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The next day, human waves formed by our fellow students, teachers, and others people greet me and Mazell when we arrived at the academy.

As we try to get past those waves, I started to think about yesterday.

Before we left the palace, we had a brief conversation with Princess Laura.

We talked about our life in the academy and Laura listened and laughed with us.

This playful Laura is the real Laura I saw in the game.

If only Mazell didn’t spill my embarrassing stories.

I know that I did plenty of pranks despite being a noble but still…

Anyway, It’s good that we only talked about academy’s stuff, no talk about arranging Mazell or my marriage to the royal family.

Let’s leave yesterday’s matter aside, and focus on the current problem.

There are only a few students that participated in the battle against the demon outbreak.

Most students that surrounded us probably heard the news from their fathers.

That’s why they are here.

I mean, the rising star of commoners, Mazell, and the most promoted young noble, me, are bound to be a hot topic.

I think some of them might even be told by their parent to pry some information out of us.

“We need to do this until the class start….”


This is the first time I’m looking forward to class start.”

It’s still morning but Mazell and I are already tired.

This is harder than speaking to Laura.

I already told Mazell to refuse all invitations to tea parties.

You never know what those nobles will put on Mazell’s tea.

Poison or even aphrodisiac.

You can never let your guard down around noblewomen.

No, not only noblewomen.

Letting your guard down around all nobles is dangerous.

Most of them are educated to do anything for themselves and their families

“Ah, right.


“What is it”

It’s not a good thing to whisper during class but if we don’t do this we won’t have any time to talk.

“I want you to meet my acquaintance.”

“Your acquaintance”


The one that helped me in the demon outbreak.”

Ah, that’s right.

the hero party’s first member.

I know who he’s talking about.


But why do you want me to meet that person”

“Because I think that person can help us.”

Well, that person is going to be a member of the hero party.

Mazell decision to introduce that person to me, the bridge that connects Mazell to the royal family is right.

I don’t have any reason to refuse.


I also have something to tell you.”

“About that”

The matter of the demon king’s revival is still a secret.

We both have no choice but to refer to it as that in case someone is eavesdropping.

The meeting with Mazell’s acquaintance benefits me as well since I can finish one of many jobs I have to do.

“Ah, the bell rung.”


Let’s run.”

First thing first, we need to escape the waves of students.

We’ve used the schoolyard before, so going there is a no.

As for the library, we won’t be able to escape if we got cornered there so it’s another no.

Rooftop is definitely no.

Hm… The indoor sword training hall would be a good choice.

The training hall is connected to the hallway so we can escape using the hallway if we need to.

After a short strategic meeting, we both run.

I chuckled because it remind me of the time I got scolded for running in the hallway in my past life.

The momentum of the classmates that chased me is actually scarier than demons.

In the end, we ended up having to do this for the next few days.

Maybe it would be better if I just called in sick and stayed at home.

Though, Mazell is going to have to handle the commotion himself.

As expected of the academy that is said to be the miniature of nobles’ society.

“I’m Luguents.

Nice to meet you.”

As expected, it’s Luguentz Lazer.

According to the game, she should have been in her mid-twenties.

Sitting in the bar, she looked exactly how an adventurer is.

As for me, I’m not wearing a uniform, but I think I still look like a student.

Is this what they call traveling incognito In my case, it’s more of I just still didn’t feel like a noble rather than traveling incognito.

For now, Let’s focus on Luguentz.

In the game, I remembered she was like a reliable senior to Mazell.

Ah no, not Mazell, but the game’s main character.

She doesn’t appear in many events though.

She has [Master of Weapons] skills.

Thanks to it, it’s on the same level as the hero but still, her physical attacks are strong.

She is what you call a warrior archetype that has no magic.

She joined the hero party from the first boss battle and remained until the game ending.

Despite not being a cute girl archetype she’s still popular.

If I’m not wrong, her voice actress has a raspy voice.

“I am Welner.

Pleased to meet you.”


When I bowed lightly, Luguentz seem surprised.


She’s this kind of character.

Not long after she laughed with an expression that seem to say ‘Mazell is right about you.’



Just like you said, Mazell, he is noble but strangely humble.”

This is why I introduce myself as just Welner, not by my full name.

Showing off I’m a noble in font of Luguentz isn’t a good decision.

I judged that Introducing myself as Mazell’s friend without being too humble or too arrogant is the best way to interact with her.

This personality of her is the reason why she got along with Laura.

Though Laura is also a strange royal.

“Actually, I’ve heard about you.

But meeting you in person sure is different.”

“You’ve heard about me”

“My friend, Gekke, told me that you’re an excellent spearman.”

Ah, Oliver Gekke-san.

We didn’t talk much, but I remember he was an excellent platoon commander.

My father gave him a special reward as well.

I never expected he and Luguentz to know each other.

I guess since he’s a mercenary and Luguentz is an adventurer it’s not that strange.

“Mazell said he wants me to meet you that’s why I’m here, but your intention is not only to meet me right”

After ordering drinks, Luguentz asked me.

She’s sharp.

“A mercenary and an adventurer can keep secrets right”

“Of course.”

Luguentz responded with a tone that seem to say ‘isn’t that obvious’

“It seems like the demon king will be revived.”

She choked on her drink.

Well, that’s an obvious reaction.

“Isn’t your joke going a bit too far”

“Well, it’s not a joke.”

Mazell answered her before me.

Then, Luguentz looked at me with a serious expression.

“If it’s not a joke, why are you saying it here” Luguentz asks with a low voice.

I can imagine Mazell thinking the same thing.

I think it’s only a matter of time before the public finds out, so I want to make some preparation.

To a certain extent, this place can be said as a perfect place for a secret conversion.

With how loud the place is, you really need to work hard to hear the conversation at other tables, otherwise, it’s impossible.

It’s better than inviting an adventurer like Luguentz to a noble’s mansion.

As a member of the hero party, I believe that Luguentz is also trustworthy enough to keep a secret.

“It’s not a matter that I want to announce, but it’s going to be revealed anyway.

I want to make some preparation before the matter becomes public.”

“…Mazell is right.

You don’t feel like a student.”

Mazell, just what sort of thing did you tell her I looked in Mazell’s direction and he avoided my eyes.

This guy must have told her some ridiculous thing.

“So, what do you want me to do”


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