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Mazell Hearthing.

He is a handsome guy with a rare honest personality.

typical, or according to a lot of comments from players in my past life, he’s a boring protagonist.

He was born with the skill [Hero], Yes, it’s a skill, not class, and got a special admission to this academy.  At first, I was unsure of how to interact with him.

It’s not because he’s a commoner, while I’m a noble.

Being a commoner in this academy is not that rare.

Plus I’m a noble on the outside only.

My heart is still a commoner office worker from Japan.

Rather, It’s because I’m afraid that interacting with him will bring an unwanted change to the game plot. 

But that’s the past.

Now we are friends.

I don’t remember how and why it happened, but I can say that we are quite close. 

The more I know him the more I think that he deserves his title of the protagonist.

He got both a handsome face and a good personality.

This pleasant charisma of his makes people able to quickly become friends with him.

Back when we barely know each other though, I thought he was a quiet person.

According to him, it’s because he minded his status as a commoner so he refrained from speaking with nobles like me.

That’s why he’s grateful that I approached him first.

Looking at how we are now, you can’t tell that’s what he used to think.

His communication skill is really great.

I do understand where he’s coming from.

The opportunity for a commoner to know their own skill is few and people that can appraise skill are also rare.

Not to mention that appraisal cost a lot of fortune too.

Then there is this guy, a commoner from nowhere who got his skill appraised by recommendation from the royal family, then got special admission to this academy.

He must have received a lot of stares from his surrounding.

I mean it’s not like the royal family can just announce ‘we searched the hero from the oracle!’  to the public right I only know that because of the game while Mazell knows nothing.

For him to feel out of place in this academy is not strange.

He also said ‘it’s hard for me to act normally..’ though from how he acts you can barely see it.

As for studying, this guy only needs to see or hear anything once to remember them.

Damn, that made me jealous.

I heard of people from history that have this kind of ability so I guess you can’t call it unrealistic

As for me, mathematics aside, this academy taught social study and the history of this world, so I need to study them from scratch.

Fortunately, the science level of this world is low, since they can just do stuff that requires advanced science with magic

Since I also have tons of experience in taking exams from my past life, I know plenty of study tricks, so I became one of the top students in this academy.

For the practical combat skill, be it in his basic abilities or with his [Hero] skill, Mazell is one of the top students.

[Hero] skill has the effect of class x skill 1.

Yup, it’s a multiplication.

That’s why this guy’s strength is off the chart.

Isn’t the protagonist plot device a bit too op

The senior is not his match.

Even teachers, if they are not careful, could be defeated by Mazell.

Plus because of the 1 effect, Mazell can practically use every weapon and magic in existence.

No surprise, the other students envy him.

Not only because of his skill and his communication ability but apparently, it’s also because he’s my friend.

I heard some students are jealous of the fact that we become friends.

Mainly the young masters that want to become a friend of a ‘talented young master from a count’s family who is a member of the top class and a famous hard worker (I just don’t want to die)’, yet are too afraid to approach me because they have nothing in their name other than being a noble.

There was this guy that went too far, so I gathered all evidence of his misdeed and lodged a complaint to the royal family via my father.  He lost his right of inheritance.

Since the one that complained is a legitimate heir from a count household, and the country also doesn’t want to lose the man from oracle with precious [Hero] skill, they must have told the academy to launch a proper investigation.

Later on, that guy and his lackey attacked me and Mazell out of spite, and of course, we beat them to a pulp.

Our action is a bit too much in the academy’s eyes, so we got suspended. 

After the incident, my life at the academy has been pretty peaceful but in a few years, this world will become chaotic because of the invasion of the demon king and the hero party will fight him. 

I know that I can’t become a member of the hero party.

My ability is far too lacking.

All those achievements I got are only at the level of this academy.

My opponents are nothing but people my age.

But this is not a game.

I may be inside the game world, but my life and the people with who I build a relationship here are all real.

There was a time I and my friends from school went to take a trip to a seaside town.  My motive is to see the difference between the scenery in the game and the real thing, but It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the trip.

There was also a time we studied for the final exam together.

We also went to the festival.

We went from one stall to the other and enjoyed our food.

I also made Mazell participate in hunting, a so-called ‘noble pastime’. 

I wanted to visit Mazell’s hometown but unfortunately because it’s located in a remote… I mean a village that is far from the capital, I didn’t have a chance to visit it

In the academy extracurricular activity, we created a party and fought with actual monsters together.

It’s an activity to train our practical combat skills..or so the teacher said, But we treated it as a semi-field trip.

At night, we even snuck out from the inn to enjoy some drinks.

In this world of magic, the teacher probably noticed us but turned a blind eye.

Spending my life in the academy with great friends is really fun.

It’s not like I have forgotten my objective of staying alive, but once in a while, I think that taking a breather with friends is important.

I don’t want to become burned out like in my past life…Wait did I used to be a shut-in without any friends….


Anyway, I’m still diligent in my training, so it’s fine.

I know after all that I’m a mob character.

Usually, the most a mob character did is joining a unit and then got annihilated by a random monster, without even one battle cutscene.

So I trained myself for the eventual battle in the capital by trying to desperately keep up with Mazell.

In other eyes though, I was judged as ‘a exemplary young noble who never stop working hard and the pride of Zeavert Family’ and I heard my name even reach the ears of the royal family.

While balancing both my school life and training the event that I wish to but will never forget happened.

….It is finally the start of the game.


Sorry for the late release! I’m pretty busy with rl but I will try to make it up this week.

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