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Ji Lingchen was about to look away when he suddenly saw a strange scar on the girls arm.

This scar…suddenly triggered a memory for Ji Lingchen.

That year, he had searched for that lost little girl for a whole fifteen years!

Ji Lingchens breathing quickened.

He looked at the girl who was dressed like a Native American and strode forward to grab the girls arm.

He asked, “Who are you”

Liu Siyus eyes widened in shock.

‘Oh my God, isnt this the despicable man from Xiaonuans house! She hurriedly turned to look at Fang Xiaonuan, who was still fighting in the arena.

“Oh my God!” Liu Siyu struggled free of Ji Lingchens grip and quickly ran into the crowd.

“Xiaoyu!” Ji Lingchen shouted as he looked at the fleeing girl.

He had originally come to look for his wife, but when he saw this girl, he completely lost sight of his wife.

It was as if there was only a girl named “Xiaoyu” in his world right now.

He chased after that figure.

Liu Siyu turned around and saw him chasing after her.

She was extremely vexed.

“Im done for.

Im completely done for!”

She squeezed through the crowd and ran to the side of the arena.

“Xiaowen, this is bad.

This is bad.

Ji Lingchen is here!”

Ji Wen thought he had heard wrongly.

Liu Siyu pointed behind her.

“Im not lying to you.

Your uncle is here.

I saw it with my own eyes.”

When Ji Wen heard that his uncle was here, his legs went weak.

“F*ck! Siyu, dont scare me.

How could my uncle know about this place He doesnt have a card either.

How did he get in”

Liu Siyu turned around and saw Ji Lingchen again.

Ji Wen looked behind her and indeed saw his uncle without any face paint! At this moment, he even thought he might have to pick out his own coffin.

Liu Siyu thought that at this time, she would be able to run as fast as she could.

She said, “Xiaowen, dont blame me for being disloyal.

Now that disaster is approaching, we can only run separately.

Good luck to you and Xiaonuan.

Ill leave first.

See you another day!”

After saying that, she turned around and ran away, leaving Ji Wen there.

His knees were already trembling.

His uncle was glaring daggers in his direction.

Ji Lingchen could still recognize his nephew no matter how well Ji Wen disguised himself.

He slowly walked towards Ji Wen, his expression gloomy.

With every step he took, Ji Wen felt as if his life had been shortened by a second.

His heartbeat quickened.

He was about to be frightened to death by his uncles powerful aura.

As for the woman in the arena, just as she was about to win, she suddenly saw a special man in the crowd.

She opened her mouth in shock and had already forgotten to take advantage of the situation to pursue her opponent.

That… that person was… was her husband.

How did he find this place The competition was no longer important, nor was it important to advance.

She directly jumped down from the stage.

T and the audience were very puzzled.

What wasNan Nan doing

Fang Xiaonuan could not care less and directly expressed with her actions that she wanted to desert the fight! If she did not run now, she might lose her life if she continued to fight.

She could not care less.

It was impossible for her to grab Ji Wen and run away with him.

It was better to save her own life first.

She quickly fled the scene.

This caused quite a commotion in the arena.

On the stage, they began to speak Thai.

Ji Lingchen had already walked in front of his nephew.

Ji Wen immediately raised his hands and made a surrender gesture.

“Where is your aunt” Ji Wen subconsciously looked for the woman in the ring and was stunned.

‘F*ck, where is she

Only then did Ji Wen realize that Fang Xiaonuan and Liu Siyu teammates had tricked him.

They each ran for their lives.

Only he was unlucky enough to be caught.

When Fang Xiaonuan ran out, she was only wearing a vest.

She put her hands on her hips and gasped for air.

She had almost run out of breath.

“You ran out too” A voice suddenly came from behind her.

Fang Xiaonuan was shocked.

She turned around and saw that it was her best friend, Liu Siyu.

Due to the same lack of loyalty, the two of them met outside.

“Xiaoyu, f*ck you! Why didnt you inform me when you ran out I was still enjoying the fight on the stage when I suddenly saw my husband walking over.”

“My mind went blank and I immediately jumped off the stage and ran out.

Right now, its probably a mess inside.

Theres no hope for me to advance today.”

Liu Siyu stood at the side and quibbled, “You still dare to talk about me I looked into your husbands eyes and even spoke to him.

He wanted to catch me.

If I didnt run, I wouldve died! Was I supposed to wait for that”

“Thats my husband.

What are you afraid of Why would he kill you” Fang Xiaonuan said.

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