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1027 - White God Festival, Evening ⑧

After receiving the souvenirs from Chronois-san and Life-san, I used the Teleportation Circle placed in Fate-sans temple to teleport to the Sanctuary as planned.

What surprised me though was when I teleported was that the view in the Sanctuary was in the evening as the sun was setting…… I wonder why even though the sky is blue, the scenery around us is dyed in red……

Well, theres no point in going into details about the strange phenomena around me. Since it was Shiro-san were talking about here, she must have acquired knowledge of some sort.


Moreover, the scenery of the entire Sanctuary seems to have changed a bit. I mean, theres some kind of stone-paved pathway now, and looking at the setting sun kinda reminds me of a temple festival.

The flower garden is still there…… but that really isnt the case at all, as looking closely, I can see that the color scheme has changed quite a bit to match the cobblestone path.


As I walked along the stone-paved pathway, I found a little open space with a wooden table and chairs, and Shiro-san was standing in front of them.

Her long silvery-white hair was tied up in a ponytail, but what caught my attention more than that was her outfit. She was dressed in a white yukata with flowers drawn on it, her obi was a subdued dark blue and she was wearing womens geta.

(T/N: Obi is that sash tied in womens stomach while wearing a yukata, geta is that wooden flip-flops with “teeth” that makes you look kinda taller.)


……Now thats not fair. Shiro-san is too beautiful to begin with, so basically anything she wears will look great on her. To be honest, I had somewhat expected that Shiro-san would be wearing a yukata.

She had been asking me about the festivals in my previous world lately, and today, she was relatively silent, as if she had been thinking about something related to yukatas.

So, in a way, I had already expected that she would be wearing a yukata, and it goes without saying that she would look great in it……but her beauty was just beyond my expectation.


The quiet atmosphere of the evening, dyed in madder red, even this situation where she stands at the end of the cobblestone road in a field of flowers tinged with the color of the setting sun, matches very well with her beauty, and it seemed that a great deal of effort was put into making such a background.


I was honestly fascinated by this sight. Even though she was just standing there, I felt as if I was looking at an incredibly beautiful piece of art.


As I stopped in place, having such thoughts in mind, a small smile appeared on Shiro-sans lips and she spoke in her usual intonationless voice.


[You can praise me out loud, you know Praises make me happy.]

[No, how should I say this…… I was literally speechless. You were so beautiful that I couldnt immediately find the words to say.]

[I see, that makes me happy, so give me some more compliments.]

[Eh Some more]


She demanded for another serving of compliments. Hmmm, it seems like shes very excited today.


[The flowery yukatas prim and proper design suits Shiro-sans atmosphere, and even though Ive seen Shiro-san in a ponytail a few times, it still looks different and fresh.]


Anyhow, I complimented her some more as she requested, to which Shiro-sans smile deepened a bit and she nodded happily, so I guess she was satisfied.

Wryly smiling at such a Shiro-san, I spoke as I walked closer to her.


[……Even so, youve changed the atmosphere here quite drastically. Its somewhat like a mixture of my worlds Japan and the usual Sanctuary.]

[Yes, since were going to watch fireworks, I thought Id match the atmosphere of the festivals in your world, so I asked Earth God about various things and changed things. Of course, its rather dull to copy it as it is, so I arranged some things differently.]


 Nodding to Shiro-sans words, I looked at the surroundings and found that indeed a mixture of Japanese and Western-styles, with an atmosphere similar to a temple festival, but also like a flower garden.


[……Heehhh…… I quite like this kind of atmospheric scenery. Its refreshing and enjoyable to look at.]

[Im glad you enjoyed it, Kaito-san. Theres still some time before the fireworks, so if you want, how about we take a look around Ive made a path so that we can go around and come back here.]

[That sounds nice. The atmosphere around here is really nice, so Id really like to walk around.]


That was a very stylish suggestion. A leisurely walk through a field of flowers as the sun was setting feels kinda nice, and since I had a chance to hear a little about the flowers in the Sanctuary earlier, going around the field of flowers sounds more fun than usual.


[Alright. But before that…… Which do you prefer, a jinbei or a yukata]

[Eh A- Ahh, my clothes huh…… Hmmm, yukata, I suppose.]

(T/N: jinbei-left / yukata-right)


Shiro-san is probably going to use her power to change my clothes. In terms of ease of movement, Id go with a jinbei, but with a situation like this, I think Ill choose a yukata to match Shiro-sans outfit.

Thereupon, Shiro-san lightly waved her finger and my body glowed for a moment…… and I found my clothes changed to a standard yukata with vertical stripes. She probably also made it a loose-fitting size, as it seems to be pretty easy to move around in.


[Thank you. Well then, how about we go……]

[Kaito-san, Kaito-san.]


[My hands are still free. This is quite an alarming situation, dont you think]

[……Errr, Shiro-san……]


I was almost about to ask her if she wanted to hold my hand, but then, I thought about it for a moment. Weve had this kind of exchange before…… In that case, what I should say here……


[I really want to walk hand in hand with the beautiful Shiro-san in a yukata, so would you allow me to hold your hand]

[Yes, gladly…… Kaito-san, that was a perfect 100.]

[Ahaha, thanks.]


It seems that my invitation was exactly what Shiro-san wanted, as she held out her hand towards me, looking somewhat satisfied, to which I took her hand and we started walking along the setting sun.










Serious-senpai (2 Chapters till Full Recovery) : [……Eh Why…… the heck am I out here…… still laid down on a bed Im feeling pain all over my body, you know……]

: [Im sorry for forcing you to make an appearance. I really needed to ask Serious-senpai to come today.]

Serious-senpai (2 Chapters till Full Recovery) : [U- Unnn What in the world……]

: [No, its just that they were flirting quite a lot over there, so I thought about Serious-senpai who wasnt here watching them with me.]

Serious-senpai (2 Chapters til Full Recovery) : [The heck is your problem, are you a demon Are you not satisfied that Im physically hurt, you want to mentally hurt me as well]


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