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1021 - White God Festival, Evening ③

Slightly puzzled by the light greeting and prayer from the Founder, we began to pray to Shiro-san while Sky-san taught us how to pray.

Even though I heard that there was some etiquette for praying, it doesnt seem like it was that detailed of a procedure…… No, prayers at ceremonies seem to have quite a complicated procedure, but for this occasion, it seemed that a simple one was all that was needed, and I was taught about posture and how to put my hands together.


[The most important thing is your feelings. As long as you are sincere, a few mistakes in etiquette wont be a problem. If you keep respect and gratitude for Shallow Vernal-sama, she who has created the world, firmly within your heart, that would be a great prayer.]


I see, my respect and gratitude for Shiro-san……


(badump badump, badump badump)


……U- Ummm, why the heck is my target of prayer voicing out badumps in an inflectionless voice


(Kaito-san is about to praise me, so Im very excited. Praises make me happy.)


Ahh~~ Thats right, isnt it When it comes to gratitudes and stuff like that, it might inevitably be something like praises.

……Now this feels freaking awkward! Being conscious that the target of your prayers is completely ready to read your mind and figure out what youre grateful for, this feels like a high-class embarrassment play!


However, hmmm, gratitude, gratitude huh…… Honestly, there are so many things Im grateful to her that Im not sure which ones I should think of. In fact, Shiro-san has really been taking care of me and has always helped me.

There are many times when I am swept away by her airheadedness, but I feel that she has helped more often than not.


Even when I think about the times after I went back on Earth once and returned here in Trinia, theres the matter of Mom and Dad, she cooperated with Alice with the building of my home, she even prepared gifts for the participants of my housewarming party…… There are so many other things that come to mind that I cant seem to see the end in sight.

Indeed, theres her airheadedness and unusualness, but in fact, Shiro-san is a really kind person and Im glad that she thinks so much of me.


It feels a little embarrassing to receive her straightforward favor, but its more than enough to make me feel happy and blessed.

Rather, there really isnt anything wrong with her airheadedness, as that part of Shiro-sans charm, and although I do get into various situations where I feel troubled, I dont feel like complaining too much about it, knowing that in the end, I would end up settling into a good place.


On the contrary, there are so many things to praise her. Lately, her expressions has become softer and more emotional than before, and I honestly feel that her cuteness has become more refined.

Ive never felt bored spending time with her over a cup of tea, heck, I feel like our time together passes in a blink of an eye.

Despite the commotion that happened back then, our amusement park date was fun, and when we were on the beach, Shiro-san tried to communicate with the people around her more than I had imagined, which made me feel happy.


Well, Ive thought about it a lot, but in the end, Ive come to the conclusion that Shiro-san is a wonderful and lovable lover…… How should I say this…… I love her with all my heart.

Thinking about how all these thoughts are being conveyed to Shiro-san again, I feel really embarrassed…… but I feel really blessed to have met Shiro-san…… Well, how should I say this…… I dont really think this could be counted as gratitude but…… I love you, Shiro-san.


Since this was a great opportunity where Im actively conveying the thoughts in my mind, it wasnt like anyone but Shiro-san would hear it, so I tried to think of something a little audacious.



[Eh …… T- This is]


Thereupon, puzzled upon hearing voices of surprise from the nearby people, who were supposed to be quietly praying as well, I opened my eyes, which had been closed while I prayed…… and saw that the stained glass window was shining very brightly.

The stained glass window depicting Shiro-san with her back facing towards us emitted such a strong light that it seemed as if the entire prayer room was enveloped in light, but strangely enough, the light doesnt feel glaring to the eyes.


However, arehh Looking closely, I kinda feel like I can see some different shades in that strong light……. I mean, those shades feel like theyre actually letters……




Its a freaking doya. Probably because Shiro-sans happy, that doya was extremely shining. I felt dumbfounded when I saw it, but when I slightly moved my gaze to the surroundings…… Most of the people looked as if they were moved by some miraculous sight, and some of them were even shedding some tears.

In the midst of all this, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan looked puzzled for a moment, but quickly shook their heads and returned back to praying.

……This is probably that, right That “doya” over there was written in Japanese, so Lilia-san and the others wouldnt be able to read it, thinking that it was just some kind of pattern.

On the other hand, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan can read it, so they looked confused for a moment…… but concluding that “theres no way it says “doya”, it just looks that way because of the light”, they just returned to their prayers.


……Well, I guess that would be the case. You dont usually think that light would express the word “doya”, right


Within the prayer room where a miraculous scene suddenly descended, I felt as if I had been left alone…… with an indescribably complicated state of mind.










【Shallow Vernal unleashed Doya Shining】

【The Light of the Doya shines upon you】

【The Doya doesnt work on the locals because they cant read it】

【Standing before the Doya confused the otherworlders, but quickly recovered.】

【Kaito has a complicated expression on his face.】

【Shallow Vernal is greatly satisfied. I repeat, Shallow Vernal is greatly satisfied.】

【Shallow Vernals tension is at an all-time high.】


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