the Duke will be counting on me.

I need to complete this mission perfectly then.

I immediately returned to where the Zeavert’s army was stationed and shouted with a loud enough voice so everyone could hear.


“Everyone, listen up! Our enemy’s destination is Finnoi! We will now depart to Valeritz at full speed.”


I just need to stall the time until Mazell arrives to save Laura.

Even with the kingdom’s knight destroyed in the game, Mazell’s party was able to save Laura, not to mention in the current situation where the kingdom’s knights are intact.

It should be fine.


Well then, let’s do what I can now.

I’m worried that there are going to be some changes from what I know, so I need to see the game scenario unfold right in front of my eyes to calm myself.

I just hope that everything unfolds just like the game’s scenario.


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