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To Pay a New Year Call (1)


At first, Mu Mingtang could not bring herself to ignore Xie Xuanchen’s request to accompany him to sleep but after quickly glancing at the maids, she decided to ignore her husband’s request and said, “I have something else to do.

You go to sleep by yourself.”


“If you don’t accompany me, I won’t be able to sleep properly.

Moreover, I also have a headache.” Xie Xuanchen said in a stubborn voice.


‘God!’ Mu Mingtang looked speechlessly at Xie Xuanchen.


There were many maids around their bedroom so they had almost no privacy. Mu Mingtang wanted to avoid Xie Xuanchen because she didn’t want to be laughed at by the maids later.

Unfortunately for her, Xie Xuanchen held her shoulders and didn’t let her go.


“No, I just got up.” She refused to cooperate with Xie Xuanchen.


“So, what is the problem Can’t you sleep again after you get up”


As the maids lowered their eyes and showed knowing smiles after listening to Xie Xuanchen’s words, Mu Mingtang shyly coughed and said to them in a dignified manner, “You are not needed here.

Go and set the table.”


After maids left, Mu Mingtang immediately moved to Xie Xuanchen’s side and glared at him angrily: “Sit down quickly.

Where is your dignity Do you want the servants to see how the head of the family is making a fool of himself”


“They can think whatever they like.

Besides, I don’t need to look like the head of the family when I am with you.”


“But I need to.” Mu Mingtang said in a serious tone.

“Get up quickly.

You have affected my dignified image.”


Xie Xuanchen sighed reluctantly and raised his head to look at Mu Mingtang.

Mu Mingtang suddenly noticed that his eyes had turned red because of the lack of sleep.


As soon as Mu Mingtang saw how tired Xie Xuanchen was, her heart softened a little and she said in a gentle voice, “It’s not good to sleep with an empty stomach so quickly eat first.”


Although Mu Mingtang just had her breakfast, she could not help but sit at the table with Xie Xuanchen to accompany him to eat.

It’s almost noon now, so they could use this meal as their lunch.


After eating, Mu Mingtang told the servants to tidy up the dining room and went to the bedroom with Xie Xuanchen.

Just as they laid on the bed, Xie Xuanchen hugged Mu Mingtang and put his chin on her shoulder.

As he held her so gently, Mu Mingtang felt that Xie Xuanchen was using her shoulder as a pillow.

After a while, Mu Mingtang also began to feel sleepy and silently yawned.


Mu Mingtang immediately felt embarrassed, ‘Why do I feel sleepy again’


Xie Xuanchen could feel that Mu Mingtang was also feeling sleepy as he was still leaning on her shoulder.

He could not stop himself from silently laughing.


Mu Mingtang knew that Xie Xuanchen was laughing at her because she could feel the slight vibration of Xie Xuanchen’s chest.


“What are you laughing at” Mu Mingtang asked while feeling shy.


“Since you are also feeling sleepy, let’s sleep together for a while.

Anyway, there’s nothing to do today.” Xie Xuanchen’s voice was filled with laziness.


“But there are still a lot of gift cards piled up outside.”


Xie Xuanchen immediately opened his eyes and looked at her.

“So, are they more important than me”


“You are important.

You are important.” Mu Mingtang’s impatient voice echoed in the room.


At first, Mu Mingtang only planned to accompany Xie Xuanchen until he fell asleep, but she also accidentally fell asleep beside Xie Xuanchen after listening to his soft breathing.


The two of them slept until the afternoon as maids didn’t dare to disturb them.

However, there was a guest from the palace, and obviously, they didn’t know how to deal with them.

The maids hesitated at the door of the bedroom, not knowing whether to knock or not.

However, before they came up with an idea, Xie Xuanchen woke up by himself.


Xie Xuanchen heard noises at the door and woke up soon.

When he stood up, he felt that his sleeve was caught in something.


When he looked back, he found Mu Mingtang sleeping peacefully while pressing down on his sleeve so he immediately stopped moving, fearing waking her up.

At first, he tried to gently pull out his sleeve.

But in the end, he gave up on it because he didn’t dare to take the risk of waking her up, so he took off his coat carefully and put it on her.


When the maids felt a movement inside the room and  found that Xie Xuanchen had woken up, they hurriedly knelt down, “My lord.”


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