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1018 - White God Festival, Noon ⑫


【I couldnt connect to the internet due to a phone line failure, but just to post this update, I hurriedly subscribed to a tethering plan.】






Feeling physical pain as pleasure, incomparable to any other, the perverted bird with transcendental masochistic tendencies, Phenex-san…… Feeling mental pain as pleasure, the perverted snake with a serial killer side that kills others after making them feel like theyre close friends, Tiamat-san…… This was an encounter with the people who are as close to the worst as I can imagine.


[My God! Its an honor to meet you here!]

[P- Phenex-san, please keep your voice down a little…… Youre attracting a lot of attention.]


Frankly speaking, these two stand out. Of course, Phenex-san does stand out being that shes green flames in the shape of a bird, but Tiamat-san, who is a humongous lamia, is really eye-catching.

In fact, now that the two of them had shown up, it seemed like a lot of attention had gathered towards our group, and being called their God by someone here is just unbearable.


[Attention I see, my God is displeased about that…… Please wait for a moment, for I will “incinerate” the people around us.]

[No, wait! Stop, stoooop!!! You dont have to do that!]

[Mhmm If thats what my God says.]


What the heck is with this person, no, this bird…… Her thought process is too extreme. I asked her to restrain herself because shes attracting the attention of the people around her, and thinking that Im displeased with them looking at me, her outrageous thoughts leaped to one where theyre being disrespectful and were about to kill them. 

In fact, her eyes that were gentle as she frolicked about suddenly turned serious, so I think she was seriously going to burn them to death if I didnt stop her.


[……Ahh, there sure are many people at a festival. Seeing so many people so vibrant, its so heartwarming…… Ahh, even so, there are a lot of “people I could get along with”. Im sure there would be someone who Ill definitely be fantastic friends with, someone my heart could trust that I could call them my peerless best friend……]

[Theres no one like that here! There definitely isnt one here, so please dont talk to them!!!]

[……I see, how sad.]


Tiamat-san is someone who has the urge to kill those who are close to her, so her words about wanting to be friends with someone is almost equal to her wanting to kill them.

Seriously, the both of them are too dense and too dangerous…… I need to keep their attention off of everyone else as much as possible, else theyll be in danger.


[……Aoi-san, Hina-san, please dont move away from behind me. Those two are rather dangerous people, and perhaps, they may also be bad influences towards you two even when you dont move away from behind me, so I think its best to cover your ears as well.]


As expected of the capable Sky-san, she quickly covered up for Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, making sure to keep Phenex-san and Tiamat-san out of their sight.


[……Perhaps, could that be the “Dark Forests Monster”]

[Dark Forests Monster]


When Caraway-san mumbled so, the nearby Anima tilted her head.


[Its a dangerous monster spoken in Demon Realms fairy tales.]

[Along with a necromancer, who is known as the Martyr of Death, theyre famed for being extremely dangerous beings in the Demon Realm…… desu.]


Eta and Theta, who lived in the Demon Realm, explained in response to Animas question. Ive heard before that the Dark Forest where Tiamat-san lives is a very dangerous place even in the Demon Realm, but it seems that Tiamat-san herself is recognized as a very dangerous creature.

……Well, I suppose that isnt strange.


[……Errr, you two are also attending the White God Festival Rather, you two are close friends]

[Yeah, weve known each other for quite some time after all.]

[Yes. Shes the bestest of best friend Ive ever had. Ahh, truly a wonderful friend…… Ahh, must endure…… Phenex, can I kill you]

[Bring me the pain! Make it extremely painful!]


From their earlier exchange, I understood the general relationship between the two of them. Tiamat-san, who had the tendency to kill those who are close to her, and Phenex-san, who is an immortal masochist who is willing to be killed by those who are close to her, is indeed a perfect match for each other.


[……No, wait! What the heck are you trying to do in public……]

[Strangle her]

[Sounds great, strangulation. I like it very much, the crushing pressure of Tiamats torso as my body is being crushed against the wall feels so addictive. Please gimme that 2 or 3 times.]


What the heck should I do with this perverted duo…… Geez, I cant bear being here anymore. Just as I looked up to the heavens, wondering what to do about the two of them, a voice came to my rescue.


[Haahhh…… Good grief……]


With those words, Alice appeared in front of me. Wearing a smile so bright and dazzling, she looked at Phenex-san and Tiamat-san.

Thereupon, both of their bodies straightened up and stiffened. Phenex-sans body, which was supposed to be green, seemed to be turning blue.


[……I forgot. Come to think of it, theres that, isnt it. This is dangerous, seriously dangerous.]

[Shes smiling. Shes really smiling. When Shalltear-sama makes that face, its when shes really angry…… Ahh, it seems like well be heading towards hell. How sad.]


Looking extremely unusual, the two perverts looked completely terrified. T- Thats amazing, Alice…… For making these two dangerous people so afraid of her, I guess thats to be expected of the Phantasmal King…… Anyhow, her assistance really is great.









Serious-senpai : [Smiles originally were aggressive expressions after all.]


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