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After a signal from the main camp, the Knights who’ve been fighting in front of me charged to the enemy’s right-most flank.

Moving that fast in this chaotic situation, as expected of Knight. 


Under my command, the right flank of 200 men charged at the enemy’s left-most flank.

The demons that had been chasing the knights are now surrounded in both directions and they failed to respond.

3-4 weapons stabbed a goblin in unison.

Blood fountain spurted from its body as it fell without even being able to scream.

I also pierced a kobold (probably) On its throat and killed it.

A command from the platoon commander makes the knights swing their weapons and mow the enemies.

Piles of demon corpses stacked up, forming small mountains.

“All right, fall back!”

I raised my voice enough for the company’s commanders to hear.

With the efficiency of our chain of command, that order soon reached the platoon commanders too.

With that, despite being a bit disorganized, the right flank a.k.a the Zeavert army started to fall back

Rains of arrows and spells from the direction of the main camp fall to the place we were before.

The left flank of our enemies stopped their track.

“Splendid maneuver!”

“It’s thanks to His Highness’s direction”

I’m not trying to be humble, It’s the truth.

I’m only following the Crown Prince’s order.

My smooth and calm command is the effect of me not being blinded by the prospect of huge military merit and putting our survival as a priority.

As we were talking, a messenger from the direction of the right-most flank came.

He looked at me with a surprised expression.


I am Wachtel from the Second Division.”

“Welner von Zeavert of the Zeavert household.

Sir Watchel, you’ve worked hard.

“Ah… the count’s heir.

Excuse my earlier manner, I was surprised by how young our commander looked”

As expected, it’s my age.

Honestly, I don’t even understand why I was appointed.

“I had hoped to discuss our next move.”

“Any word from the main army”

My way of talking to Sir Wachtel who looked like he was at least 20 years older than me maybe a bit too rude.

Well, considering we are in the middle of a battlefield, I guess it’s fine since Sir Wachtel also didn’t seem to be offended

“Cooperate and push the enemies back.”

“So our problem now is how to cooperate…”

After thinking a bit, I asked Sir Wachtel for confirmation.

“How is the condition of the Second Division”

“Though we are not in a perfect state, fighting won’t be a problem.”

They sure are knights, they’re tough.

In that case, it will be better to entrust it to them.


Then, Tell the Second Division to move deeper to our right.

The Second Division will defend the main army from the side, while my troop will move to the center and act as the vanguard.”



Currently, the Crown Prince is leading the center.

Even the Royal Guard have all started to fight.

There’s a danger of the enemy breaking through the center because their numbers are overwhelming compared to the Royal Guard.

Because of the earlier separation between the First Division and Second Division, the First Division which is supposed to be in the center is currently in the left-most flank.

They worked together with Marquis Norproth’s army to maintain our left flank.

By the way, I don’t know what happened to the left flank after the Zeavert army moved here.

It’s not like I will be able to help if I know so it’s not a problem.

But… well, I wonder if God exists in this world.

Sir Watchel’s earlier pause is probably because he felt that the capital’s knight should be the one that aids the Crown Prince.

But in this situation where the First Division is at the left-most flank, while the Second Division is at the right-most flank, to reach the center they need to cut through not only our enemy but also our allies.

If they did that, it would confuse our army.

It’s faster for us, the Zeavert army that is currently standing next to the center to move.

“But, how is the condition for the Zeavert army”

“Ah well, we are also tired but it should be fine”

I don’t want to do this sort of dangerous thing.

But if our leader, the Crown Prince falls, it will break the whole army’s momentum.

If that happens, the flood of demons will swallow us whole.

I have no choice but to do it.

Let’s just pray to God (if He existed) that we will be able to hold on until Mazell defeats the devil.

I don’t want to die, so I should also think about how to run in case we fail.

Of course, In front of all these knights, I hid my intention.

“My troops seem to be the only ones that can do it.”

“You’re right, sir.


Then, Sir Watchel gave me a deep bow.

“We, the Second Division, are truly grateful for Sir Zeavert’s decision! We will not disappoint you!”



What’s with that deep bow! Before I was able to respond, Sir Wachtel had already gone.

Now, the blood-covered Max is standing in his place.

Max, you look scarier than a serial killer in a horror movie, you know.

“Is there any problem”

“Usually, I will say it’s not something that my lieutenant needs to handle… but Max, this time you came at a perfect time.

We will move to the center.”

His face shows a surprise, but it quickly changed into a resolute expression.

“I see.

So you’re planning to act as the Crown Prince’s shield…No wonder the knights earlier look moved”


I only wanted to buy time for Mazell and will run away if I fail.

To be misunderstood as a self-sacrificing person that’s willing to become someone’s shield… I feel guilty


We have no time to waste.

“We will attack the enemy again and use that momentum to pierce through until we reach the center!”


Mazell, you have to quickly defeat the devil, alright If we survive I will treat you to a meal.

As a former Japanese that didn’t believe in God, I prayed to the Hero instead as I checked the condition of my spear.


I’ve done my best.

But, if there are any confusing parts about my translation, you can mention them in the comment.


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