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On our way to the Veritza Fortress, we realized how big the battle was inside the fortress.

We now can see several pillars of fire coming from the direction of the fortress.

You can hear the fire sounds quite clearly even if loud sounds are coming from the fortress.


If the noise that can be heard outside of the fortress is already like this, I don’t want to imagine what happened inside the fortress.


The people inside the fortress also started to move.

With a loud bang, the drawbridge started to fall.

Simultaneously, the wooden double door also opened.

With this, the people inside the fortress can get out and cross the canal.

I don’t know if they did all of this because they knew reinforcement is coming or because they simply want to escape.


Not long after, a sea of people rushed out of the fortress.

Judging from their outfit, they are not combatants.

It also doesn’t seem like Marquis Knap let them out to fight.


“Cut the chain!”




“Someone! Bring me an ax!”


If there are any intelligent demons inside the fortress, they will try to pull up the bridge.

If that happened, it’s not only going to trouble the people escaping the fortress but also will trouble Mazell later on.


That’s why in the name of ‘emergency’ the bridge’s chain should be cut so it becomes a fixed bridge.

I can come up with as many excuses for cutting the bridge as I want later.


The escaping people are guided by Viscount Davrak’s troop using torches.

Interestingly, people choose to go to a brighter place.

Viscount Davrak’s troops burned more torches the farther it was from the fortress.

This is because once humans’ eyes are accustomed to the light, they become unable to see their dark surroundings.


Guiding the non-combatants and placing them around the combatants make the rank inside the combatant become confusing so unexpectedly striking a balance between the two is difficult.


After the non-combatant is far enough from the fortress, it’s the turn of Baron Bavrak’s troop to calm them down and take care of them.


Baron Bavrak’s troop sure gets the shorter end of the stick but I will have them endure it.


“Augen’s troop go to the right side of the bridge! Barkey’s troop, you guys go line up on the left side of the bridge! Prepare the crossbows!”




“The first shoot will be done under my order! Everyone, match my words!”




If Max has a large build, then Augen has an average build and average height while Barkey is someone who has a sharp impression and is taller than Max.


Max didn’t come with us so these two became the commander of my troop in his place.

Both of them are in their thirties but Augen is older and has more experience compared to Barkey.


Even though Augen is older than Barkey, he has a young spirit.

Augen is one of the knights who seems to be having fun ‘bullying’ the training knights at the group fighting training while Barkey is more of a cool person.


Somehow I have become used to commanding people older than me.

Technically I’m the older one if you also count my previous life.

Though the fact that I constantly had stomachaches didn’t seem to change.




Another wave of people who are probably part of the labor force for the renovation came out of the gate.

Behind them are shadows of beings that didn’t seem to be humans.


The flame constantly burned inside the fortress makes it so I can only see a silhouette, but I know from the game that our opponents are skeleton warriors and living dead.

As expected, this is their battlefield.




Following my signal, more than twenty arrows rained down on the demons.

Crossbows are great because even if you’re not used to firing them, their accuracy is still high.

It might be strange coming from the person who ordered the troop to shoot crossbows but I’m a bit surprised that arrows worked on skeletons.


On the other hand, I can also hear some surprised voices coming from the troop.


“That… the corpses and skeletons are moving”


“It’s the first time I actually saw them…”


“Calm down! Look, they can also be defeated with our weapons!”


After Augen said that, he proceeded on commanding the orderlies to reload the crossbows.

The orderlies hurriedly executed his orders.

I guess this is fine.

Though the troop is surprised they are not afraid.


This is how normal people would react.

Despite having heard of the oracle about the demon king revival, until they saw demons they’ve never seen before with their own eyes they will still feel that the revival is far from their reality.


All this time only demonic beasts have appeared in the vicinity of the capital but starting from this incident at the Veritza Fortress many types of demons will start to appear.


If I don’t remember it wrong, the last boss of the battle at the Veritza Fortress is one of 3 Generals, Dreax.

He was one of the weakest bosses to the point that the small fry that appeared in the latter half of the game are all stronger than him.

I wonder how he even becomes one of the 3 Generals.


Still, the revived 3 Gatekeepers of the 4 Doors are pretty tough.

To the point I want to complain to the developer that revived enemies should be weaker, not stronger.

Speaking about revival I remember that the defeated 3 Generals will also revive in the game, though the 4 Heavenly Kings won’t.


Anyway, this isn’t important but why do the people here use German names but call monsters using English names That’s a mystery.


Let’s return to the battle.

As people kept rushing out of the fortress, I contacted Fogto-san to ask for the mages’ help.

Fortunately, he came almost immediately.

Must be because the mage team is just waiting while supporting the refugee.


“I heard you wish to talk to me”


“Thank you for coming.

There is something I wanted to ask the mages for help with.”


I said I want the mages to go to the right side of the hinge so the doors won’t close.

Fogto-san seems to be surprised by my request.

Well, that’s natural.


“Won’t this become trouble later”


“If there is an intelligent demon inside the fortress, it might shut the door to trap the remaining people inside.

If that happens the people inside will get massacred so it’s better to just destroy the hinge to prevent the escape route from being sealed.”


It’s a sound reason but there’s actually another reason why I want the hinge to be destroyed.

I want to make it easier for Mazell and others to go inside the fortress later.

In the game, getting inside the enemy’s base is easy but in reality, I don’t know.


Logically, I don’t think the demons will easily let us enter their bases.

I wonder if the reason why the protagonist easily entered the demons’ bases is that the demons again pulled their punch.

I mean, from the game standpoint it’s a hassle to make every protagonist’s battle in the demon bases an infiltration mission.


“I understand.”


“I will make sure that the report says this is done under my order.”


To further convince Fogto-san I said I will take all responsibility.

Not that I have any intention to throw the responsibility to the mages.


With that, the games focused their magic to attack the hinge.

An explosion occurred and one side of the door became slanted but the door itself didn’t fall off.

After that, my troop shoots out another round of arrows.

Fogto-san saw how the battle unfolded and showed a doubtful expression.


“They didn’t come out from the fortress.”


“Maybe their commander ordered them to take control of the fortress from the inside.”


I also feel it’s strange but I thought that the demons just won’t step out of their field like in the game.

I won’t say that here though.


Or maybe, in reality, the inside of the fortress is the limit of Dreax’s control of the demons.

As I was thinking about that, several people once again rushed out of the fortress.

They look like knights… ah… I got a feeling that they are troublesome people.


If my feeling is right I will just throw them to others to handle.

For now, let’s focus on helping everyone escape.


“Hey, you guys! Who’s your commander Where’s he”


After they crossed the bridge, one of the knights arrogantly shouted those words at us.

I wonder if that young guy with good physics that dressed neatly in the middle of this group of knights is their commander.


“We are a Zeavert troop but the army commander is Count Shandel.

If you’re looking for him, he’s over there.”


Barkey answered that rude guy calmly, while Fogto-san was dumbfounded.

Must be because these guys’ attitudes aren’t like people who just escaped.


With the face as if saying ‘we had no business with mere underlings’ the group of knights left us and went to the main camp.




“We will go and support other refugees.

Augen, Barkey, prepare the crossbows.

It’s time for us to change with the other troops.”






I ignored Fogto-san’s confused look and continued to prepare to intercept the enemies.

In reality, the Zeavert troop can’t be the only troop that keeps intercepting the enemies.


I still need to think about the perfect timing to change with the other troop so my brain is overloaded.

Let’s just push off the troublesome people to others.


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