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Chapter 16: They Looked Just Like A Normal Pair Of Mother And Daughter

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Tang Tang was not raised by her mother. As a result, the closest female relative to her was her aunt, Mu Weiwei. Usually, Tang Tang would follow Mu Weiwei everywhere when she was unoccupied at home. Mu Weiwei would go to the end of the world for the only little princess in the Mu family as well.

Formerly, Mu Yichen rejoiced tremendously because although his sister was slightly rebellious, she was especially patient when spending time with Tang Tang. Her presence helped to make up for Tang Tangs lack of a maternal presence.

However, who would have thought that Mu Weiwei had actually taught Tang Tang this

I knew that I cant trust that little sister of mine!

No wonder Grandmother said that Tang Tang would still need a mother.

Just as Mu Yichen was still troubled by the situation, Tang Tang had already taken it upon herself to crawl up to the sofa. Then, she crawled onto Luo Chenxis body and wrapped her arms around her neck.


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“Good girl, Tang Tang. Its late. Why arent you sleeping yet”

The soft, fuzzy little dumpling threw herself into Luo Chenxis arms, overwhelming her. She hastily supported her little buttocks and cradled Tang Tang into her arms in fear that the little girl would fall.

“Tang Tang was waiting for you to come home! Miss, why did you sneak away secretly in the morning Tang Tang has been looking for you everywhere for a long time!”

Luo Chenxi could not help being stunned for a moment upon hearing Tang Tangs remarks.

What was happening Tang Tang had obviously left her in an inconsolable crying state this morning. How did it end up with her being the person that snuck away secretly now

Luo Chenxi became even more confused as she looked at the little dumplings expression as if she had to complain about being wronged. Hastily, she turned her head to the man by her side, seeking for his help.

Mu Yichen was dumbstruck with bewilderment as he watched the woman and the child hugging each other in an extraordinarily intimate manner. He could still clearly remember how Tan Yueru had taken Tang Tang away while she was still weeping sadly this morning.

It was not that long ago when he was still worried that this mornings event might emotionally traumatize Tang Tang to the point that she might need psychiatric treatment again.

On the contrary, the situation now…

Tang Tang had actually taken it upon herself to crawl into the womans arms and even looked like she trusted and depended on that woman! They looked just like a normal pair of mother and daughter.

How could this be possible Every time the mother and daughter met each other in the past, it would end with Tang Tang being so frightened that she would have an emotional breakdown.

Luo Chenxi felt helpless when she noticed that Mu Yichen did not respond to her. She could only give a forced explanation, “I have to go to work in the morning!”

“Work Why do you have to work” Tang Tangs soft, chubby face puffed up with a puzzled look.

“I have to work so that I can make some money. With the money, I can buy you some yummy treats, Tang Tang!” Luo Chenxi chirped while she pinched her adorable little face.

Tang Tang was truly the cutest little girl that she had ever seen. Her adorable smile made a person feel like giving her the best things in the world.

Still, Tang Tang was even more puzzled upon hearing her answer. “Why do you have to work to make money Why dont you just ask for money from Daddy”

Since she was young, she would ask her daddy to give her whatever she wanted and her daddy would just buy it for her!

“Cough, cough, cough…” Luo Chenxi could not refrain himself from choking.

Ask Mu Yichen for money Judging by how much he loathed her, she bet that he would send her away with a slap if she were to do that!

Luo Chenxi shuddered from fear just at the thought of how he looked when he lost his temper. She hugged Tang Tang tighter and explained, “Thats because you are daddys daughter and Im not. That is why I cant take your daddys money.”

The little dumpling was obviously quite confused by the logic of this situation. She wrinkled her nose and pondered for a moment before she looked at Luo Chenxi in sympathy. “Tang Tang understands now. It must be because Daddy is too stingy.”

“No, no, no, this is not your daddys fault…” Luo Chenxi was at a loss for words.

“Aunt said that a man who doesnt let his woman use his money is stingy. Daddy is stingy!” Tang Tang concluded in a disdainful tone.


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