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Chapter 19: Didn’t write an essay.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the final exam.

Yao Yi was still at the first seat in the first exam room, she was familiar with the place.

She simply entered the exam room ten minutes before the exam, and Fu Chuan was already sitting in his seat, early.

With one hand on half of his face, he looked out the window.

The warm winter sun shone on Fu Chuan’s face, and the light was mottled but touching.

For a moment, Yao Yi felt that her face blindness was cured.

“Good morning.” Yao Yi sat down and turned to say hello to Fu Chuan.

This was a habit her mother had taught her since she was a child.

When she meets someone she knows, she must say hello.

Thanks to Mother Yao’s tough rules, Yao Yi was not isolated at school.

A person who only devoted themself to studying and did not care about others would not be pleasant, no matter how good their grades were.

They could find other people who had good grades and could communicate comfortably.


The world of students was so simple, even the strongest could not be fully respected.

Communication was necessary.

“Mhm.” Fu Chuan casually replied, his eyes still stuck looking outside the window.

On the contrary, the teacher who was preparing the exam paper sets looked up and glanced at them.

Didn’t he hear that the two of them were not getting along So why did they still talk to each other

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As soon as the test papers were sent out, Yao Yi worked hard to quickly write, she had to buy more time to ponder the following essay composition.


Fu Chuan sat straight in his seat, and it took him a long time before he started to write.

Even the invigilator almost wanted to remind him.

This time the essay composition was much simpler, giving a clear theme, just follow through with logic.

Although Yao Yi was worried that she would go off-topic, it was finally easier than those essays about analyzing pictures and writing an essay about it.

After deliberating for a long time, in the last hour, Yao Yi began to write the essay.

Behind her, Fu Chuan was still slowly doing his first reading comprehension question.

“Hurry up, you haven’t even written the composition, how will you have time later” One of the invigilators who kept patrol noticed Fu Chuan’s situation and urged him in a low voice.

Fu Chuan didn’t move, he still carefully looked at his reading questions, and the teacher couldn’t remind him any more.

Students with top grades were more rigid, and they value the rules more clearly.

It was also common to report teachers.

If the teacher influenced other students’ exams and was reported to the principal, it was not a matter of kindness that could solve the problem.

In the end, there were ten minutes before the paper was handed in, and Fu Chuan had only written half of his composition, which was only about 400 words.

Fu Chuan looked up at the time, and simply stopped writing.

Anyway, he couldn’t finish writing, and this paragraph could be used as the conclusion.

Yao Yi was still burying her head in the papers and nervously checking for loopholes in her composition.

As soon as the bell rang, the invigilator immediately came to Yao Yi to collect her exam papers.

Then he picked up Fu Chuan’s paper with a confused look.

His handwriting was beautiful and clear, but unfortunately, he only wrote half of the composition.

This was the first time this happened in the first examination room.

Fu Chuan walked out of the exam room with a calm expression, not like someone who didn’t finish his composition.

In the next exam, Yao Yi completed as normal and successful as before.

As for Fu Chuan’s failure to complete his composition, it was also spread among the teachers.

In order not to affect his other exams, Zhou Hui held back for three days in her heart.


After the exam, Zhou Hui immediately found Fu Chuan and came out to talk.

“Fu Chuan, do you have any bad opinions of our class” Zhou Hui’s face was not pleasant at the moment.

Throughout the grade, there has been a rumor that Fu Chuan has a bad opinion of Zhou Hui.

Fu Chuan shook his head: “No.”

“Then why didn’t you finish the composition” Zhou Hui had a toothache just thinking about it.

Yao Yi from the next class had such an obvious weakness.

Fu Chuan was able to win an overwhelming victory in this, but he gave up.

The results haven’t come out yet, it wasn’t not that Zhou Hui had no confidence in Fu Chuan, it was just that Yao Yi was too strong.

Sometimes teachers were sitting in the office discussing, and when they mentioned her, they were always amazed.

Teachers of all subjects have read Yao Yi’s answer sheet, and her answers seem to be copied to the same standard as the model answers, sometimes with an automatic correction function.

In the last monthly math test, there were fill-in-the-blank questions.

The teachers changed the paper according to the answers.

When the teacher saw Yao Yi’s paper during disassembly, it was not a full score.

After taking a closer look at the fill-in-the-blank question, he recalculated it together with all the math teachers and found that the answer in the answer sheet was wrong, and Yao Yi was right.

Zhou Hui had Fu Chuan as her student for almost a semester, and she knew him well.

This boy was smart and learned things quickly in all aspects.

But when it came to brains, Yao Yi was better.

It was just that Fu Chuan belonged to the top-notch type in normal society, while Yao Yi was more suitable for research.

She was dedicated to researching certain aspects.

“I couldn’t write it, and didn’t have time to finish it.” Fu Chuan said lightly.

“You…Isn’t this showing that you are dissatisfied with us” Zhou Hui took a deep breath, “You are a student I have always been optimistic about, not talking about the consequences of this exam.

If you have any dissatisfaction, you can tell me, don’t take it out on your grades!”

