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1019 - White God Festival, Evening ①

Appearing in front of the out-of-control Phenex-san and Tiamat-san, Alice spoke to them with a bright smile and a gentle voice that even gave me chills.



[I- I- I- Im sorry. I- I unconsciously got excited and got carried away. Im really sorry about that……]


When Alice called out her name, Phenex-sans body shook and she apologized in a shaky voice.

It was a strange sight to see the extremely masochistic Phenex-san being clearly frightened, but if its Alice, I guess shes able to punish Phenex-san without satisfying her fetishes.



[I had no self-control. I should be ashamed of this. I was unconsciously led upon by my emotions…… Im fine now. I could feel not just my feelings, but also my blood being completely drained out of me, so Im sadly calm now.]


Tiamat-sans face also paled when Alice called her name, and I could tell that she was feeling a great amount of fear.

For her to inflict so much fear to these two, I honestly think shes really amazing. After talking to them with a smile on her face and nodding once, Alice calmly spoke.


[……I see, everyone makes mistakes after all. You cant help it, but keep in mind whats going to happen after you make those mistakes…… So, what are you two intelligent ladies going to do to avoid being punished by me]

[Im leaving! Instantly and quickly!]

[Im going home and voluntarily see myself in solitary confinement. For a few days or so for sure……]


It seems that Alices punishment is so horrible that the two of them said they were leaving immediately.

I guess this answers one of the questions I had for some time.

All the Ten Demons had quite the unique personalities, and some of them, like Phenex-san and Tiamat-san, are dangerous. The reason why such a unique group of people is able to make it as the executives of the Phantasmal Kings camp, which boasts the largest number of subordinates…… is probably because Alice, their King, can hold their reins.


[I see, I see…… Then, while Im smiling…… Get lost.]

[ [ Thank you for your hard work!!! ] ]


Immediately after Alice told them this, Phenex-san and Tiamat-san ran away at what could be described as lightning speed.

Her appearance here was honestly helpful. If it had just been me, it would have been somewhat alright…… but with everyone present here, those two would be too much.

Just as Sky-san worried, they might just bring about psychological shock to people like Aoi-chan and Hina-chan. Well, thats probably why Alice immediately moved this time……


[……Our perverts had caused trouble. Well, with that, they should be quiet for a few days…… Thinking how theyll return to normal after a few days makes my head hurt though.]

[Ahh, unnn. Thats really helpful, thanks.]


With an astounded expression on her face, Alice disappeared again. That was a good solution for the moment but……


[Sky-san, weve gathered quite the attention, so how about we move away from here]

[I suppose so. Lets move on to the next location then.]


Even though the most recent threat has passed, weve attracted quite a bit of attention, so I dont feel comfortable staying here. Well, lets just move to the next place and come back here later.

Understanding my thoughts, Sky-san immediately agreed to move to the next place.




As we walked away from the plaza where the main venue was located, I asked Sky-san where we would be going next.


[Im thinking of having everyone visit the chapel next. It was a very popular place at this years White God Festival, and the lottery to draw out those who are allowed entry was quite befitting to its fame. As for everyone, arrangements have already been made for you to get in.]

[I see, a chapel to dedicate prayers for Shallow Vernal-sama huh…… Id love to do that, Sky-dono, but I dont know much about the proper etiquette to praying……]

[Please dont worry. Its not that difficult, and I can guide you through it if you need it.]


I had heard that the chapel would be a popular place to pray, and since it was a rare opportunity to pray in the God Realm…… close to her territory, the Sanctuary, there was a rush of applications, mainly from pious devotees.

When Anima heard that she could go to that chapel, she looked very excited. This is because Anima is actually a firm devotee of Shiro-san.

She visits a temple in the Human Realm once a month, and although she said she doesnt know much about proper etiquette, I think she actually knows more about this than most of us.


Well, for Anima, Shiro-san is the one who gave her a new life, so I can understand why she holds faith towards her. Although she hadnt shown it outwardly back then, she had been quite nervous when we went swimming in the beach before.

……Well, in fact, other than Anima, I guess the only people who had personally seen Shiro-san would be Sieg-san and Lilia-san

I almost misunderstood because I see her very often, but I guess the chance to meet Shiro-san, the pinnacle of the world, would be something that most people dont even get once in their lifetime.









~ ~ Extra : Alice-chans Negotiations for Each Materials ~ ~


【In Megiddos case】

[Megiddo-san, give me your horn.]

[Ahh Help yourself, just give me some good booze sometime.]

[Yes, yes, roger that.]


【In Lillywoods case】

“Flowers from the World Tree”

[Of course, Im not asking you to give it to me for free. If theres anything you want, I can get it for you, Lillywood-san.]

“No, there isnt really anything I wanted…… but lets see…… Can you help me balance the World Tree…… my main body Ive done that to some extent but……

[Roger that. No pruning, just adjusting the leaves and stuff like that, right]


【In Isis case】

[……I should just…… put my magic power…… in this]

[Yes, please. And in exchange, if you have something youd like……]

[……Hmm…… Alright…… Also…… You dont need…… something in exchange…… Youve really helped me a lot already…… regarding Iris…… and Polaris…… so you could say this is my thanks.]


【In Eins case】

[Ein-san, give me your magic thread.]

[You can just make your own, right]

[Thats right, but I thought it was best for me to ask for some from the Maid Ein-san.]

[I see, if you want the best, it really is the best to ask a Maid after all. Alright, how much do you need]

[…… Just a b…… Erhem. Lets see, the lengths about……]


【In Kuromueinas case】

[Id like to ask you to share some of your magic power, Kuro-san. You know, that fog-like stuff.]

[I dont mind…… but what for]

[Im thinking of making some equipment. Incidentally, heres some stuff as thanks.]

[What are these]

[These are my attempts to recreate some of the other worlds seasonings that havent made their way into this world yet.]

[T- That means! New possibilities for baby castellas had vastly expanded again……]

[Yes. By the way, Ive chosen those that match well with baby castellas…… but please dont mix them up, okay Theyd taste bad.]

[Eh N- No, in order to pursue the possibilities of baby castellas, I need various……]

[Even if a really unpalatable baby castella comes out, Ill just remind you that Kaito-san is the one who will suffer the consequences of that hellish amalgamation, okay If you want to make one of those that much, try eating a bite of it yourself.]

[……Uuuu, yes.]


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