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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 30: Sudden Confrontation

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Chapter 30: Sudden Confrontation

Chapter 30: Sudden Confrontation

Has he been hiding his power this entire time The magic power of that spell just now should be around 2,500! And its only a Tier 1 magic spell! Miss Camille was shocked by the results.

Just yesterday, Leos magic power with Black Bullet was only about 1,800 to 1,900 even when he overcharged it. However, his magic power had suddenly jumped by over 500 in a single day, which wasnt normal even by genius standards.

Therefore, Miss Camille could only come to the conclusion that Leo had been hiding his true power.

“I-It doesnt count. The Steel Feather Long Leg is still alive, so it doesnt count.” She eventually said in a cold voice, feeling like she had been tricked.

“Oh well.” Leo shrugged.

They returned to looking for more monsters shortly after.

After encountering a Sharp Tooth Wolf, Leo used Black Bullet on it, killing it without needing to overcharge it.

Not bad. Although I wont know the exact amount, its safe to say that my magic power has increased significantly after the purchase. This Magic System is truly a godsend. Leo thought to himself as he went to harvest the monsters mana core.

Leo looked at his progress for his quest.

[Quest: Kill Monsters]

[Description: Kill 10 monsters using magic]

[Time Limit: 30 days]

[Reward: 3,000 Magic Experience, 15 Magic Points]

[Progress: 4/10]

I killed four monsters with magic I guess that ostrich died due to blood loss.

At the end of the day, Leo returned to the city with Miss Camille.

“40 mana cores… I have managed to kill even more monsters today!” Leo smiled as he stared at the mana cores spread out on his bed.

As for his quest, he only needed to kill three more monsters with magic to complete it.

The following day, Miss Camille said to him, “You will be entering the Wilderness by yourself today. Your goal is to kill 10 monsters.”

“Im going by myself!” Leo was dumbfounded. He didnt think shed leave him alone so quickly. “After seeing your progress and confidence for the past two days, I think youll do fine by yourself. Just dont wander too far from the city.”

“I dont know… Isnt it a little too early for me to go alone”

“The earlier you can go outside by yourself the better. Or do you want me to hold your hands forever” She asked.

“I would actually like that— even though I know its not possible.” Leo smiled.

Sometime later, Miss Camille brought Leo outside the safe zone, where she left him alone.

“Come back before 6 PM.”

“Wait… How do I know where to go Im not like you, who can walk around without a map.”

Miss Camille proceeded to hand him a flat device that resembled a phone, but there was only one function to it.

“Press this button and it will open up a map. This device also has a built-in GPS tracker, so you will know where you are at all times. I have already marked this location. Whenever youre ready to come back, just follow the device back here.”

“This is pretty neat. How far does this thing track” Leo asked as he fiddled with the device.

“Fifty miles around the city. Then I will see you later.” Miss Camille turned around and started driving back to the city shortly after.

“She really left me alone…” Leo mumbled to himself as he watched her figure disappear into the distance.

After standing there without moving for a full minute to sink in the fact that he was truly alone in the Wilderness, Leo began walking further away from the city.

Now that he was alone, he had to be even more cautious and alert of his surroundings.

An hour later, Leo stopped and sighed, “How does Miss Camille find the monsters When I am with her, we would encounter one every ten to fifteen minutes.”

He realized that without Miss Camille, finding a monster was even more challenging than defeating one!

“No wonder why she only told me to kill 10 monsters. She knew that this would happen!”

Since there was nothing he could do besides wander aimlessly and hope to encounter a monster, that was what he did.

Eventually, he encountered his first monster of the day, and it was another Sharp Tooth Wolf.

Leo decided to use magic to kill this monster since he still needed three more kills to complete his quest.

After killing it with a single Black Bullet, he went to harvest its mana core.

“I still cant seem to get used to this even though Ive been doing it for two days now…” He sighed as he dug out the mana core from the monsters forehead.

After tossing the mana core into his Spatial Ring, Leo continued to look for more monsters.

Fortunately, he ran into another one about ten minutes later.

However, after that, he would not find another monster for another hour.

[ 3,000 Magic Experience, 15 Magic Points]


[Quest: Kill Monsters]

[Description: Kill 50 monsters]

[Time Limit: 30 days]

[Reward: 5,000 Magic Experience, 25 Magic Points]

“Oh Since it doesnt specify whether I need to use magic or not, I can kill monsters with whatever and still progress, right”

Leo continued his training after a short break.

After walking for a few minutes, he came to a halt when he suddenly heard noises coming from his right side.

Sounds like somebody is fighting over there…

Leo pondered for a moment before walking towards the sound.

When he was with Miss Camille, even though they would hear people fighting nearby, they would never approach them for some reason. In fact, they have not seen any other Adventurer for the past two days, almost as though they were purposefully avoiding other Adventurers.

A few minutes later, Leo could finally see the situation ahead, where a group of three Adventurers were fighting with a single Sharp Tooth Wolf, and they appeared to be struggling against it.

Seriously Why are they having so much trouble when they have three people fighting it Leo thought to himself as he watched them from afar.

The group struggled for a few more minutes before finally subduing the monster.

“Are you guys okay” Leo approached them afterward.

To his surprise, when the group noticed his presence, they immediately aimed their weapons at him.

“Stay back or we will attack!” One of them shouted at him.

“Whoa! Calm down!” Leo subconsciously raised his hands to show that he was not a threat.


However, the group did not let their guards down and even became more aggressive.

“All right! Ill leave you guys alone!”

Without any choice, Leo turned around and started walking away.

Whats their problem He thought to himself.

After taking a few steps, Leo suddenly had an uneasy feeling in his guts.


He heard someone behind him shout.

Leo immediately turned around to see that one of the people in the group had casted magic, and a ball of fire was flying in his direction.

“What the **!” Leo cursed out loud and subconsciously used Black Bullet on the incoming fireball, shooting it right in the air and causing it to explode.

The group were stunned by what they had just witnessed and froze for a moment.

“What the hell is your problem!” Leo shouted at them afterward, his heart throbbing with agitation.

However, the group did not respond.

Two of them even started running at him with their weapons raised.

One of them had a sword and the other had an axe.

Leo quickly readied his sword and prepared to fight them.

Once they were close enough, the two Adventurers with a weapon attacked Leo from two different angles.

Leo dodged one of the attacks with ease before deflecting the other with his sword.

“Lets calm down and talk about this, okay!” Leo tried to talk to them, but they ignored him.


Their third member casted another magic spell at him.

“Damn it!” Leo had no choice but to use his weapon to intercept the attack since he didnt have the luxury to cast magic.

After cutting the fireball in half, the magic dissipated, which had a different reaction than before since it didnt explode.

However, he had no time to think about what had just happened because the other two Adventurers were already swinging their weapons at him.

Leo was able to block one of them, but—

Shit! I cant dodge this one!

Leo cried inwardly as he prepared for the worst.



A painful scream came from the person behind him, and before Leo could turn around to see what had happened, a golden spear struck the man in the front, killing him instantly.

This magic is… Leo recognized this magic, but he was still trying to process everything else.

“W-Whos there!” The last person in the group shouted in a terrified voice as he looked around in a panicked manner.

A few moments later, he could see a person appearing in the distance. She was a beautiful woman with a cold expression on her face, and she was holding a spear made of golden light in one of her hands.

“Miss—” Before Leo could even call out to her, Miss Camille tossed the spear in her hand.

The spear flew right past Leo and struck the terrified man a few meters away, killing him as well.

Leo looked at the gruesome scene with a horrified look on his face. This was his first time seeing human corpses, much less witnessing people being killed right before his eyes.


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