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I had to figure out where it went wrong.

From what I could remember, I must have stepped forward with both legs, but why am I sitting on Baek Tae-beom’s thighs It’s also in a somewhat sloppy position.

Baek Tae-beom coolly spoke to me, who was confused.

“Hyung… fell from heaven.”




The eyes of the people in the cafe were fixed on us.

Baek Tae-beom said in a crawling voice in the buzzing atmosphere as if they had all seen something strange.

“…Will you come down, no, can you”


I came down from Baek Tae-beom’s lap with a flustered face and sat on the opposite side of the table as naturally as possible.

Effortlessly letting the muffled voices around us through one ear and out the other.

“Every time you show up… You appear in unusual ways.

This is also your skill, right

“Ah, what.


Baek Tae-beom didn’t seem to feel awkward about it and spoke as if it was great.

That made me feel ashamed again.

This is a skill that can only be used on you, and I can’t explain in detail that I almost saw your naked body today, so I just skimmed it around.

“By the way, Hyung, I don’t understand exactly what a constellation is.

I was changing this morning, and they suddenly gave me 100 coins saying they sponsored me… Are they spying on my every move”


“Is my constellation a pervert”

Without saying anything, I closed my mouth and opened it, repeatedly.

I wanted to shout that it wasn’t like that, but if it was discovered that I was the constellation of Baek Tae-beom, there was a greater possibility that things would get worse.

“…He, a constellation is a god-like being, you know”


“Kind of.

An absolute being watching us… It’s something like that.

So, even if you are changing clothes, they wouldn’t have much thought about it, right”


Really, I have never admired how handsome you were or the fact that I saw your naked body.

Baek Tae-beom nodded as if he was convinced by what I said.

“My constellation is like that, too.

They’re just watching us because it’s fun… .”


Baek Tae-beom made a slightly conflicted face.

He must have seen the news today too.

Monsters that came out of the unbreakable dungeons killed people and destroyed buildings.

The government tried to deal with it somehow, but the number of Awakened people dispatched was not enough, so people were disgruntled.

Monsters could not be defeated with the power of the army, where most of the palate was awakened, so the Ministry of National Defense was trying to recruit the awakened as much as possible.

It wasn’t just the government.

Various large corporations were also in turmoil.

In particular, the Hansung Group, the largest company in Korea, was in a state of calling in awakeners to sign exclusive contracts with hunters, offering better conditions than the government.

Even if you make a contract with a private company, you can only enter the dungeons with the government’s permission.

Above all, in the case of the Hansung group, in the future, it would even be up within the top three and later, will rank as the number one guild, so it may be good in many ways if I join there.

Later on, the government established the Hunter Association and developed a new device that will divide the hunter classes from F to S.

It would be good if Baek Tae-beom, who will become an S-rank hunter in the future, also entered the most powerful Hansung company.


“Should I report that I am an Awakened”

As Baek Tae-beom spoke carefully, I shook my head.

“Not yet.”

Baek Tae-beom still belongs somewhere.

The first Monster Incident will occur in the aftermath of the excessive crowding of Hunters in the metropolitan area.

The reason for the incident is that monsters burst out of the dungeons that could not be targeted due to the shortage of manpower, causing the local area to become a swampy field.

Hunters would try to take control of it belatedly.

However, because of the monsters that poured out from nearby dungeons, they were outnumbered.

Neither were there many hunters who were skillful at using their abilities at that time.

So the Seoul metropolitan area became quickly bombarded.

In the process of defense, there would be many deaths, regardless of whether they were civilians or awakened, and even monsters who were trying to eat the corpses gathered, Seoul would soon become a place of chaos.

Even the president would be seriously injured.

Anyway, before that happens, Baek Tae-beom and I had to prepare and make some changes.

I could easily hide in , but Baek Tae-beom had a younger brother to protect.

“It won’t be too late to report in after the situation becomes more stable.

If you become a member, you may be suddenly put into a dangerous dungeon, or even lose your life if you were to make a mistake.

The university is…on a leave of absence for now.

If not, it will be sorted out within a few months.

Besides, you have a younger brother.”

You must take care of your brother.

If your brother dies, the end of the world will be hastened.

I spoke with particular emphasis on the word brother.

“Okay, Hyung.

You’re very reliable.”

“What reliable….”

“My constellation doesn’t tell me that.”

Baek Tae-beom then smiled awkwardly.

“Are they listening to all of this”

Yes, you jerk.

I’m listening.

“Well, I guess so.

But, Beom-ah.

Your constellation will probably be on your side under any circumstances, so don’t worry too much.”

“Under any circumstances”

“Yeah, just.

Unless you were a weirdo, I would have signed a contract with you because I liked you.”

I said as believable as I could, wrapping myself up.

Someday, Baek Tae-beom will know.

Tae-beom-ah, Hyung has a plan, you see.

While doing that.

Such a day will surely come.

Then the table began to shake faintly.

And at the same time as I felt the abnormality, Bang! 

There was the sound of a sudden explosion, and Baek Tae-beom quickly jumped up from his seat.

We weren’t the only ones who were surprised.

People inside the cafe were screaming.

The explosion came from the other side of the street.

“What’s going on”

“Let’s go, Hyung.”

Baek Tae-beom said urgently.

