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Chapter 26: Short-legged Frog

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“You can tell just by looking at her outfit. As a designer, she dresses so poorly. How can she design anything that looks good”

“I wonder what the judging panel was thinking!”

Many people were looking at Luo Chenxi with a strange gaze due to Zuo Xiaoqings provocative remarks. They began discussing amongst themselves.

Luo Chenxi lowered her head to look down at her outfit.

She had just moved into the Mu family yesterday, so she did not even have the time to pack her luggage. She realized that she was still wearing yesterdays outfit because she had run out of time that morning.

In addition, she was not a wealthy person. As a result, not a single piece of her clothing was branded. They were all bargain goods.

At the very least, she did match her outfit meticulously. She was clean and tidy, and her outfit accentuated the strong points of her figure perfectly. How could they call her poorly dressed

Luo Chenxi was rendered speechless. She could not be bothered to pay attention to these people.

However, Zuo Xiaoqing took a quick stride and stopped her in her path before continuing to pester her. “Luo Chenxi, if I were you, I wouldnt come here to embarrass myself today! Do you think that youre still the design genius back in high school Stop dreaming! Youre already crippled after studying in that trash university for four years! Youre no longer worthy to compete against Ivy League graduates like me!

“If youre truly in need of money, why dont I introduce you to a job in a Taobao shop You can design some sketches for them and theyll even pay you $20 a piece!”

Luo Chenxi had not only been an elite student in high school, but she was also pure and beautiful. She had been the prettiest girl in the school and was the goddess of many male students. In the end, she had even been accepted into the Royal Academy of Art in Country Y which was reputed to be theholy grail of art.

It had made Zuo Xiaoqing so jealous that she could not sleep for many nights.

Now that Luo Chenxi was unkempt and troubled, it was great. She was not only expelled by the Royal Academy of Art in Country Y and could only return to her home country to study in a low-class university, but she also could not even afford a decent branded outfit!

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It was finally Zuo Xiaoqings turn to show off and flaunt her prowess!

Upon hearing her words, Luo Chenxi finally turned her head around and sized her up. Flattered, Zuo Xiaoqing shifted her standing angle intentionally in order to let Luo Chenxi look at her branded outfit clearly.

Luo Chenxis lips curled up ever so slightly. “Zuo Xiaoqing, I suppose your dress is from SLs new spring collection, isnt it SLs design this year utilizes the contrast of black and white and neat lines to bring out ones simple elegance and lead the fashion trend in our country this year…”

Zuo Xiaoqing was even more flattered by her words. “It seems like you have rather good foresight. What a waste that you can never afford this in your lifetime!”

Luo Chenxi had an extremely sympathetic expression on her face as she heaved a sigh. “Even though the outfit looks great, the waistline is too low. A tall person in this dress would look very elegant, but on a person with short legs, this is a tragedy! Matched with a pair of mid-top leather boots, it would even separate ones already short legs into three portions and make the person look no different from a frog.”

Upon listening to her comment, Zuo Xiaoqings expression froze. She lowered her head and looked down at her pair of mid-top leather boots on her feet, her temper rising at once

“Luo Chenxi, how dare you call my legs short How could you even call me a frog Youre seeking doom!” She turned red with rage as she charged forward and was about to hit Luo Chenxi.

Luo Chenxi had a startled expression and said in all apparent innocence, “Calm down. Please calm down! I was only saying that this outfit is difficult to match. This is something that every designer should know, isnt it Dont assume that I was talking about you!”


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