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“That was too much! I answered your questions truthfully!”

After clearing her thoughts, Lil stared at Ed with a disapproving look.

‘The slap wasnt that hard, yet hes grumbling and covering his cheek with his hand.

Anyway, he has been a valuable companion, providing me with some helpful intel.

Feeling a bit sorry, Lil handed him the apple she was holding.


“Hm, youre giving me your apple”

Lil turned her head without answering him.

“Do you know when the Admiral will arrive And how big is his fleet Is his goal to annihilate the southern pirates”

Ed took a bite from the fruit and answered Lils questions one by one.

“Normally, itll take two months to sail from the Mondovi Peninsula to Amiaeng, but the flagship6 might arrive much sooner than that.”

“Hm, whats the name of that ship”


“So, the Admiral will arrive first”

“Although the Admirals Vishas the flagship of the fleet, its only a double-decked vessel with about 500 crewmembers and 64 doors.”

“Then, it must be fast.”

“He actually likes to sail it himself.”

“What Himself That admiral is… a strange guy.

Then whos in charge of the operation”

“The fleet has a ship bigger than the Visha, when the Admirals leaving like that, the authority is automatically handed to the Captain of that ship.

Even if the Captain doesnt want it.

Ha, the guy always complains about it, saying hes suffering because of his damn boss.”

“Is he the Admirals closest aide”

“Yes, he is.”

Lil slowly began to trust Ed.

‘Its certain that his motive is to establish some kind of relationship with me because hes so eager to answer.

Besides, its hard to believe hes lying to a prostitute.

Today is my lucky day.

The mother of all things must have sent him to me, wanting to save my scalp from that mad Admiral.

Unfortunately, Eds a pervert, but on the flip side, if shed sent me some nice guy, I probably wouldnt be able to find him between the pirates.

As a superstitious sailor, Lil was able to fully embrace Eds shortcomings.

She nodded her head, suddenly Eds voice rang out from the side.

“Now, can I ask you something”


“Why are you asking me about the Admiral”

“Isnt that obvious Its for business.”

“What kind of business”

“The Navys much less tolerant than Amiaengs like you.”

“What Youre dealing with the Navy I thought you said you werent a prostitute”

“Your perverted head can only think about the night.

Dont worry, Im involved in a variety of businesses.”

“Hm, youre such a secretive woman, it makes me want to know you more and more.

Preferably while we explore each other deeply and…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lil elbowed his stomach.

Eds waist immediately folded in half.

‘If I let him keep talking, my ears would most likely fall off.

“Hey, you perv, keep your thoughts to yourself.”

“Oh, it hurts! Why did you hit me so hard”

‘Bull**, I didnt use much strength, hes exaggerating again.

Lil wasnt interested in all his whining about being injured enough to die.

So, she walked away and turned her head to the mansion that emerged beyond the building in front of them.

“Where are we”

Ed, still pretending to be hurt, slowly opened his eyes.

When he realised that his acting didnt work, he quickly straightened his back.

“George Darlans mansion.”

“George Darlan The Count of Amiaeng”


“Oh, was it this close”

Ed looked up.


Wondering how she could bypass the soldiers of the mansion, Lil came to a stop.

After thinking about a solution, she pointed her finger at Ed.

“You told me about the women visiting the Counts bedroom, right Do you know how he gets them”


“Why else”

“Well…What IsWhy else what I think it is Is it like that It is like that!”

Lil didnt have the slightest intention of answering the pouring questions.

“Ugh, you really have a lot to say about this topic, dont you”


Ed didnt answer.

Lil, walking leisurely towards the counts mansion, suddenly questioned him as she noticed he stopped walking again.

She looked back at Ed, who was still standing in the middle of the road, wondering why he wasnt catching up with her.

“What Why do you keep stopping Its getting annoying.”

“The Count… is the worst pervert of them all.”

“So what”

“So what Im sure he wont be able to sit still when he sees you! With your beauty, who knows what hell do!”


In fact, that was what Lil wanted.

“What You might get assaulted by a nobleman! How can you be so calm!”

Lil laughed.

“Huh You think youre my lover or something”

“You said you werent a prostitute!”

“What does that have to do with it Im going to give this count some free service for a chance to meet him.”

“Your taste isnt bald fatties, is it Earlier you said that you liked my appearance and if we both liked each other, we could satisfy our desires.”

Ed appeared as if he was wronged.

‘Whats wrong with him now Wheres this sudden tirade coming from

She concluded she didnt even want to know and watched him indifferently.

