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Chapter 4: His Daughter Had Actually Seen It!

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His daughter had actually seen it! Moreover, she thought it was a pile of…poop

Mu Yichen hastily stretched out his hand to cover Tang Tangs eyes while his other pulled the blanket over himself simultaneously.

However, the little dumpling refused to play along at all. She tried to push his hand away while calling out, “Daddy, you pooped your pants and youre still trying to hide the poop under the blanket. Shame on you, Daddy! Tang Tang is going to tell Grandma about this!”

Mu Yichen almost cursed out aloud! He watched as the little dumpling was about to turn around and complain to her grandmother. He moved frantically in an attempt to seize the little girl.

“Wait, Tang Tang! Come back!”

If he were to allow the little girl to run out of the room and propagate the news to the rest of the family, he would truly end up as the joke of the entire family!

Luo Chenxi could not refrain herself from giggling aloud. “Haha! This is the funniest thing Ive seen this year! How many days have you been constipated for”

Mu Yichen suddenly remembered that there was a woman lying next to him. It was still the woman that he hated the most and she had witnessed his exceptionally embarrassed state earlier. He called out softly but dangerously, “Stop laughing.”

Luo Chenxin covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing immediately. However, her shoulders were still quivering continuously.

“Luo Chenxin, I told you to stop laughing!” said Mu Yichen through clenched teeth.

She was laughing so hard that she could not catch her breath. She managed to squeeze out a sentence with great effort, “I…I…I cant hold it in…” Mu Yichens daughter was really too adorable! It was hard to imagine that an iceberg like Mu Yichen could father such a cute daughter.

Exasperated, he was prepared to teach this ignorant woman a lesson. However, Luo Chenxis phone that was placed on the bedside table started ringing. She took a look at the number before she ran to the outside to take the call secretly.

“Miss Luo, we are calling from Yi-Her International Hospital. Your mother, Madam Lu Wenjuns condition has deteriorated. We are performing an emergency treatment for her in the operation theatre. Please come to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Luo Chenxis expression changed drastically. She did not pay attention to the man behind her anymore and made her way to Yi-Her International Hospital in a rush. She waited outside the operation theatre for a few hours until Lu Wenjun was finally out of the woods.

Luo Chenxis eyes welled up with tears when she looked at her mothers ghastly pale face. She thought about the attending physicians words to her earlier.

“Miss Luo, your mothers condition is very critical. She just had an attack half a month ago and it was only a short while before her state of shock triggered another attack. If this were to happen the next time, Im afraid…

“According to your mothers current physical condition, shell only live for another six months even if she isnt triggered by anything. Her only chance of survival is for her to undergo a heart transplant within the next six months. However, its very difficult to find a suitable donor and organ. You must be mentally prepared for…”

Luo Chenxi could not accept such a result regardless. How did her mother suddenly get so shocked that it triggered another attack

“Miss Luo…”

She was in the midst of figuring out the situation when she heard someone call her name. Turning around, she realized that it was Lu Wenjuns assigned physician, Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng was a very skilled medical practitioner that came back to serve his homeland after studying in another country. Eloquent and graceful, he was the walking signboard of Yi-Her Hospital.

“Doctor Lin, do you think that someone did something to my mother which resulted in her sudden heart attack” Luo Chenxi hastily asked.

Lin Sheng heaved a sigh and said, “Thats right. A woman in her forties with permed reddish-brown hair came to her room. She said that Madam Lus ward is too fancy with good facilities. She also claimed that the room costs too much and that the hospital is trying to swindle money out of her. Afterward, she even had a quarrel with Madam Lu…”

Luo Chenxi figured out the situation completely when she heard that. Her face turned red with rage at once. “Oh, I see. Hmph! Doctor Lin, thanks for telling me about this. Im leaving first. Please help to keep an eye on my mothers condition.”

“Wait, Miss Luo, where are you going”

“Im going to get even with someone!”

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Luo Chenxi hailed a cab and made her way to the Luo familys cottage in a rush.

“Young Miss Luo, why are you back so soon”

She shoved the butler away. “Wheres Manya Bring her to me!”

“Huh Youre looking for Madam But…”

She refused to listen to the butler and took it upon herself to run upstairs.

“Luo Chenxi, you low-bred imbecile! Youve certainly grown up in an orphanage because you have no manners! Who gave you the permission to make such a fuss in the Luo household”


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