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In the waiting room, she was reading the 12th Volume of “I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World is at Peace” as usual.

On the seat opposite her, although it was unclear how she was doing it in her costume, was sitting, drinking coffee.

After a while, Serious-senpai finished reading the book and exhaled lightly.


[Fuuuu…… Fumu.]

[Whats the matter Isnt your reaction too light]


Normally, after she finished reading a volume, she would give her personal impressions and complaints in the name of introducing the contents of the volume, but at the moment, Serious-senpai had a somewhat complicated expression on her face.


[The first part of the volume is serious, with many additions compared to the Web Novel, and the final part comes together in what can best be described as a grand circle.

After that, the story takes a heartwarming turn, eventually leading to the next major arc, the Six Kings Festival…… The overall balance is very good, with a good balance of serious, heartwarming, and lovey-dovey elements.]

[Thats a good thing, isnt it Isnt it satisfying for Senpai to have serious developments Why do you have that complicated expression on your face then]

[……W- Well, its because I cant complain about the whole thing…… that I dont have anything to say about it.]

[What a pain in the ass.]


As Serious-senpai, who would normally be clamoring for a serious development, became dissatisfied that she lost her role in this series when she did get what she wanted, astoundedly remarked how troublesome she is.


[……Well, putting aside Serious-senpais silly thoughts, I have a few questions in mind……]

[Thats quite outrageous of you to say that…… So, whats your question]

[Well, including this coffee…… Doesnt it seem like the stuff in this room has been increasing]


As she said that, looked around the waiting room and saw that there was more coffee, other foodstuffs and various other things in the room.

Not only that, the interior also looked as if it had been remodeled, having what appeared to be a system kitchen installed before she knew it.


[……Was Senpai able to get out of this room]

[I cant get out.

The door doesnt open…… I mean, if I really could get out of here, youd see me over there in the main story.]


This waiting room is a strange room, where “people other than Serious-senpai” can come and go freely, but no matter how hard she tries, Serious-senpai was unable to get out because shes Serious-senpai.


[Right…… Then, where did all these items come from]

[Theyre here because someone like a “God of Logistics” has been coming here recently……]

[God of Logistics]

[Unnn, “her existence in itself is like a minefield”, but shes really godlike when it comes to logistics, and she does straightforwardly listen to my requests, so my environment here has improved dramatically.]

[……It seems like you met someone good () huh.]

[……No, my overall assessment of her is that shes “a dangerous person with a screw loose in her head”.]


The reason for the changes in the waiting was the deeds of Makina, who had been here for the previous two volumes, and was making major renovations with her omniscient and omnipotent power.

For that matter, Serious-senpai is sincerely grateful…… but even if she is grateful, her perception of Makina being a dangerous person still wont change.


[……A dangerous person Shes one of those who calls up others to gang up on someone]

[Shes totally on a different level than them! I mean, Ill say this now, but rather than me being related to her, shes more related to you!!!]


[Even though there would have been some kind of ruckus if you had come while shes in here, what the heck is with that clean swapping of you two Geez, youve already met on the Web Novel, so you dont need to take such considerations!]

[……Ahh~~ I see now…… I could guess the gist of the situation.]


Within her stuffed costume, , who had guessed who the dangerous person Serious-senpai was talking about, smiled wryly as she thought of her best friend, whom she has yet to meet again in the Light Novel.


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