“Im better looking than the Count, anyone would say Im much better! No, the comparison itself is disgraceful! And yet, I have to chase you around endlessly just to maybe get one night with you.

Whats so good about an impotent old man”


“Mine is still strong!”

Without looking, Lil could tell where his index finger was pointing at.

“Shut up, just follow me.

Before I make thatstrong thing of yours useless too.”

A gasping sound broke out behind her, but Lil chose to ignore it.

‘If you dont like it, then stop following me.

“Youre so annoying.

Itd be nice if I could just cut you off.”

“What What did you just say”

“Ah, I must have made a slip of the tongue, Im sorry.”

Ed grew pale and shut his mouth.

As they walked a little further the counts mansion, located at the foot of the mountain, became visible.

Lil stopped some distance from the main gate, taking in the beautiful estate.

Inspired by the southern style, the building had no gardens or porches.

Convex terraces and long stairs were provided with exquisite curves and the white colour seemed to be made from crushed corals straight from the ocean.

If you didnt know the house was financed by taking bribes from pirates, itd be truly a sight that left you speechless.

It didnt match the owner at all.

“So, when do his women go in to see him”


Ed was still mumbling about what that pig of a count would do.

He even glanced at her in an unusual way.

Feeling tired of Ed, she shook her head.

“Thats enough! Ill just find out myself.”

Lil ignored Ed and walked forward.

The guard, who was dozing off, sluggishly opened his eyes when she appeared.

She laughed behind her fan as he was rubbing his face.

After she smiled seductively, his flustered cheeks turned even redder.

“Huh, ahem a… woman.

Are you a civilian”

“Do I look like one”


Lil smirked, she already knew how fascinating her smile was to men, to make it even more effective she fluttered with her eyelashes.

Unable to maintain eye contact, the guard looked away first.

His foolish eyes failed to cover his desire when he scanned her chest-exposed dress, curled hair, and thick makeup.

While fanning, Lil spoke leisurely.

“Im Lil, Ill serve the count tomorrow night.

Im here to learn the route.”

The guards legs trembled, incapable of taking his eyes off her bright red lips.

He couldnt stand it anymore, jumped up, and approached her.

As the distance got closer, his face became full of intense temptation.

Ed alternately looked between the guard and Lil.

‘She acted so cold at first, but shes very skilled.

This isnt just your average beauty, but Liloa…

“Do I have to come in here tomorrow”

“No, usually they enter through the side door at the east wing.

If you have an appointment, the carriage will pick you up around midnight, so theres no need for you to learn the route.”

“Oh, I see.

Still, seeing such a beautiful garden, I dont feel like I walked here in vain.”

“But whos that guy”

Lil replied calmly.

“Hes the guy the Madame sends to keep an eye on me.”

‘You said you werent a prostitute!

Eds eyes seemed to be shouting.

‘Its probably a good thing that didnt leave my mouth.

Lils gaze met Eds.

Signalling him that hed be done for if he made a mistake here.

So, Ed arrogantly raised his chin, pretending to be a real brothel bodyguard.

“Have you been working here for a long time”

“No, Ive been promoted to this place from the mainland of the Empire, after serving Count Debussell.

It has just been a few days.”

Ed was barely able to hold back his laughter as he saw the guard proudly lift his chest.

‘Its considered one of the worst demotions if a soldier working on the mainland was relocated in Amiaeng.

Of course, Liloa will know that.

“Will I see you at the side door of the east wing when I go in”

“We take turns, it might be possible if you come at the right time…”

“I always wondered what the mainland would be like, can you tell me a story about that place”

“Sure! What do you want to know”

“Oh, my god! Whos that Is that the Count”

“No, hes the butler in charge of the affairs in the house.”

“Then, is that the Count”

“No, thats the Commander of the security force.”

“Oh, I didnt know that the Commander would always be at the residence.

“Hes not always here, in the evening…”

‘Its indeed a phenomenal ability.

The guard stood closely next to Lil and spilt all the counts private affairs.

‘The Liloa I know would certainly be reluctant to exploit her beauty like this.

But it now seems she has a good reason to use this method.

Well, shes of course free to do whatever she wants.

Shrugging his shoulders, Ed kept observing Lil.

She was using extraordinary techniques.

When she got the answer she wanted, she leaned towards the guard, making her hair caress his nape and ear.

The guard was visible endeavouring to feel the soft touches again.

Lil let the poor guard go after he gave her all the data about his night shift.

‘Thats pretty useful information if youre planning an infiltration.



Flagship: The ship in a fleet the commander is on.



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