“Teacher, my grades were not very stable before.” Fu Chuan interrupted Zhou Hui’s speech, “The file is still in the school, you can go investigate.”


Zhou Hui, as the headteacher who accepted Fu Chuan, had already seen Fu Chuan’s previous grades in middle school.

The grades were uneven, sometimes the first in the grade, and sometimes not even entering the top 100.

But according to Zhou Hui’s understanding, it was because Fu Chuan was sometimes reluctant to take the exam, so he simply wrote the answer without writing any steps, and points were taken off.

Zhou Hui still wanted to say something, but Fu Chuan became impatient and found a random reason: “I didn’t really want to write because I was not feeling well, there’s no other reason.”

As soon as these words came out, Zhou Hui was in no position to say anything more.

Fu Chuan’s mother had called several times to talk about her son’s body condition so that Zhou Hui should always pay attention to observe that nothing would go wrong.

“You go back to the classroom first.” Zhou Hui reluctantly let him go.

When Fu Chuan entered the classroom, countless eyes focused on him.

Others stared at him with resentment, believing that he caused the class to be split up.

Fu Chuan didn’t care about these stares, he sat back in his seat, flipped through some of his books, and was in good condition.

Yu Qingying, who sat at the front, and for who knows why, kept crying.

Her friends sat next to her and coaxed her in a low voice, and some boys deliberately pretended to be ugly and funny, trying to amuse her.

“Drink as much AD calcium milk as you’d like!” Zhao Qian took out four dozens of milk and shouted to the other three arrogantly.

“Is there any pork jerky” Li Ge was given an inch and asked for a mile.

Zhao Qian didn’t care either and took out a bag of dried pork, a bag of peanuts, and finally a bag of dried mango from his schoolbag.


“Eat, I’ll invite you all today!”

Yao Yi stretched out her hand for dried mango, while Li Ge stretched out his hand to reach for the bag of dried pork.

Han Jiaojiao didn’t move: “Why are you so happy Are you sure you’ll be in the top 50”

Both Yao Yi and Li Ge paused their evil hands.

Zhao Qian didn’t care and replied with a smile: “I’m absolutely sure.

This time, the physics and chemistry tests were difficult, but I did well, I’m pretty sure.

And I’ve worked hard to learn English.

I’m sure there’s no problem with passing the test this time.”

Only then did Han Jiaojiao let Zhao Qian go, moved the remaining peanuts over, and put them in front of her.

Zhao Qian solicitously helped Han Jiaojiao insert the straw, and then inserted straws into the bottles of undivided AD calcium milk.

The four held the milk and drank.

“I didn’t expect that Fu Chuan from next door didn’t finish his composition.” Zhao Qian finished drinking a bottle, took out the straw, and continued to drink another bottle.

“It seems that he is dissatisfied with his headteacher.” Li Ge recalled the gossip he heard.

Han Jiaojiao frowned, disapproving: “No, although Aunt Zhou Hui is a little more competitive, she treats students well first and foremost.”

Yao Yi bit the straw, absent-mindedly: “When I was writing the essay that day, he was still doing reading comprehension.”

“Mhm, I also heard the invigilator urging him.” Han Jiaojiao seemed to recall something.

However she was also taking the test at the time and didn’t pay attention to other people.

“Anyway, no matter what he is like, this time first place is definitely you, Yao Yi!” Li Ge said firmly.

Every time they took a class, they would send out the test results.

This time, everyone was a little nervous.

After all, it was related to the division of the class.

This time, the results came out much later than before, and the teachers of all subjects were balancing.

“Full marks, full marks, full marks…” Zhao Qian turned over the test papers at his table, counting Yao Yi’s full marks as if he were counting money.

“Yao Yi, your essay composition is 32 points this time!” Li Ge twisted his round and flexible body, ran back to his seat, and went to tell the other two.

“Rapid progress!” Zhao Qian put down the test paper in his hand, “I want to see your thirty-two-point composition.”

“…” Yao Yi let these people act like demons, and put her head down to calculate her own problems.

She had asked her neighbors to buy these books, most of which Yao Yi could understand, but there were always some things she didn’t understand.

Sometimes Yao Yi wanted to go to university immediately and discuss these issues with the teacher.

It was a pity that her parents were firmly opposed to Yao Yi skipping grades until she finished the normal high school exam.

After that, she could do whatever she wanted after she went to college.

Because the classes were not completely divided, the atmosphere of Class Two became a little closer.

Some students who had already chosen arts or sciences cherished the friends in the class even more.

Once they were separated, there would be very few opportunities to meet in the future.

At the school, liberal arts and science classes were in different buildings, and it would be hard to ever meet each other if they didn’t go there specifically.

“One for each classmate.” Lao Han handed the class president a stack of forms and said in a low voice, “Pass it out.”

After everyone got it, Lao Han began to explain: “This is the arts and sciences class application, you should think about it for yourself, and then show it to your parents when you go back.”

“Grades are very important, but your personal hobbies are also very important.

If you like liberal arts, talk to your parents.” Lao Han suggested.


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