The building where the explosion occurred was a shopping mall on the opposite side.

However, there was no visible fire or smoke.

It looked like the entrance to the shopping mall was open like a cave entrance, and a man dressed in black was blocking it in front of it.

And in front of him, another man stomped his feet and shouted.

“My Dongsaeng is in there!”

“The general public is prohibited from entering here, you can’t go in.”

“Shit, you’re… Who do you think you are Get out of the way, will you”

The young man, who had tried to swing his fist at the man in black several times, was quickly suppressed and became subdued on the floor.

When Baek Tae-beom saw it, he jumped and ran.

“Are you okay”

“Damn it… heu, keuuk….”

The young man burst into tears and cried in Baek Tae-beom’s arms.

Baek Tae-beom, who watched him bitterly, asked the man in black with a firm expression.

“What’s going on”

“The public is prohibited from entering due to a crack that seems to be the appearance of the dungeon.”


“A sign of a dungeon appearance.”

Saying that, the man took out a dungeon detection radar from his arms.

It looked like what Kim Yong-tae and Yoo Jin-woo had, except it was much more luxurious-looking.

Its wavelength was clearly pointing to this building, flashing red as if to signal danger.

But who is this guy

Feeling that something was off, I opened up his information.


[Summary of Individual’s Information.]

[Lee Myung-won of the Dark Voice]

[Title: Dark Voice

Status: Unable to verify.

Contracted Constellation: One Who Is More Dazzling than The Sun

Coins possessed: Unable to verify.

Skills possessed: [Intuition] [Hand of the Golden Sun] [For the Sake of Light]

An Awakened who has contracted with a higher rank constellation.

Caution is required.]


And as soon as I opened his information, Lee Myung-won turned his head and said, looking at me.

“…What did you just do”


“You did something… Didn’t you”

“I didn’t do anything”

I said, with an air of fake innocence.

“That’s strange….”

Ignoring Lee Myung-won who was muttering, I fiddled my nervous fingers.

When I said that I had felt strange, it was because he was a character who appeared in .

He is also second-in-command of the Hansung Guild, and the person who appeared as an assistant to the main character, Kang Si-hoo.

Why is such a man here

‘Could it be that he noticed me because of that skill, ’

While I was checking Lee Myung-won’s state, Baek Tae-beom, who was supporting the young man, said.

“Then, let us in.”

“You’re an Awakened”

“That’s right.”

Lee Myung-won licked his lips as if contemplating for a moment, and then shook his head.

“It’s still a no.”

“Why not I am not an ordinary person.”

“That… It doesn’t matter.”

“Hey, you said his Dongsaeng was trapped inside.”

“We have requested assistance.

Please wait a little longer.”

Baek Tae-beom clenched his fists in an angry expression.

Wanting something like this to happen, I quickly grabbed Lee Myung-won’s clothes.

“What the…!”

“You didn’t come from the government, but the Hansung group.

Is that right”

“…How did you know that”

Lee Myung-won shook my hand off in an instant and began to look at me with a wary look.


[The constellation, ‘The One Who Is More Dazzling than The Sun’ is looking at you.]


I felt my body stiffen for a moment, but I spoke casually.

“I’ve already encountered an Awakened from the government.”

I could see Lee Myung-won’s eyes sway for a moment at my lie.

“If not the government, but a company that monopolized dungeons like this, your image will only get worse, right”

“Monopolized, you say”

The onlookers were gathering increasingly because of the explosion earlier.

“I’m safe now….”

“If the company isn’t monopolizing the dungeon for its rewards, then why didn’t you let us in even though we are Awakened Aren’t you too complacent in a situation where more casualties may occur”

“That’s not, that’s not why….”

Lee Myung-won wrinkled his forehead as he saw the onlookers whispering nearby.

“I don’t even know your skills, how could I let you in”

“Then, you can come too.

What’s your name

“…Lee Myung-won.”

“Alright, Lee Myung-won-ssi.

Right now, this person’s dongsaeng is stuck in there, and there may be others with him too, right This is an urgent matter, so should you really be acting like this”

I spoke slowly and persuaded Lee Myung-won.

“If you truly don’t want to monopolize the rewards of the dungeon, I think it’s right for you to enter with us now.

You do have someone else to guard the dungeon, right I hope you didn’t come here alone.”


“We’re trying to save people, not anything else.

Can’t we do that”

Lee Myung-won looked down at me quietly and took out a radio.

He said a few words I didn’t understand, and soon, a man in black approached us from somewhere.

Good sympathy was not the only reason why I was so active.

Baek Tae-beom doesn’t know much about this dungeon.

However, if this dungeon really is ‘that’ dungeon, we had to enter it so recklessly.

Because that dungeon contains ‘That’ item that Lee Myung-won owned in the original story of .

I had to get it.


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TC :

HoshiMiya: The plot is getting a take-off, huh

Ake: Tae-beom: “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven There’s no way— Because you fell on my lap.

Was it comfortable, my angel” (:

(*Dongsaeng – little brother/sister; but does not necessarily mean they are your actual little brother/sister by blood.

*Hyung –  older brother/ and males use this term to refer to someone, older than them.

-Ssi – is like san from Japanese/ Mr.

or Ms.

from English

-Ah – is like chan/kun from Japanese)


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