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Translator Note: This chapter is about 3 times the usual chapter so I decided to split it.

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“First, the most distinguished personnel in this war, Hubertus Nahles Weiss Weinzierl.

You did well.”

“I did not deserve such a praise, as I merely did what Your Majesty’s had ordered.”

As I heard about the King’s endless praises for the Crown Prince I tried really hard to prevent myself from rolling my eyes.

Of course, as the commander of the whole army, the Crown Prince will be named as the most distinguished personnel.

It’s the typical ‘all your merit goes to your boss’ the victory of this war also all attributed to the Crown Prince.

It’s ‘all praise to the Crown Prince’ route.

The King continues and bestows the Crown Prince with all sorts of rewards.

First monetary rewards, then a royal family treasured sword.

The greatest reward though is the fact that with this achievement the Crown Prince’s position will be unshaken.

“Next, Ingo Fati Zeavert.

Sir’s army had become the key to our win in the recent battle.

Sir’s achievement is truly worthy of praise.”

“I am truly grateful for your praise.”

Next, it’s my father’s turn.

Father said so as he bowed his head.

The one that went to the battle may be me, but the army is the Zeavet household’s so the achievement goes to my father.

The reward that the King bestows is money and it’s quite a lot of it.

The reward amount is enough to pay back the money I used to buy the oil so I’m glad.

The remaining problem is there will be a lack of scented oil for a while since I bought all of its main ingredients… but I doubt we will have any large-scale international banquet in a while because of the demon king so it should be fine.

Other than lack of scented oil, another effect of this time battle is probably going to be the change of perception people have toward the Zeavert’s household.

We will no longer be known as a house of the civil officers only.

“And for your heir, Welner von Zeavert who had for the one who had battled on the frontline, from henceforth we shall allow him to be called viscount.”

“Such an excessive reward…”

“Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude once again for Your Majesty’s generosity!”

Now my name is brought up.

As the actual commander of the army, I guess this will happen.

I walked to the very front where my father is and gave a very deep bow toward the throne while I started to recall this kingdom’s nobles’ rank.

In my previous world, the basic noble rank is separated into five-level.

They are duke, marquis, count, viscount, and baron.

Some countries also had ranks below baron like baronet, honorary knight, or esquire but well, the basic rank is these five.

The Bain Kingdom I am reincarnated into also has five… I wish.

The Bain Kingdom actually had 6 ranks of nobility so it’s even more troublesome to remember.

There is also a typical classification of the noble outside of their rank similar to my previous life like a court noble and territory lord but there are also many differences.

I used to get confused about them.

The first rank is baron.

Usually, a baron is a knight who had done many meritorious services or a talented commoner who is liked by the king and then put in a governmental position.

This bit isn’t that different from baron in my past life.

When a knight becomes a baron, the only difference he will feel is probably the fact that he can now attend a royal banquet or a noble’s wedding as a guest.

As a knight, he can only attend these events as a guard.

Most barons also didn’t have any territory.

Even if they had it’s only small farmland so there are also barons who are also a farmer.

A baron may be a noble but they didn’t have the typical noble luxurious lifestyle.

There is also a non-hereditary baron.

This type of baron will never get their territory.

This position is more of an honorary position (or in this case an honorary title) than an actual noble position.

Actually, this type of title is often given as a convenient reward.

As a noble title, the baron has little to no merit.

Of course, the baron had a privilege that every noble had like can escape arrest for a light crime or paying a cheaper toll when moving to another town.

But these two privileges are useless for someone of a baron’s level.

Above baron, there is a viscount.

I really hope a viscount is just a title given to a baron that had accumulated great merit but nope, not that simple.

In this kingdom, there are not 1 or two but 3 types of viscount.

The word viscount originally mean ‘a count aide’ this is why some viscount had a small part of the count’s territory as their territory.

This type of viscounts is called a ‘remote viscounts’

The second type of viscount is ‘government viscount’ they are viscounts who are appointed as a high ranking government official.

Most of the royal family’s territory is managed by this type of viscounts.

Rarely, some governmental viscounts also become a minister.

Last, is the ‘provincial viscount’ who had territory in the provincial region.

There is this unwritten rule that a provincial viscount must never become a high-ranking government official.

The trademark of a viscount is they barely leave their territory.

They only came to the capital for like reports and special events.

Only fellow viscounts remember other viscounts’ faces.

The territory of a viscount is not that large.

An influential viscount has territory the size of a small city but most only had territory that can be considered bigger than a village but smaller than a city.

Some viscounts territory is only composed of farmer villages and farmland that is large enough to do tenant farming.

Other than three types of a viscount, there is another equal but different rank than viscount called ‘deputy count’ This rank is usually given to sons of a marquis or a count.

This rank is closer to an ‘honorary viscount’.

You can tell if someone is appointed as a deputy count or a viscount by listening to the King’s word when appointed them.

If the King said ‘We shall appointed him as a viscount.’ then that person is appointed as a viscount, while if the King said ‘we shall allow him to be called a viscount’ then that person is appointed as a deputy count.

I heard deputy count used to be considered as one of the nobility rank in the kingdom right below the viscount.

Back then, there were not six but seven ranks of nobility.

I was appointed as a deputy count.

There is actually barely any benefit for me.

I will receive a salary from the court, though the amount is only roughly the same as a barren.

It’s an amount enough to support a family but I’m still a student with no family to support.

Rather than benefit, this rank brought me one huge trouble.


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