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Chapter 279 - Shen Shanshan looked like she had something to say too.


“Go,” said Ning Zhi deliberately.

“Look, Sister Huang’s husband went too.”

Sister Huang was the wife of the married male colleague.

Ning Zhi had already noticed it earlier that Lu Jue was mimicking how that male colleague was taking care of his wife earlier.

Lu Jue looked across from them and, sure enough, the male colleague had already gone over.

Ning Zhi said to him, “All the male colleagues are over there.

You should go chat with them too.

Come back and spend time with me later.”

After a long while, Lu Jue finally gave Ning Zhi a longing look before he slowly got up and took off.

Wei Xing quickly followed behind him.”

Ning Zhi was already full.

She sat where she was and sipped her fruit juice leisurely.

Right then, Lu Jue’s spot next to her was taken by someone.

She looked over.

It was Shen Shanshan.

Ning Zhi lifted her brows.

Sister Huang who was across from her and the girlfriend of another male colleague, too, had walked over.

The male colleagues were chatting among themselves and them women also formed their own circle.

“You don’t mind me calling you Xiao Zhi, do you” Sister Huang was outgoing and used to warming up to people quickly.

Ning Zhi shook her head.

“No, I don’t.”

“You and your husband are like two peas in a pod.

Are you two newly wed” Sister Huang was gossipy.

Only young newly weds are so lovey-dovey.

Ning Zhi nodded casually.

“It’s so nice to be newly wed.” Sister Huang sighed with envy.

Then, she changed the subject suddenly, “But, you don’t know about Wei Xing’s matter, do you”

“Hmm” Ning Zhi was a little baffled.

She didn’t understand why she brought up Assistant Wei.

“I heard you bringing up Assistant Wei’s girlfriend.” Sister Huang lowered her voice suddenly.

“Assistant Wei’s girlfriend is not around anymore.”

Ning Zhi was taken aback a little.

She looked stunned and caught offguard.

“Speaking of, Wei Xing is certainly a loyal and pitiful person.”

Sister Huang reminded Ning Zhi.

“Try not to mention Wei Xing’s girlfriend in front of him in the future.

He might look alright but he certainly is sad inside.

Why else would he still have her on his mind after such a long time.”

Ning Zhi thought about Wei Xing’s behavior earlier.

It didn’t seem problematic at all.

“Do you know something, Sister Huang”

“My husband was the one training him when Wei Xing interned at the company.

That’s why he knew a lot about him.”

Sister Huang told them, “I heard from my husband that when Wei Xing graduated, someone organized a dinner gathering.

There was an accident that day and not only did Wei Xing’s girlfriend died, but it was also said that one of their professors died as well.

It was all over the news at the time.”

“Wei Xing was very devastated and had crumbled.

Both my husband and I thought that he would be depressed for a long while but he suddenly snapped out of it one day and picked himself back up.

But he pretended that his girlfriend is still around.”

Sister Huang felt bad for the young man.

The eyes of a male colleague’s girlfriend reddened.

It was obvious that she was an emotional one.

Ning Zhi remained silent.

She had met Wei Xing’s girlfriend once during one of the trips.

She didn’t know that she was already gone.

And she had talked about how much Wei Xing loved her girlfriend all day long today.

“As such, everyone on the team knew what is going on when Wei Xing talks about his girlfriend, but there’s not much we can say or do.”

Sister Huang signed.

“Neeways, let’s change a subject.

I just wanted to give you a reminder is all.”

Ning Zhi nodded.

Wie Xing looked too outgoing.

It was difficult for Ning Zhi to imagine that his girlfriend was no longer around.

Remaining silent for a little while, she looked over at Shen Shanshan sitting next to her.

It looked like there was something that she wanted to say to her.

Ning Zhi always trusted her own instinct.

She felt that this Shen Shanshan was interested in Lu Jue.


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